Falling Ice CLOSES Upper Level of George Washington Bridge

Falling Ice CLOSES Upper Level of George Washington Bridge
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Falling ice has forced officials to close the upper level of the George Washington Bridge, the main Interstate Hudson River Crossing for I-95 across the Hudson River, as well as closing some streets in Manhattan.

Word of the closures began coming in around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

At first, authorities announced three lanes on the eastbound upper level of the GW Bridge were being closed due to falling ice.

Shortly thereafter, the entire upper level was ordered closed. A 60-minute delay was reported on the inbound upper level.

The Port Authority issued the following statement:

The GWB Upper to NY is closed due to an icing condition. Passenger cars are advised to use Lower Level. The GWB Upper to NY is experiencing a delay of 60 minutes due to emergency maintenance for an icing condition. The GWB south walk will have a delayed opening today because of icing. Updates on the opening will be posted.

In Lower Manhattan, the Port Authority announced it was closing some streets around the World Trade Center site, near Church and Dey streets.

And an area near Columbus Circle was closed for falling ice as well, after one person suffered a minor injury.

The incident happened at West 58th Street and 7th Avenue.

Broadway is now closed between West 57th Street and West 59th Street. And 7th Avenue is closed between Broadway and West 58th Street.

The city issued this statement regarding that closure:

Due to police activity, expect traffic delays, road closures and a heavy presence of emergency personnel on West 58th street between 7th Avenue and Broadway, Manhattan. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.


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