Court-ordered audit concludes Dominion voting machines intentionally designed to ‘create systemic fraud’

An audit of Dominion voting machines used in Michigan concluded that the systems are designed to perpetuate election fraud, supporting President Donald Trump’s claims of irregularities. State officials have criticized the report.


+1 # When ot goes downDoug Brown 2020-12-16 19:55
The TV personalities go first, Rachal Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, etc. Rendition to GITMO simultaneously with Pelosi, Nadler. Brennon, Shift and Schumer.
Let the traitors commiserate together.
+2 # Its a Coup D'etat! It is TREASON!watchmann 2020-12-16 16:11
Hal, its worse than "people just trying to keep their jobs". IT IS AN ORGANIZED COUP D'ETAT!!!

85% of the FBI/DOJ employees donated TO BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that say a mouthful or what???

They are ALL IN ON IT!!! They are all in on the TREASON....willfully.

This is why Trump will HAVE TO use the Military, because the Military has an "Infrastructure".

WHEN the Arrests take place, our Federal, State and Local Governments are going to be GUTTED!!! Our Government will COLLAPSE!

So that is why the U.S. Military will be used, 1) because they have the requisite skills to take down these Psychopathic Satan Worshiping Criminals and keep the peace, and 2) The Military has the infrastructure to take over the running of our State and Local Government ON A TEMPORARY BASIS, until things get sorted out, the right people get arrested.

THEN when the dust settles from all that, AND the People of America have SEEN with their own EYES video CONFESSIONS of these MONSTERS, listing all of their CRIMES, then we have to wait for Americans to digest that, and get over that shock.

The Media is just as Complicit in this TREASON. They will be arrested and tried for Treason too. Not everyone. Just the leaders, the ones who knew what they were doing. The TV ACTORS who READ the News to people on TV, probably will not be among those arrested. They have no choice in what they do. They just read whatever is slapped in front of them. They are TV Actors, that's all.

After all of the above, THEN there will be new Elections of the Good Patriots left.....but this time Trump will use the new "block chain" technology to process votes. The Soldiers will be used in "Counting the Votes", so that honesty and integrity is restored to our Election Processes again. And Government positions are filled again.....this time with PATRIOTS!

These are BIG CHANGES. But it is THE ONLY WAY!!! We HAVE to use the Military.

Before Trump makes his move to Take back our Republic from these Treasonous THIEVES, he would prefer to KNOW that at least half the Country understands the NECESSITY of using the U.S. Military on Domestic Soil to accomplish this Coast to Coast "House Cleaning".

Everyone seems to be READY to "MOVE".....except "We The People". Trump is Ready. The Military is Ready.

How about YOU?

Are YOU Ready for Trump to make his Move??? Or do YOU need more "object lessons", first??? Do you need to see more corruption, first???

If YOU are Ready, tell Trump here:

Tell Trump "We The People" are Ready and We are Also Behind Him 110%!!!

SIGN THIS PETITION To Give Trump the Mandate from "We The People" to Take Back Our Country!!!

Background for this PETITION Here:

We want 50 Million Signatures by Christmas, so Trump knows he has the “CONSENT of the Governed” here in the USA to use the Military to take down the Biggest MOB on this Planet!
+3 # Grab a flagGiJoe 2020-12-16 09:57
This is to all the people who come on here and tell everyone that we will not do anything.

First of all must of us are working to hold onto the little we have.

Leaders lead by example!

Going to a event and waving your patriotism around holding a Trump flag above the American flag, you must be confused.

I have run for a delegate and become a delegate and saw how the powerful corrupt people above you will allow you to paticipate in this system that we call Gov.

The best thing you could do is stop waving a flag around and try to wake up as many as you can because the time is short.

law enforcement is not the same as the old good guy who wanted to make a difference in the community. They think they are sheep dogs and you my friend are the sheep!

Make your preps because the enemy is inside the wire all the way up to the congressional level.

We have been shown many times about our so called leaders.

Yet they go unpunished and are allowed to continue of with the dual citizenship looting and fleecing of the golden calf!

I for one pray for peace, but if we wish to be the true caretakers of this republic.. prepare for war!

The enemy is inside the wire!

Just my thoughts on the matters, but please stop telling people that we will do nothing.

Pluck the bark from thy own eye so that you may see clearly.
+3 # Humorous thought last night.....LilBirdie 2020-12-16 09:44
Wouldn't it be a hoot if on the 6th, when VP-Pence goes to count the Electoral College votes, he gives a small statement about human error avoidance etc. the rolls out a Dominion vote counting machine.
Dems would go crazy! When (after Trump wins count) they demand recount. Roll out a new & different machine.Having different setting get different count. Still Trump winning. Or better yet getting the same count.
The only way to get a hand count is to admit these machines are faulty. Otherwise the count that is now verified by the second machine must stand!
Beat them with their own
# Will regret their inactionMarlynn77942 2020-12-16 09:15
Those who know the truth about this election, and for whatever reason choose not to intervene, will come to regret their decision when our Republic is replaced with the nightmare of communism, and we are ruled inby China. They think that they will be spared, or somehow elevated in the command structure. They are viewed as useful idiots. They will not be spared in the new world order.
# Connection between the dates Jan 5 & 6?Salinity Now 2020-12-16 07:50
Just curious if there has been much thought into the Jan 5th GA run off election and the Jan 6th session of Congress?

It would seem somewhat obvious for republicans who are sick and tired of the constant divide/powder keg of emotions (that differ to far from the “status quo”). They can wait to see if the Ga vote will allow the republicans to maintain the senate, keep dems in check and get back to “business as usual”.

This would be just enough to let the trump wave taper off without cresting into all out Civil War (phrase used very broadly btw) and put a lot of luke warm republicans at ease knowing it won’t be a total democrat control of govt.

I’m not saying I’m a supporter of this possibility, but I’m certainly not a supporter of any of this civil war 2.0 idea either. I’m merely suggesting an idea that occurred to me while listening to the show and the stream of various dates during last nights show.

I’d probably fall into the luke warm group more than I’d like to admit, but I also see absolutely no good coming from the divide in this country and the idea of how easily we will fail overall, not from the outside but from within.

I realize tensions are high, but I’m a lot more practical than I am emotionally influenced; and I believe that if we actually let the divide between our country comes to blows, it’s the beginning of the end of this republic as we know it.
# Is THIS What You are SAYING???watchmann 2020-12-16 17:03
I’d probably fall into the luke warm group more than I’d like to admit,

By saying, this, what you really mean, is you prefer things to continue as is?

You prefer Biden to be your Communist CCP President, BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE LESS WAVES?

Kamala Harris has PROMISED to round up all the Trump Supporters and put them into Communist Re-Education Camps. Hildabitch said the same thing in 2016. "Deplorables"??? They already have their "lists" of who voted for Trump. They have your name, your address, your social security number, your drivers license number, and probably know where you work.

So that's YOUR goal to end up in a Communist Labor/Death CAMP, because at least there would be "no riots" by BLM/Antifa??? Is this what you are saying???

Dust off your bible if you have one, and read Ecclesiastes again. There is a time for Peace and a time for WAR.

Look around you, we are ALREADY IN A WAR, and one We Patriots did NOT Start!

But True Patriots are NOT going down without a Fight! We are NOT going to Lose our REPUBLIC and let it fall into the hands of Communist Chinese DICTATORSHIP!!! Not on MY Watch!!!

Now, about our country being "so divided".

What would you say, if I were to tell you that Trump WON this Election with OVER 100 Million Votes?

A lot of people just don't vote. A lot of Americans, are too young to vote. Some are too ill to vote. Etc. Do the Math.

Lying Lame Stream Media would have YOU believe this country is split right down the middle with 50% on one side, and 50% on the other side. Do you believe Lying Lame Stream Media?

Or are you interested in the Unvarnished TRUTH???

Because Trump WON in an such a Coast to Coast LANDSLIDE Victory, it BROKE the Algorithms!!! That's why they had to stop counting in Swing States! A big Panic hit! They had to work all night long to try to fix it!

The split is about 85% to 15%. The 15% communist brainwashed low IQ useful idiots the Communists call them.

So, you are going to roll over, and let the USA fall to Communism because of this 15% of low IQ losers???......just so that you don't make them angry?

Is this what you are telling us???

If so....We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the (communist) hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." Samuel Adams.

And for your information, there will NO "Civil War 2.0".

This is WHY the Military will be used to keep the peace, so there will be no fighting. You start a fight, or a riot you go to a Military Prison. And Military Prisons do not have revolving doors, and there will be NO Soros to pay your bail. YOU will be STUCK there for a GOOD LONG time to think about things.

Its one thing to riot, loot, burn, and kick people to death, when the police have stood down. Its another thing to TRY to do ANY of that stuff, when a soldier has a loaded gun pointed at your head, with live ammo. One shot and all these low IQ useless idiot commies will all scatter like roaches in the night.

Precisely because we are using the Military, there will be NO Civil War. There will be NO riots. Some might try, but they will be put down.

The Military has been taking bets on how fast they can stop riots. Some say, 1 day, some say 1 hour. Some say, less than 1 hour. There is a lot of equipment that the Military has that just stops these people in their tracks and they take off running, without any shots being fired at all.

By the way, Trump WON Georgia in a LANDSLIDE Victory. These two GOP Senators up for this Election will WIN hands down, just like Trump WON.

Now that everyone has caught on to ALL the Communist Dirty Election/Voter Fraud Tricks, these Machines are going to be inspected and GUARDED by PATRIOTS! Patriots are going to take some time off from WORK to GUARD the Counting Areas, and there will be NO CV19 Intimidation Crap to keep the Monitors and Watchers too far away from the ballots to be able to their LEGAL JOBS!

Trump is going to MAKE SURE there are plenty of ATTORNEYS on hand at ALL Counting Centers, and Security Guards, so there won't be any Patriots shoved out of the Place. The PATRIOTS will be the LAST to LEAVE at night. Guards will be posted over night to make sure no one gets into the building until the next morning at the appointed time.

Things will be done differently to STOP all the FRAUD!!!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
# Easy there....Salinity Now 2020-12-16 23:50
Watchman, I can tell you have a lot of passion about this, rightfully so. But understand you lose a lot more support for your objective by pushing people away that may be like minded but not have the same enthusiasm as you.

Every spoke on the wheel matters, try not to let yours get so out of sort with the rest.

All the best
+1 # Congress will do nothingMarlynn77942 2020-12-16 09:23
The spineless traitors in congress will do nothing to stop what is coming. They think they will be spared or elevated in the new world order because they've been good little soldiers for the cause. I predict that they will be the first to go.
# RE: Connection between the dates Jan 5 & 6?tslinger 2020-12-16 09:22
Nothing happens until someone is hungry.

A moral (somewhat) populace is reactive only- never proactive. Nobody in that broad swath has the stomach to do anything for all the reasons Hal shared. What would a CW look like? how will you ID your opponent? He sure as hell isn't going to be uniformed, nor will he look different than anyone else you'd encounter.

Folks better be brushing up on the scriptures because they detail enough about what is to come. There ain't nobody coming to save anybody. It's Christ alone.

We are on our own otherwise. Get to know your neighbors very well until the Lord acts. America is done, just another empire that imploded and disappeared- all due to it's leisure and opulence and ease and luxury- thinking it has no need for God Almighty.
+1 # RE: Connection between the dates Jan 5 & 6?The Deplorable Renegade 2020-12-16 08:27
Salinity, you make some good points and I share your sentiments. However, I'm afraid we'll be forced into a civil war regardless. No one in their right minds wants it but it may be totally out of our hands. As far as the division goes that started under Obama with his illegitimate campaign against this nation and everything we hold near and dear. Then Trump came along and overturned the democrats' apple cart. As Trump has said, "You're the ones they're after. I'm just in the way." They have to remove Trump to have a shot at we the people but they're also facing 100,000,000 gun owners who say no to the democrats' socialist agenda. Everyone in the GOP establishment has stabbed Trump in the back just so they can go back to the old status quo. All I know for sure is that I'm not submitting to the socialist agenda and anyone who targets me does so at their own peril. It's democrats who have bad intentions toward people, NOT the other way around.
+1 # It's communism, period.Marlynn77942 2020-12-16 09:18
Full blown communism is at our doorstep. By calling it socialism, you are watering down reality.
+1 # John Robert Mallerneewritesong 2020-12-16 05:55
I'm wondering why President Trump hasn't used all of the options and resources of his office to legally overturn this blatantly fraudulent farce of an election orchestrated by the Communists?

Do his opponents have something on him, that they're blackmailing him with, or did he make a financial deal with them under the table?

Why is President Trump, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, only Tweeting, and not using all of those FORCES at his disposal?
# Here's WHY Trump has NOT used ALL "Options" Available to him to is because too many people are afraid to get their hair mussed, or their manicures destroyed......watchmann 2020-12-16 21:58
Just Curious,

Just exactly WHAT are all these "options and resources of his office" does Trump have???

Oh you want Trump to Deploy the U.S. Military on Domestic soil, which violates the Posse Comitatus Act???

Has this NOT been explained IN DETAIL to date???

Trump Team are MORE than Ready to Invoke the Insurrection Act, so THAT, he can lawfully deploy the U.S. Military "killing machines" on Domestic soil.

What is holding Trump Team back, is people like YOU!!!!

Trump is more than ready, to take these steps.

The Military is more than ready.

But Trump's BIGGEST concern is people like YOU!!!

ARE YOU Ready for what needs to be done, by the U.S. Military to get our Republic back from these Communists?????

QUESTION: Are YOU Ready for Trump to make his Move??? Or do YOU need more "object lessons", first??? Do you need to see more corruption, first???

If YOU are Ready, tell Trump here:

Tell Trump "We The People" are Ready and We are Also Behind Him 110%!!!

SIGN THIS PETITION To Give Trump the Mandate from "We The People" to Take Back Our Country!!!

Background for this PETITION Here:

We want 50 Million Signatures by Christmas, so Trump knows he has the “CONSENT of the Governed” here in the USA to use the Military to take down the Biggest MOB on this Planet!
+4 # Abandon The MSMDisstheease 2020-12-16 04:25
Please, don't look to the alleged main stream media. They have abandoned their duties to the American citizen s. They have no intention of doing the right thing. The American people need to turn their backs on the press and abandon them as well.
+3 # We agreeHouseapp2020 2020-12-16 04:21
I think it's fair to say most people on here agree with Hal
But is anything actually going to happen?
Because it's looking more and more like you lot are off to "re-education camp" in 2021.
And don't start the brevardo "they will never take me"B.S
because let's be honest you just stud by and watched an entire nation election being stolen BLATANTLY Infront of your eyes without doing anything!
# Are Patience, Trust and Discipline Foreing Concepts to Youwatchmann 2020-12-16 21:42
because let's be honest you just stud by and watched an entire nation election being stolen BLATANTLY Infront of your eyes without doing anything!

Lets be honest, in a CIVILIZED Country, it is not every man for himself, and Mob Rule, and Lynch Parties.

What do YOU expect the average Law Abiding American PATRIOT to DO???

Go out and KILL PEOPLE willy nilly??? a vigilante???

If so, why aren't YOU in Prison for doing just that, if YOU think that is what EVERYONE ELSE should do???


The reason we don't have vigilantes doing what ever they feel like, is because MOST NORMAL Rational SANE PEOPLE who Love and Trust Trump as our LEADER.......are Waiting for Trump to issue orders, should he need to.

I can ASSURE you if Trump sent out a tweet tonight saying: "Its all over, every man for himself, go kill as many commies as you can find", it would be DONE!!!

There are MILLIONS of Patriots champing at the bit, ready to GO TO WAR to SAVE Our Republic.

But these Patriots RESPECT the Rule of Law, and they RESPECT their LEADER, POTUS Trump. They know he is Wise, and is always 5 steps ahead of OUR Enemies, so they wouldn't think of going off half-cocked on their own.

What kind of military would one have if everyone just did whatever they felt like, when they felt like it????

You wouldn't have a well disciplined military, you would have a bunch of "know it all" vigilantes doing what ever the hell they felt like.

And you know what would happen? The Vigilantes would LOSE to Communist China with their Million MAN WELL DISCIPLINED Army!!!

No, Trump is a very WISE man, and he follows the "Art of War". (Example: when strong, appear weak. etc.)

If YOU can't understand these basics, YOU are the problem, not the well disciplined PATRIOTS looking to their FEARLESS Leader for direction.
+3 # Bread and circusesMan of the Atom 2020-12-16 00:10
while Rome burns. This is what television and the Internet have become - they are to distract us from what is really happening to the culture and us. The real "awakening" will preclude this - it's time to take the red pill.
# Just Curious.....watchmann 2020-12-16 22:11
Just Curious.....

Why are YOU still watching the BOOB TUBE???

No one I know does.

Turn the BOOB TUBE OFF......and LEAVE IT OFF!!!

There is nothing redeeming there.

TV has been designed to dumb you down, and of course, distract you to what is really important.

I'll bet you know the SCORES of the latest GAME!

More dumbing down and distractions.

Public Sports like this were purposely DESIGNED to DISTRACT and ENTERTAIN the dumbed down people, SO THAT, they wouldn't pay ANY attention to how corrupt politicians in their state capitol and Wash D.C. are stripping them blind.

Most haven't a clue, what is going on D.C. or in their own State Capitol, or in their own city counsel for that matter.

But MOST can give you the SCORE of the latest totally useless ball game!



Children don't care about these things, but Adults should.

How in the world do you think we got ourselves into the MESS we now find ourselves???

Because we were all paying close attention???

No, the exact opposite, we left it to the "professional" politicians to "handle everything", SO THAT, we could Watch Baseball Games, and Football Games, and Basketball Games, and Hockey Games, and Soccer Games.....did I miss a type or size "ball" here?

THE DISTRACTIONS (TV, HELLYWOOD, BALL GAMES) are BY DESIGN!!! keep YOU dumbed down, while you are stripped of your rights and stripped of your wealth.

Wake Up, and don't fall for it any more.


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