Cutting the grass . . . hit a Snake!

Cutting the grass . . . hit a Snake!

OK, so I'm a city-sort-of-guy and while I've cut grass on and off all my life, this is the first time I hit a SNAKE!

I didn't even know I'd run over it until I came around again and saw it laying belly-up.  All white belly - ugly.

So when I was done cutting the grass, I went back to grab a pic.  Damn thing wasn't belly-up anymore!

Now, I'm told, snakes will wiggle even after they're dead, and someone told me they will keep wiggling until sun down. I don't know if that's true or not.

So I don't know if this thing is still alive or not.   I think NOT because I think it wouldn't still be in that same spot.  So probably dead and just wiggling.

Anyway, I    ---    H A T E    ---  snakes.    Absolutely, positively, hate 'em.

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