Busloads of Armed US Troops Deploying in Brunswick, MD - "To take people off the trains"

Busloads of Armed US Troops Deploying in Brunswick, MD - "To take people off the trains"

The Hal Turner Radio Show can confirm that at least eleven (11) busloads of US troops, some of them carrying M-16 rifles, have arrived  for deployment at a large train station in Brunswick, Maryland.  Troops told locals they are setting up a "hospital" but also told them they would be "taking people off trains."

Photo above shows the troops and buses.   The full size of that photo is also clickable, below, to enlarge:

The map below shows the location of the large train station where these troops are deploying:


There is NO LARGE OUTBREAK of coronavirus in that part of Maryland.   There is no reported shortage of hospital facilities in Maryland.  There is also no reason for troops engaging in a "field hospital" to be so heavily armed.  So what's _really_ going on?

Further inquiry made clear this particular train station is a major transport hub which is now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC for MILITARY USE ONLY.

The tracks at this station go to . . . .Washington, DC.


So why are heavily armed troops deploying to a train station about an hour outside of the nation's Capital?  And who will they "be taking off trains?"

For what purpose? 


Of whom?

Defense of the Capital?   Against what?


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