Congressman Introduces Bill to EXPEL Palestinians from US based on National Origin

Rep. Ryan Zinke, former Trump Interior Secretary, just introduced a bill to expel all Palestinians who aren’t permanent residents from the country—and bar them permanently from seeking legal status.

So . . . NONE of these people had anything at all to do with what took place in Israel on October 7, yet Congressman Zinke wants to punish THEM?

Even worse, he wants to do this based on "national origin." If anyone else in this nation even discriminated against anyone for national origin, they would be prosecuted under Civil Rights laws; yet this Congressman wants to do exactly that!

Is he out of his mind?

Worst of all, this Bill, already has TEN co-sponsors!

 In the meantime, the Israelis - whose asses these Congressmen seem to be kissing -- blew up a convoy of . . . . AMBULANCES in the Gaza Strip today.

THAT, is who Congressman Zinke is supporting: people who use fighter jets to bomb ambulances.




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