The five boroughs of New York City have become the new "Wuhan", as Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed this morning, the city has 329 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Whenever any particular geographic area hits more than 256 confirmed cases, that geographic area has entered into an UNCONTROLLABLE, CHAIN-REACTION OUTBREAK.

Thus, New York City is the new Wuhan, and the deaths from this virus will immediately start climbing to levels that will utterly HORRIFY the public.

Over the weekend, on Saturday, March 14,  this web site warned readers in New York to "Bug-Out Now. Bunker-Down now."  (HERE)

For weeks, this web site has been reporting on the Coronavirus and imploring people to "prepare" with Emergency food, water, medicines and the like.  Now, it's too late.  Those who have not prepared are very likely going to die.

Expect to see a Wuhan-style QUARANTINE of all five boroughs in New York City very soon.   Don't be surprised if it begins later today or tomorrow.

This is a catastrophe the likes of which few living people have ever seen.   Many, many, MANY, people are going to die within the next few weeks.

New York state now has more confirmed Covid-19 cases than anywhere else in America. A total of 729 have tested positive in the state, with 329 in New York City.

Wuhan was locked down after 500 global confirmed cases.

Asked if New York City was heading for the same drastic measures, mayor Bill de Blasio said:

"Every option is on the table in a crisis. We’ve never seen anything like this."

In a passionate New York Times op-ed, Governor Andrew Cuomo called on Trump to deploy the armed forces.

"Our best hope is to utilize the Army Corps of Engineers to leverage its expertise, equipment and people power to retrofit and equip existing facilities — like military bases or college dormitories — to serve as temporary medical centers."


New York: Not Enough Beds

New York might be on the verge of a breakout, but it is ill-prepared. At this point in the Chinese timeline, the Wuhan government announced plans to build a dedicated hospital to treat the infected.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb did the math for New York:

"Remember, Wuhan was the size of New York City. At the peak of that epidemic, they hospitalized about 20,000 people. 10,000 were in serious or critical condition. 2,000 were intubated. To give you a basis of comparison, New York state — the entire state — has 50,000 hospital beds and about 3,000 critical-care beds."

Governor Cuomo said New York still isn’t testing enough people and reminded Donald Trump that America has fewer beds than other regions battling the outbreak.

"Our country as a whole has fewer than one million staffed hospital beds, fewer proportionately than China, South Korea or Italy."


Dow Jones Braces For Economic Collapse

Traders are now anticipating a full-scale shut down of the U.S. economy and widespread quarantines. Retail stores, travel companies, bars, restaurants, and local businesses will likely take the biggest hit.

The Federal Reserve tried to get out in front of the panic with an emergency announcement last night. They slashed interest rates to zero and launched $700 billion in quantitative easing.

It didn’t have the desired effect.

The futures market immediately tumbled and triggered circuit breakers. A top U.S. banking regulator during the 2008 financial crisis, Sheila Bair, explains why the Fed’s actions didn’t work:

"They are throwing money in the wrong place… Lowering interest rates to zero doesn’t help if businesses can’t pay their loans back and they don’t have cash flow … We need to get help out there, especially to small businesses and people already losing their jobs."

European stocks also plunged in Monday’s session with the UK’s FTSE 100 revisiting 8-year lows.


Survival of the Fittest

Those not directly killed by the disease itself, will likely succumb to the civil unrest, food rioting and, of course, the looters, all of which are likely to commence in earnest. 

Others will die because hospitals are so overloaded with dying coronavirus infectees, they cannot treat heart attacks, strokes, or accident victims.

The left-wingers in New York (the city is infested with them) are about to be forced to finally grow up as reality comes and bites them in their ass.

People in nearby New Jersey should prepare for rioters and looters to come through the tunnels and over the bridges and begin mayhem in New Jersey. 

Those who own guns should have ample ammunition to defend home, family and property.  It will likely become necessary for New Jerseyans to shoot and kill such attackers.

If you find yourself, your family, your home/business under attack, DO NOT HESITATE to shoot.   Shoot first. Shoot to kill.  Because these sick, starving, and dying people will not hesitate to kill you.

We are entering a period of Survival of the fittest.  It is the first law of nature.  

Only the strong will survive.



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