Explosion Rocks New York City Office Building

Explosion Rocks New York City Office Building

An explosion took place in the sub-basement of 633 Third Avenue in Manhattan overnight.   FDNY dispatched 25 fire and rescue units to the scene of the 42 story building.


-2 # RE: Explosion Rocks New York City Office BuildingAngelaM 2021-05-31 13:11
i have been studying alchemical astrology and language and the bible for a long time. the elites are using the playbook of the planet alingments. looks like mars, the planet of war, moves i to cancer in a week. should be fairly peaceful for the next month. whoever casts the first stone will lose in the constellation of cancer. good advice on an individual basis also.
+1 # Eyes Wide Shut We are being InitiatedWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-05-31 12:32
At the outset, Dr. Yeadon said “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population.

“I feel great fear, but I’m not deterred from giving expert testimony to multiple groups of able lawyers like Rocco Galati in Canada and Reiner Fuellmich in Germany.

“I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.
+2 # RE: Eyes Wide Shut We are being InitiatedWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2021-05-31 12:35
# I’m a Resister Who Will Not Cooperate With Evil.White Lightning aka Raptor 2021-05-31 12:20
"There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”
# 2021 KT1 update onHarnaś 2021-05-31 11:39
Strange: Multiple Earthquakes Strike thread
+5 # Happy Memorial Day!JoelTexan 2021-05-31 11:34
Happy Memorial Day to Hal and his family and staff and supporters!

Remember that we're standing on the shoulders of those Patriots who have gone before us and lighted the way.
+5 # Place GOD Jesus first and he will guide you away from these hell bent deceived lunatics.White Lightning aka Raptor 2021-05-31 11:56
“It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.” – Patrick Henry

“It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” - Thomas Paine

“Those people who will not be ruled by God will be ruled by tyrants.” - William Penn

“If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” - George Washington

"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." — Thomas Jefferson

"It is the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins." —Benjamin Franklin

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God" —Benjamin Franklin

"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." —Benjamin Franklin
# THANK YOU!!LindaN3 2021-05-31 18:05
I thank you very much for the above mentioned quotes from the forefathers of this once great Republic. Dave Hodges on his site has an article today on how AZ has gone the way of the 3rd Reich, and in that article he has a short video from 2001 of a FEMA meeting where our forefathers, Washington in particular, are denigrated over and over as terrorists in the clip.
-2 # RE: Explosion Rocks New York City Office BuildingCanis Major 2021-05-31 10:10
A meth lab??.... being run by inept and incompetent "chemist"
# RE: Explosion Rocks New York City Office BuildingRDunzy4012 2021-05-31 13:11
Is Pinkman cooking again?
+1 # 633 3rd Avenue is by definition a Masonic signatureHarnaś 2021-05-31 09:34
I would send police to investigate the local Masonic Lodge and especially the B'nai Brith Central Lodge in NYC
+10 # I noticedCloudNebula 2021-05-31 09:23
that the time noted was 9:11 pm.
+2 # 9:11, another Masonic signature. Police should start looking for DANCING ISRAELIS AGAIN!Harnaś 2021-05-31 11:48
maybe little Mikey Chertoff is not in the DHS anymore to suppress this again!
+5 # Great catch!Gregg W 2021-05-31 11:14
Bingo. Good eye. That’s tells you it was a false flag/ deep state operation. As soon as I saw this article I thought, “What are they hiding or covering up now?”
+12 # RE: Explosion Rocks New York City Office BuildingCWD 2021-05-31 08:41
This is a easy one ...

Cuomo Now has lost all his records, hard drives and servers

+2 # Yeahrogue 2021-05-31 12:10
As if the FBI would even look at the evidence. Rudy Giuliani has been trying give them Hunter's hard drive, but they wont take it.
+2 # Yep. CuomoGregg W 2021-05-31 11:16
There you go. Makes perfect sense.
# RE: Explosion Rocks New York City Office BuildingCWD 2021-05-31 08:52
Or White Hats grabbing records, making copies of hard drives
+2 # SovietskyAdster 2021-05-31 07:55
Probably those pesky Russians running interference again
# OrPoopot 2021-05-31 08:31
It's the Chinese army in Canada ?
+1 # RE: OrGunner 2021-05-31 09:21
Vile chinks at it again. . .


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