Bulgaria Calls for NATO Article 4 "Consultations" After Russia Blocks Black Sea Area for Naval Exercise

Bulgaria Calls for NATO Article 4 "Consultations" After Russia Blocks Black Sea Area for Naval Exercise

The country of Bulgaria has asked NATO for Article 4 consultations" after Russia blocked part of the Black Sea for Naval Exercises; including a section of Bulgaria's "Exclusive Economic Zone."

Bulgaria's territorial sea extends out from its shore to 12 nautical miles (as defined by UNCLOS), including internal waters, covers approximately 6,358 km². The "Contiguous zone" (as defined by UNCLOS) covers approximately 5,200 km². The Exclusive Economic Zone covers about 29 052 km².

The map below shows Bulgaria's Exclusive Economic Zone and how far it extends into the Black Sea:

Here is a more detailed view:

Hal Turner Analysis

The timing of this Russian exercise is not baffling at all.  It comes three days into a NATO naval exercise in Romania's Territorial waters, at the Danube River Delta, which is literally the actual border between Romania and . . . Ukraine.

To even the casual observer, Russia's move here seems to be a direct tit-for-tat response to the NATO exercise being held with Romania on the Ukraine Border.

What makes this somewhat different is the involvement of Bulgaria's "Exclusive Economic Zone."  Certainly the Russians won't be fishing or drilling for oil and gas, so there's no economic aspect to the temporary closure for the Russian exercise.  But the inclusion ITSELF seems, to many people, to be deliberately provocative.

Certainly throughout the Russia-Ukraine conflict, NATO has been aggressively provocative.  Now, it seems, Russia is also becoming aggressively provocative.

With both sides escalating, the outcome of the current situation seems a very big war.  Bigger than any previous.

If that commences, I truly f ear we, here inside the United States, will be hit.  Badly.

My fellow Americans have never experienced actual war on our own soil.   I have a feeling of dread that war is coming.




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