Flaw in Testing System Causing More than Fifty Percent of COVID-19 Tests to "False Positive"

A flaw in a manufacturer’s Coronavirus testing system used by labs across the US are causing false positives in a large majority of tests.

Department of Public Health scientists in Connecticut discovered the flaw in the testing system manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

According to Department of Public Health (DPH) scientists, the affected patients were tested between July 15 to July 17 and out of a total of 144 ‘positive’ tests, 90 were false positives! 

That's an error rate of 62.5%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Associated Press reported:

Scientists at Connecticut’s public health laboratory say they’ve discovered a flaw in a manufacturer’s testing system for the coronavirus that’s used by labs around the country. So far, it’s resulted in 90 people – mostly residents of Connecticut nursing homes and assisted living facilities – recently receiving false positive tests.

State public health officials are now reviewing whether nursing home residents who received false positive tests were grouped with other residents with accurate positive tests, given the state’s recommendation to cohort nursing home residents who test positive for COVID-19.

“We don’t know that yet,” said Josh Geballe, Gov. Ned Lamont’s chief operating officer, noting that a team from the state’s Department of Public Health has been reaching out to every clinician responsible for those individuals, as well as the facilities where they live, and compiling data on the situation.




Meanwhile, Dr. Deidre S. Gifford, the state’s acting public health commissioner, said her agency is also reaching out to labs throughout the state to see how many of them use the testing platform manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Read the full report here.

The Democrat-media complex has been pushing new COVID-19 panic porn by reporting on so-called ‘spikes’ in cases, but numerous reports show positivity rates are skewed.

Last week FOX 35 investigated and found out that countless labs were reporting 100% COVID positivity rates.

Most Florida labs have not reported any negative test result data to the state!

For example, one lab in Orlando, Centra Care, reported that 83 people were tested for COVID and ALL tested positive — this is statistically IMPOSSIBLE!

Put simply, the sudden explosion in new "positive" test results is a completely false number.  There is no explosion of positive cases, it's an error in the test.  Government is trying to shut down the economy again for no valid reason.



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