Fully Funded for February - THANK YOU ALL!


The fund raising for this web site and radio show to allow it to continue through February has finished. Thankfully, the endeavor is fully funded. 

I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am to each and every person who donated.  Without YOU, none of this would exist.

Thanks so very much!

Hal Turner


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    BoldlyReady · 24 days ago
    Yaaaaa Hooooo ! ! ! ....Was just gettin' reading to send my last 10 bucks ...
    You will be getting it next month .......uh middle of this month now........
    IF you are still here ...... GET MOVED TO THAT SECURE BUG OUT SPOT ! !
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    Charles Yearwood · 24 days ago
    Hal, I sent in one of those donations myself earlier this week. Your show is definitely worth the money. I send in another in 2 weeks. Thanks for all you do.
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    Gifford Rodine · 24 days ago
    Your Friday, 1/31/20, radio show is worth the subscription rate for a year all by itself. Here is some supporting information to indicate it will get additional peer review: https://www.theweek.in/news/sci-tech/2020/02/01/research-paper-by-indian-scientists-on-coronavirus-fuels-bioweapon-theories.html . Thank you for the review of the original report. If this is confirmed with peer review testing, we may be in for a very tough time. Your recommendations and advice on prepping should be heeded by all.
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    Jill Hart · 24 days ago
    Hey Hal, just an idea as February is a short month n you may as well start raising funds now...why don't you put a barameter on the front page. As you get donations during the month we can all see what needs to be done. It might take some of the end of the month stress out of your life.
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      BoldlyReady · 24 days ago
      Yah ....out of OUR lives too .....we all suffer with you Hal.
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    MICHAEL DOERING · 24 days ago
    Sent you an email, containing traffic from PayPal. Seems they are dropping me using them to pay for my subscription to your program.
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    ARISTOTLE PAPADATOS · 24 days ago
    Dear Mr Turner,
    I have sent an email to you recently by which I ask you to help me to renew my subscription for 3 more months.
    Thank you,
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      James Huff · 24 days ago
      Hal, I'm a long time reader but I am glad I was able to assist with a subscription and a donation this time around. It is good you made your financial obligations. I wish I could do more, but this is a start.

      Great job on the site, imho.