FOOD SHORTAGES AGAIN - with Bold-Faced LIES about the cause . . .

FOOD SHORTAGES AGAIN - with Bold-Faced LIES about the cause . . .

On a recent trip to the local ShopRite supermarket in North Bergen, New Jersey,  my son and I encountered the following signs below:



"Technology outages????"  What kind of utter nonsense is this?

There's no such thing as a technology outage that lasts long enough to cause a food shortage

This is a bold-faced lie.

Then, farther down the Frozen Foods aisle at the same ShopRite supermarket, we encountered this sign:

Notice the DATE on the bottom left of the sign?  June 16, 2020.   

So the shortages are back.  

But why?

The farmers say they have so much crop, they have to bury it or burn it because it isn't selling.

The food PROCESSORS say they can't get enough trucking to bring the food in . . . . while the TRUCKING industry says there is no demand for trucking . . .

All of which converts to . . . no food at the supermarkets.

Somebody (very big) is playing games with the food supply.

The bottleneck is between the farms and the processing companies.  The bottleneck is NOT either the farmers or the processing companies.   Some "middle man" is screwing around.

That middle man needs to be identified, personally intercepted, and be dealt with in a way that prevents future interruption of the food supply.

If you know who the bottleneck is - corporate or personal - please reveal that info either via the comments area below (subscribers only) of via email.


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