***BULLETIN *** It's Starting Again! Food and Supply SHORTAGES at Super Markets

BULLETIN : From Washington State to West Virginia, the product shortages and empty store shelves we saw last March are starting all over again.  People have begun Panic-buying because our good-for-nothing, lying, politicians, are claiming COVID-19 is back for "Round 2" and lock-downs are being "ordered" again. 

Products like toilet paper, meat, and pasta are flying off store shelves so fast, and in so many places, it's hard to keep up with all of it.

This is a Walmart in West Virginia:






These same reports are coming in from Washington state, Indianapolis, IN, West Virginia and elsewhere.

Multiple U.S. states are seeing renewal of prior "shelter-in-place" advice from Governors, who are CLAIMING hospital admissions for COVID are up as much as 600% (in Philadelphia) but these claims are lies.  We've entered Flu season.  This same thing happens every year.

But THIS year, the politicians are blaming it all on COVID to perpetuate the economic destruction they began last March.  

And this is all for direct POLITICAL REASONS which will be revealed on tonight's Hal Turner Radio Show beginning at 9:00 PM eastern time.

Tune in.

But get to your local store first to stock up.  Supplies are running out fast.  And just because the politicians are lying, does NOT change the fact that the general public is presently panicking.  So YOU need to make sure that YOU have what YOU need before the rest of the "masses who are asses" grab-up everything.






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