Brazilians Beat the Hell out of local Mayor over Vax Passports

Brazilians Beat the Hell out of local Mayor over Vax Passports

Citizens in Brazil beat up the Mayor of Toritama, who mandated vaccine passports to eat out at restaurants or stores, and mandatory vaccinations for children.

The Mayor, Edilson Tavares da Silva, was left slightly bloody and quite sore when he departed the area.

Citizens who were attacking yelled "No vaccine passports you Hitler Nazi fuck" in Portuguese, which is the language spoken in Brazil.

As the Mayor departed, the people who attacked him yelled a warning "If you don't stop,  next time we'll beat you to death."

Here is short video from social media showing parts of the beating:

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

THIS is how things may have to be handled elsewhere.  On one hand, you hate to see this.  Yet, on another level, you love to see it . . . because a whole slew of us already know this is what things are coming to.

Some politicians seem to think they OWN us.  Literally!

Worse, a whole slew of morons in the general public seems to think it's ok force someone to get raped with a syringe as long as the mob thinks the syringe is a good thing.  "Democracy" they say.

Yet we don't live in a democracy, which is mob rule.  We live in a Constitutional Republic where individual rights are not subject to the whims of the majority.

For anyone who ever bothered to read their own state constitution, most of those Constitutions acknowledge in the very first article that "All people are, by nature, free and independent."    By nature.  Not by government.

We are free to be out, to visit with friends, family, or neighbors.  We are free to engage in commerce.  Free to travel. We don't need government permission for any of these things; we're free and independent.

Yet there are some politicians who seem to have forgotten they are public servants.  Some of them actually think that because they are elected, they somehow become everyone's boss.  They don't.

And some of these elected officials even go farther, thinking that THEY know what's best for the rest of us.  They don't.

The worst ones are those who think they can mind everyone else's personal business.  

It reached it's pinnacle of arrogance when some of these public servants decided they could somehow force the rest of us to be injected with experimental genetic therapy, masquerading as a vaccine, and then coerce us by requiring proof of vax to be out and be free. 

MY freedom is not dependent upon meeting YOUR demands.

That shit has to stop.  And if it takes beating the shit out of public officials to make it stop, like you see in the video from Brazil above, then, gee, that's too bad.  The public officials should have remembered they serve, they do not rule.

Maybe if they weren't so arrogant and stubborn, they wouldn't have needed to get the shit beaten out of them. 

If politicians, or public health officials in other places, end up getting the shit beaten out of them, too, no great loss.  They'll heal; and hopefully be chastened and less arrogant after being put back in their place as servants, not rulers.



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