China Halts Exports of . . . SAND . . . to Taiwan

China has ordered a complete halt to the export of natural sand to Taiwan.   At first glance, most folks would say "Sand? So what!"  But Taiwan makes computer chips and the silicone to make those chips comes from . . .  Oh, yea . . .  sand.

Moreover, Chinese Battery Manufacturer CATL has announced they are "freezing" the opening of a $5 Billion battery plant in the USA.  The plant was supposed to supply batteries for Tesla and Ford.

We have also received reports CLAIMING (but not yet verified) that Chinese suppliers to APPLE have suspended all product and parts deliveries; allegedly crippling APPLE.

These changes took place within hours of Nancy Pelosi violating China's demand that she not visit Taiwan.

Things will likely get much worse from this point as China retaliates for violation of its Diplomatic demands.



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