Diesel Fuel Outages Spread - Allentown, PA

Diesel Fuel Outages Spread - Allentown, PA

Received the photo above from a reader of this website.  It shows NO DISEL in Allentown, PA highway service plaza.  The outages of Diesel Fuel seem to be spreading.

Last week, we reported that there were now Diesel Fuel outages in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and limits on purchases in Tennessee (Story HERE).

Without Diesel Fuel, trucks, trains, and even cargo ships cannot operate.  These are the modes of transportation necessary to make the US economy run.   If products cannot be moved for lack of diesel fuel, everything runs out.  Food, clothing, and everything else.

Readers are urged to check their refrigerator and pantry and make certain you have a month or more of food in case everything shuts down.  Without diesel fuel, sooner or later there won't be any re-deliveries to supermarkets, which only have a maximum of three days food on the shelves.

Over the weekend here in northeastern Pennsylvania, I topped-off my GMC Pick-up truck which runs on Diesel.  It has a 36 gallon tank, and I only needed eight gallons -- the price:  $6.48 a gallon!  When I took delivery of the truck, on January 6, 2021, the price of Diesel was $2.89 a gallon.   Stolen Elections have consequences.




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