Denver Shooter Identified: Leftist DEMOCRAT Kills Trump Supporter at "Back the Blue" Rally

Denver Shooter Identified: Leftist DEMOCRAT Kills Trump Supporter at "Back the Blue" Rally

Yesterday in Denver, there was a fatal shooting at a "Back-the-Blue" pro-police rally.  One Trump supporter was shot in the face and killed at point blank range.  Media outlets quickly reported the shooter was a "Security Guard" -- that was a LIE.

The Shooter has been identified at Matt Dolloff, a radical Communistic, registered Democrat, and "Bernie" supporter who, for years, marched with the "Occupy" movement.  He wasn't a "Security Guard" he was yet ANOTHER leftist shooting-dead yet ANOTHER Trump supporter.

Here is the photo taken seconds after the Trump supporter was shot in the face/head (Click image to enlarge):


Here is that shooter being arrested within seconds, by police:


Notice the tattoo on the shooter's arm near his right wrist:


That tattoo was fed into image scanning software, which was then run against known databases of images on social media companies.  Lo and behold, the software got a hit with Matt Dolloff's Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

Photos from those social media accounts show Matt Dolloff, and his wrist tattoo!

 Close-up of wrist tattoo:

Here he is marching with the "Occupy" Movement:

Matt Dolloff carries an American flag during the Occupy Denver Protest in Denver, CO, Saturday, November 12, 2011. He says he carries the flag because corporations have killed America. Later, Denver police forced protestors out of Civic Center park early this evening, tearing down illegally pitched tents and clearing personal belongings and trash.

Here he is with his "anti-Capitalist" (Commie) Pals:

Additional imagery shows a car belonging to the shooter, being searched by police.  Notice the Bumper sticker:  "Bernie."



Voter Registration databases in Colorado return the following information:




The Voter Registration info above shows Dolloff's home address:

2991 Rock Cir, Elizabeth, CO 80107


Public Real Estate and property tax databases show that address as:

3 beds
2 baths
35.29 acres lot

Police HAVE NOT revealed the name of the shooter as of early Sunday morning.  However, based on the info above, we entered the name Dolloff into the Denver County Sheriff's Inmate Search Engine and came up with this arrest record:  FIRST-DEGREE MURDER




 As you can see above, the Booking Date and name all fit.  Thus, we are able to conclusively report that Left-wing Democrat Matt Dolloff murdered a Trump-supporting, "Back-the-Blue" patriot at the Denver "Back-the-Blue" rally yesterday.

As for the CONTINUING claims by mass-media that Dolloff was a "Security Guard" the state of Colorado and/or Denver, requires Security Guards to be Licensed.   Repeated inquiries to the Security Guard licensing database do NOT show any Security Guard license issued to Matt Dolloff or variations of that name such as Matthew, Matthew R., Matthew Robert, etc.


HAL TURNER REMARKS: Once again, a radical leftist Democrat MURDERS a right-wing Trump Supporter.

Civil War is literally upon us.  They're killing us openly.

We did not seek this.  We did not ask for this; it has been thrust upon us.

Take appropriate measures for your safety and be ready after the November 3 election.   

These cold-blooded murders of right-wingers should be forefront in our minds as we head out AFTER ELECTION DAY to deal with these murderous leftists, once and for all.


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