Five More Days . . .

Five More Days . . .

In just five more days 800,000 “non-essential” government workers can be legally furloughed (i.e. let go – forever).

It is technically called a RIF – reduction in force.

All of which begs the questions if they are non-essential why were they employed in the first place, and why have the American taxpayers been paying people who were not needed all these many years?

The truth is that many of these non-essential employees are SES members (Senior Executive Services), which are more colloquially known as members of the Deep State or Shadow Government.

SES members cannot be fired, but they can be subjected to a RIF.

Trump has set a trap for the Democrats and they walked headlong into it. If the Dems do not capitulate in the next 5 days, our government will be much more efficient and the taxpayers will no longer be financing 800,000 people who are not needed.

The Dems will be forced to either fold or negotiate or else they will lose their grip on the Deep State.

So if you have wondered why Trump has not already used his Executive Power to label the border crisis a National emergency, there you have it.

If I were to bet, my bet would be on the Dems folding before the 5 days expires. But then, Pelosi and Schumer are not very bright, so I wouldn’t put much money on it.

If they fold, Pelosi and Schumer will be crippled going forward, but the Deep State will retain its grip on Washington.

Either way Trump gains a win – he beats Pelosi and Schumer or he hamstrings the Deep State and saves taxpayers a lot of money in the process.

(Note: And there are those who still think Trump is not very bright – think again.)

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