Earthquakes of M2.6 in West Virginia,  M3.3 at the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone, followed by a M4.5 in Colorado, took place today, March 4. Two were in places with NO EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY, while the quake in Yellowstone is VERY TROUBLING.

It began early today with a Magnitude 2.6 - very small - near Aldersen, W. Virginia.  The quake took place at 2:41 AM Eastern US time at a shallow depth of 15.6km.   Just southeast of the Allegheny Mountains, an earthquake here is almost unheard of.   No damage or injuries.

Another larger quake, M3.3, took place later in a far more serious location: 64km east, northeast, of the Yellowstone Geyser near the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park.  This quake took place at 12:16 PM eastern US time at a shallow depth of only 6km.

Yellowstone has a long a significant history or earthquakes, but they're typically small.  The super volcano located under Yellowstone National Park is a location of significant volcanic activity, which naturally results in earthquakes. 

The concern here is that anytime an earthquake gets larger in this area, it causes folks to wonder if the super volcano is fixing to erupt.  NO ERUPTION is expected and that's s good thing. 

The last time Yellowstone erupted was about 700,000 years ago and when it did, it spewed volcanic ash over the western 2/3rds of the continental United States.  The ash burned almost everything it touched within 500 miles of the eruption, and killed almost everything else for about 1,000 miles OUTSIDE that 500 mile kill zone.  Animals (and people) either choked to death on the ash, or were poisoned by drinking ash-contaminated water . . . or died from starvation when the food chain died.

If a super-eruption of Yellowstone took place today, it would wipe out the United States economically, and kill most everyone and everything in the western 2/3rd of the country.

Finally at 12:22 PM eastern US time, a larger M4.5 struck 57km north of Dove Creek, Colorado.   There is NO HISTORY of significant earthquakes like this having taken place in this area.   

The quake struck at a amazingly shallow depth of 0.8km, about a half mile deep.  

INITIALLY, this quake was reported by the US Geological Survey (USGS) as having a Magnitude of 5.3, but was later downgraded by USGS to a 4.5.   How a skilled scientist can make an error in Magnitude like that is unknown, but the public is advised that the quake was initially listed as 5.3.

With earthquakes now happening in places they've rarely happened before, NOW might be a good time to review your "preps" to see if you and your family are properly supplied to survive if a MAJOR event takes place.  A list of suggested emergency preparedness items can be found HERE.


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    · 11 months ago
    These are atomic explosions or similar. They are bombing the underground installations of the cabal.
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    His self · 11 months ago
    There have long been claims that the government has built an underground tunnel network. One of those claimed tunnels runs right under the Dove Creek area.........