Brash! U.S. Asks Russia to KEEP SECRET Its Response to Security Guarantee Treaty Proposals

The American side asked the Russian side not to publish its response to Russia's Security Guarantee Treaty proposals. Sources say America will reject some Russian demands but will include a private detailed letter to President Putin. . . and the US wants ALL of it kept secret.  No public dissemination.

Well, this is causing speculation to run off the charts about what the US is really about.   Some speculate the US are "Saber rattlers in public, but monkey appeasers in private."  Others wonder if the reason they want the response kept private is because Barack Obama will be the one signing for the USA?

Then, of course, others wonder if it contains some provisions to keep Joe Biden, his son, Hunter, and the US Democrat Party OUT of prison after Russia invades Ukraine and finds all the proof that it was through Ukraine that Democrats were laundering US Foreign Aid money into their own pockets?  Rumors have swriled for years claiming the Democrats just outright STOLE over a BILLION dollars.

Naturally, other folks believe the US wants it kept secret because the US has absolutely no intention at all of keeping its word, so they want the letters kept secret in order to be able to lie about what was promised.

Whatever the reason, it is not known if Russia will agree to keep the response secret.  Why should they?  

Hal Turner Assessment/Opinion

I cannot help but see the rich irony here: For about five years, the Democrat Party accused President Trump of "secret communications with Russia" and now what do we see?  DEMOCRATS wanting secret communication with Russia! ! ! ! 

I think Biden knows Putin has checkmated NATO this time. The U.S cannot afford a major war in Europe at a time when China could pounce on Taiwan at any moment. Biden also understands NATO could come off second best in a war against Russia, given the fact that Russia was the first to mobilize and deploy. In other words, Moscow is 100% ready. NATO is not (Europe's de-facto leader, Germany, won't even agree to send weapons to Ukraine).

I suspect Biden has caved to Putin and wants his letter's contents kept secret because he would be humiliated internationally for caving in to Russia's demands if Russia published the letter for the world to see. If this wasn't the case, they'd simply publish the contents of the letter.

There is historical precedent for this. In 1962, to end the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK secretly agreed to Russia's demands that U.S nukes be removed from Turkey and Italy. It was written in the formal agreement but not declassified until years later. The world only saw that Russia had removed its nukes from Cuba. The U.S side of the bargain was kept under tight wraps to avoid embarrassment.





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