Some of the most anti-Trump news media outlets, which gleefully proclaimed that Joe Biden had "won" the election, are now PULLING BACK their claims!

RealClearPolitics, which has been rabidly anti-Trump, has PULLED BACK  AZ, PA, and GA from their reporting of a Biden "win."

Even CNN . . .  perhaps the most virulently anti-Trump media in existence, has now PULLED BACK on their claim of a Biden "win" in Arizona:


Cue the Theme Music from "Jaws" as President Donald Trump reclaims his rightful win.


MORE . . .

Pennsylvania is prepping for recount, Georgia has announced a recount, the Wisconsin legislature was starting to dig into the shenanigans this morning.

Michigan legislature started investigating on Saturday.

I believe those 4 states will be turned upside down.

Democrats must be panicking: Both New Jersey and Minnesota today revealed they are suddenly having to reinstate COVID-19 lock-downs effective this Friday.   

Could it be they know that by Friday, it will be over for them and their thieving candidate, Joe Biden?  Do they want everyone locked-in and afraid as the reality they've lost comes into public view?

Stay tuned.


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