CIA Director Memo Praises Derek Chauvin Verdict: “One Step Forward” in Addressing “Trauma of Racism and Persistent Inequality in Our Nation”

Biden CIA Director William Burns praised the Derek Chauvin verdict in a memo to employees.

The CIA is supposed to be an apolitical government organization.
Guess not?

Director Burns praised the second-degree murder verdict as “one step forward” in addressing the “trauma of racism and persistent inequality” in America today.

George Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a donkey when he died last year.

Thus, Chauvin was wrongly convicted by a Jury that may have been intimidated by potential riots, or they may have simply been mentally retarded and thereby unable to find that the presence of fatal levels of illegal drugs in the dead man's blood, was reasonable doubt as to whether Officer Derek Chauvin contributed (at all) to his death.



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