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UPDATED 8:15 PM EDT -- Trump Posting on Truth Social -- "World War III"

UPDATED 8:15 PM EDT -- Trump Posting on Truth Social -- "World War III"

President Donald Trump took to his social media account this afternoon and posted "WORLD WAR III" . . . nothing else.   S going to HTF is my guess . . .

I am endeavoring to find out what may be going on worldwide that would give rise to a man like him, making a posting like that.  On Easter Sunday, no less.

Something's up . . . something big.


BRICS+ is taking over and there’s nothing the West can do about it. The US dollar won’t be the worlds reserve currency and the US Govt won’t be able to print money on the backs of other nations. US Govt bonds will be junk because of insane US debt. The End

Top 10 Nations by natural resources:

RUSSIA $75 trillion BRICS+
UNITED STATES $45 trillion The West
SAUDI ARABIA $35 trillion BRICS+
CANADA $33 trillion The West
IRAN $27 trillion BRICS+
CHINA $23 trillion BRICS+
BRAZIL $22 trillion BRICS+
AUSTRALIA $20 trillion The West
IRAQ $16 trillion BRICS+
VENEZUELA $14 trillion BRICS+

       Multipolar world wins!



FRENCH PRESIDENT EMMANUEL MACRON on the plane returning from his 3-day trip to China: "Europe should reduce its dependence on the extraterritoriality of the U.S. dollar... If the tensions between the two superpowers heat up … we won’t have the time nor the resources to finance our strategic autonomy and we will become vassals.”     

MACRON also said: "Europe must reduce its dependency on the US and avoid getting dragged into a confrontation between China and the U.S. over Taiwan."   So not only is France abandoning the US, they are now actively encouraging Europe to do the same.  Bear in mind, France just conducted the first-ever transaction for Liquified Natural Gas in a currency OTHER THAN the U.S. Dollar!   So the French are cutting off their use of our Dollars as well.



Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the "European Commission" (of un-elected tyrants) departed the PRC through a regular terminal at the airport with baggage screening and passport checks, just like any other nobody.  Notice the look on her face as she has to be around us commoners . . . 

China's amazing "dis" of the head of the European Commission in this way -- and in such a public manner, is a statement by China that the EU isn't even worth paying attention to.   Not militarily, and not with its "EURO" currency.    It shows that the EU doesn't matter anymore.  Not in the coming version of the world. 


The Germans are asking the Kremlin to allow them to produce cars in Russia. The German publication Speigel reports that it has sent a three-page letter to Vladimir Putin with a proposal to resume cooperation.

This shows that EU Sanctions against Russia are literally starting to come apart at the seams.   If trade with Russia resumes in any meaningful way, the West ENTIRE plan in Ukraine and to takeover Russia, will fail before it starts.  



China controls 98% of the world's rare earth Minerals  production and plans to ban their export to the US for national security reasons!

The U.S. __must__ have some of those rare earth minerals to manufacture for our Military.  Without those rare earth minerals, our military might - and the accuracy of our weaponry in particular - is __gutted__.    No more playing Globo-Cop; except it won't be by OUR choice, it will be forced upon us by China.



Ukrainian medium-range air defense systems will be completely depleted by May 23.

They will be able to withstand only two or three more waves of blows. /The Washington Post, citing Pentagon documents/ Air defense systems

NASAMS, Iris-T, and Patriot Missile Systems will soon arrive in Ukraine, said Yuri Ignat, adviser to the country's Air Force Command.   Not certain if - or how many such systems - can arrive in Ukraine before May 23.

If Russia strikes 3, 4, or more times, Ukraine will be finished before May 23.   This __may__ prompt a direct NATO entry, and thus . . . WW3.


Russia is moving elite units of its army, including paratroopers, to Bakhmut.  Wagner PMC has suffered very severe losses, but has gained significant ground there.  Now, the regular Russian Army is sending its units.   

If  (OOOOPS)  WHEN Russia takes Bakhmut, the entire south and southeast of Ukraine will be cut off from supplies.  It will likely fold fast.  Again, another possible reason for NATO to come "all-in" and thus trigger WW3.

All these developments are troubling, but I am not sure any of them individually, or all of them collectively, get us to what President Trump said: "World War 3."


More if I get it.


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