China JUDGES United States: "War Addicts" Will an "Intervention" to stop our addiction come next?

China JUDGES United States: "War Addicts"  Will an "Intervention" to stop our addiction come next?

The People's Republic of China has JUDGED the United States of America as being "War Addicts." As families of anyone with Chemical Dependency know, making such a determination is the step before an "intervention" to put a stop to an addiction!

A uniformed spokesman from China's People's Liberation Army brought the judgement to the world via a Press Conference.  ""The USA are war addicts." The country has existed for 240 years, and only 16 years it did not go to war. They built 800 military bases around the world. "Wherever the US military goes, people die everywhere," said a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense.   

Here.  Watch:



Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday "The terrible events in the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by anything."

He went on to say “We see that in the Middle East, instead of punishing terrorists, they began to take revenge on the principle of collective responsibility.

When you look at bloodied, dead children, the suffering of the elderly, the death of doctors in the Middle East, your fists clench, but emotions are unacceptable,” the president said.

Then Putin let loose with the quiet part that isn't supposed to be said out loud:

"Behind the conflict in the Middle East, Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria are the ruling elites of the United States and their satellites

“They don’t need lasting peace in the Holy Land, they need constant chaos in the Middle East,” said the Russian President.

The US ruling elites, without achieving success on the battlefield, are trying to weaken Russia from within.

Putin's key statement to Palestine sympathizers:

“We can only help Palestine in the fight against those who are behind this tragedy. We are Russia, and we are fighting them as part of a special military operation. Exactly with them. Both for ourselves and for those who strive for real true freedom.”

The President of Russia called it the duty of a real man to fight Nazism during the North Military District appearance he made yesterday, defending the Russian Federation and the future of the world, including Palestine.


Hal Turner Editorial Analysis

Folks, the rest of the world sees us for what we have actually become: Dangerous and out of control.  Specifically, two of three most powerful nations on earth are now openly saying we're causing the whole world deadly trouble . . . and we've been doing it for years.  They're tired of us.

It's sort of like any other addiction.  A family sees one of their own out of control,  and decides to intervene.  First they talk to the chemically-dependent/addicted person.  They try to reason with him.  Then they start applying efforts to make the addict's life harder.  But finally, and it ALWAYS COMES TO THIS, the family must physically stop the addict.

It seems the United States has now been judged an "addict" by China and their 1.5 Billion people.  (Four times larger than OUR population.)  If they decide to the we need to be physically stopped, we will have brought it upon ourselves.

The people in Washington, DC in the federal government, are personally to blame. 

If the world begins to "intervene" in our war-making, and bombs start falling on . . .  us . . . . to put an end to the trouble-making around the world by the people in OUR federal government, be sure to remember who is directly to blame.







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