Last week, the United States Air Force reported that the pilot of an F-35 ($80 Million) ejected near Beaufort, SC, but the aircraft could not be found.

   Well, word over Intel circuits today CLAIM . . . . unverified as yet . . . that an "unmanned" F-35 has landed safely in . . . . Cuba!

According to sources in the US military, the F-35-B is "the only aircraft where the pilot can be ejected REMOTELY."   It has to do with the aircraft being "fly-by-wire" with everything controlled by the plane computer. 

The pilot confirms the plane was on Auto-pilot when he "ejected."  Thus, it __is__ possible the plane continued flying after the pilot elected.

RUMORS . . . . completely un-corroborated as yet. . .  claim the F-35-B computer was "Hacked" by artificial intelligence, the pilot was then ejected by the software, and the plane was then allegedly remotely piloted until it ALLEGEDLY landed in Cuba.   

It is now said to be in the possession of either the Chinese or the Russians.


Public news reports are now CONFIRMING the plane wreckage has been located in South Carolina.   The rumors of a Cuba landing are apparently false.




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