F5 Tornado - Said TWO MILES WIDE - Hits Mississippi

F5 Tornado - Said TWO MILES WIDE - Hits Mississippi

As forecast, there was an outbreak of Tornados in Mississippi Friday night and one was said to be TWO MILES WIDE as it slammed into Rolling Fork, MS, obliterating much of the town.  Fourteen 23 people are reported dead.

The storm came through a few minutes after 8:00 PM local time.   Windows blown out. Debris falling.   

The west part of Rolling Fork is a residential area. Many houses reported destroyed. 

Highway 61 is where all businesses are; all businesses are reported "completely destroyed."

Many people reportedly trapped in debris of crushed eateries.

All roads reported blocked by fallen trees and debris from destroyed buildings.

From FOX News local TV station:

Multiple tornadoes, believed to be 11 in total, ripped through Mississippi leaving a trail of destruction in its wake - killing at least 23 people, while 4 people remain missing.

At least 11 tornadoes tracking at 80mph, with one stretching at least one mile wide, were recorded Friday night. 

They obliterated neighborhoods, ripped roofs off homes and downed power lines - leaving victims trapped under rubble and thousands without power. 

Over 30 million people were under a tornado warning through the evening, and were being warned to brace for the killer storms which brought golf ball-sized hail.

Authorities warned those in its path to brace for a 'life threatening situation' and on Saturday morning deployed search-and-rescue teams to several county's in the region. 

A tornado confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS) struck the towns of Silver City and Rolling Fork, the latter of which was described as 'obliterated' by one resident.


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