Denver Begins Distribution of "Bug-Out Bags" for Emergencies

Denver Begins Distribution of "Bug-Out Bags" for Emergencies

Denver, Colorado Emergency Management held a distribution of "Bug-Out Bags" to citizens on Saturday, from 10:00AM-2:00PM.  They will do another one on . . . September 24.

Denver is one of the safest cities in America when considering natural disasters.  They don't get earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, floods, not even wildfires.  So why is Denver Emergency Management doing this?

These distribution events fall under the DenverREADY: Preparedness Program which is part of the National Preparedness Month movement, the theme of which is: Protecting your Legacy: The Life you’ve Built is Worth Protecting. 

The brief video below provides details and critique - because what's in this bag . . .  won't help you much at all.  False sense of security.



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