"Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis Grows

The Biden regime is holding an all-senators briefing now after Feds announced rescue plan for Silicon Valley Bank, according to sources inside Washington, DC.

The briefing outlines the banking system is now in grave danger and unless government does something to restore confidence, an actual collapse can take place.

More as I get it


# It’s All BSForrest Mosby 2023-03-13 19:07
Like the ‘rail strike’….much ado about nothing…
-1 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis GrowsErfman 2023-03-13 17:01
Isn't it about time for Biden to take another vacation?

A little "me time" as Pete Booty-judge likes to say.

At least we don't have Trump's mean tweets to deal with...
# Bank bail in /lawTurnercom1 2023-03-13 10:15
Tptb passed some garbage law that said banks can take your money to bail out themselves. It is not your money once you deposit it.
+3 # It's goin down...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-12 23:02
All the fools can do is print money or pass laws...none of it it will make a damn bit of difference in the long run. Buy PM's and get some popcorn.
+1 # Don’t ever trust governmentunixguru24 2023-03-12 21:38
Especially this bunch.
-1 # its like the kidTheWho 2023-03-12 21:22
in holland trying to plug the holes in the dikes to keep the sea from flooding in.
Wake up call people. Get your money out, keep just enough to pay your bills. NEVER EVER keep more than you can lose. The FDIC does not have unlimited funds. There are so many leaks now the govt can only hope everyone keeps their head in the sand. I think a lot of folks in DC are holding their breath tonight to see what the sheeple do tomorrow......
-1 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-03-12 21:11
"King Dollar" fiat POS paper going down the toilet. Gee, US/West/NATO won't be able to fund endless wars to STEAL other countries assets anymore under the guise of "Democracy" (e.g. Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine)?
-1 # PIFF!MildB 2023-03-12 20:44
California murders and thieves trying to make "THEIR" evil balance out LOL!


Go bite your own selves LOL!


More Rain coming YOUR WAY.

Slip Skidding away.

Please, Gov Newman, ask just ONE MORE!

SIGN:Iam rep mb
+9 # CBDCTheophorus 2023-03-12 20:34
Watch for the government to roll out their digital currency in exchange for the now worthless dollars. Seriously, Would be a perfect time to push CBDC as all depositors would rather accept something over a total loss of their money.

If this contagion continues, what choice will we have. Take the CBDC at some exchange rate for dollars or lose the dollars. (I will personally never comply)

At some point this is where the musical chairs music ends. May be a while, but it is coming.

Evil to its core. Only Jesus can fix what is coming.

Nice work Hal
# Digital currency???LilBirdie 2023-03-13 03:48
Isn't that basically what we have now?
There are many real dollars left out there.
Everyone accesses their funds electronically.
They don't "print" money when they create it. They just type a number on the screen and boom it's money.
No need to expense ink ...
When was the last time you actually counted the cash in your wallet to see how much money you had?
Better question, how often do you actually have cash in your wallet? Day to day most don't. That why you end up in line behind someone paying for that coffee with a card.
We already (basically) have a digital currency.
I always figured they just faze out cash as a theft liability. Then start putting their liberal demands for social change to your card. Do this earn this. Later for those that don't go along it becomes, do this or loose this.
At that point cash is fazed out and options become limited..
+10 # So the 100 dumb 2023-03-12 20:34
So the 100 dumb bastards that allowed this to happen and a senile pedophile are going to come up with a good solution?
+3 # Remember S&H Green Stamps..paulattahoe 2023-03-12 20:07
Is that what Klaus Schwab meant when he said we would have nothing but stamps with his picture on them?
+4 # No bailoutLynnewilliam 2023-03-12 20:05
They say, “it’s not a bailout!” ….. but it is.
+4 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis Growsmtown 2023-03-12 19:50
turned on Bloomberg just to see what they were saying and it just sunshine and roses to them! So phony....
+6 # Cramer!Loki 2023-03-12 20:00
Jim Cramer said just the other day what a great investment SVB is (was).
# Hope someone gets cramerTurnercom1 2023-03-13 00:03
Quoting Loki:
Jim Cramer said just the other day what a great investment SVB is (was).

Bilked investors should pay a visit
+3 # CramerWilliam 2023-03-12 20:33
You would be a millionaire if you listened to Cramer and lost billions, the guy is a pathetic joke.
+4 # I know! Lol...Adiff5466 2023-03-12 20:17
His calls are SO BAD you have to wonder if he’s in on it! I mean, who listens to that dude with his track record!?
+3 # He's in on it.William 2023-03-12 20:34
He is absolutely not a financial advisor, he is a puppet of the banking industry
+10 # RE: Cramer!Gunner 2023-03-12 20:07
That clown Cramer is a complete lying, hack, piece of dog dirt!!
-2 # hahha. let it burn!Chappyusa1 2023-03-12 19:47
Let it fail. It's going to anyway. Let it fail and let USA burn!

Maybe some of you weak-ass Americans will finally wake the fuck up.
# you areLoki 2023-03-12 20:00
yet you're a weak-azz Americano, too, no?
+2 # americaldocamericaldoc 2023-03-12 19:46
The F'ing punks will do it again...bush, obummer............................
+1 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis GrowsLambs Servant 2023-03-12 19:44
Just a thought but, earlier today, a poster stated that a number of US/NATO officials were killed in the latest barrage of missiles fired at Ukraine. I saw a related story about this and that there was a media blackout concerning this. Here is my thought, in the midst of this financial chaos, will the big shots say what happened in Ukraine to divert attention away from the banking issue?
# Could be...Adiff5466 2023-03-12 20:20
Whenever something happens you immediately wonder what the diversion is about? Unless something else “big” happens to divert people from noticing their money going up in smoke.

Tell me, do you think anyone with real money, no you or me, is going to keep their money in the banks? They’re the reason this happened in the first place when they pulled out $$$
+2 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis GrowsJFY 2023-03-12 19:40
As others have pointed out in previous articles today, the government's solution for the restitution of funds will be a single electronic currency.
Then you're theirs forever.
+1 # HmmmmKevin 2023-03-12 19:37
How might this affect giving more money to Ukraine?

Just a guess, but my guess is that it is difficult at best to go to war with NO economy.

All this and Russia/China has yet to fire a single shot at the US mainland.
+7 # CitiesLoki 2023-03-12 19:59
They will wait till there is fighting internally in the U.S. and then they will nuke strategic places and invade, China in the Northwest; Russia from the North into Minnesota; After nuking military in southern Florida, bring up Cuban army; and bring up Nicaragua, Venezuela, and several other Central and South American armies through Texas, along with several battalions of Chinse military, so everyone can meet in the middle.
# Scary but possibleRoom 315 2023-03-13 02:56
Interesting scenario, not unlike the movie Red Dawn. All that can be said in the face of such an event is “Wolverines!” (From that same movie).
+2 # You sound like,,William 2023-03-12 20:39
Dimitri Duduman, that was and is his prophecy
+6 # I’d read that prophesy too...Adiff5466 2023-03-12 20:21
It made me wonder if this is what causes the big internal meltdown and then... BOOM!
+1 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis GrowsJbrr 2023-03-12 19:33
But it's still bail-out
+16 # Rescue Plan?Red Deer 2023-03-12 19:32
You know all the participants at these meetings are on their phones with their brokers and bankers .... Sell Mortimer Sell!
# OY VEY!!William 2023-03-12 20:44
+2 # RE: "Emergency All-Senators Briefing" Underway from White House - Banking Crisis GrowsRaven1 2023-03-12 19:31
There are 4,236 FDIC-insured commercial banking institutions in the U.S. as of 2021 but 72,166 commercial bank branches.Dec 1, 2022

Thats alot of confidence to restore.
+6 # Restore!scrarjg 2023-03-12 19:29
CON_fidence. Shouldn't have been any confidence in the whole system starting in 1913!
+2 # Dominoswdewolfe 2023-03-12 19:26
Those dominos are so unforgiving
+10 # 90 years ago, almost to the dayBoola_Boola_97 2023-03-12 19:23
FDR declared a bank holiday ninety years ago, in early-to-mid March. History may be repeating as a prelude to war, just as with WWII.


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