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Global Supplier of Crucial Electrical Products Announces 20 Week DELAY in most-important parts!

Global Supplier of Crucial Electrical Products Announces 20 Week DELAY in most-important parts!

SCHNEIDER Electric is the second largest manufacturer of electrical components in the world.  The things they make are absolutely crucial to our daily lives: Crucial electrical infrastructure, industrial automation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), etc.  Without __any__warning, SCHNEIDER announced to its partners in the US . . .

. . . a TWENTY-WEEK DELAY for "Engineered-to-Order (ETO)" products for Quarter 1 next year!   That's almost a half a year delay   ! ! ! ! ! 

Folks, ETO projects are major private and public infrastructure, power grids, etc.  The grids are not readily able to deal with this kind of manufacturing delay. 

Even more ominous, this ETO equipment, is the same gear the FBI recently issued warnings over, for expected CYBER-ATTACKS!

So FBI is warning about Cyber-Attacks targeting ETO gear like PLC's and now, the second largest manufacturer of these exact components, is announcing twenty week delays for Q1 orders!

One industry insider told me "The reason this is so weird is this company is very good at planning. They supply billions of $ in critical components. They aren't perfect but they usually have a plan when they announce something like this.  Not this time. The plans behind the announcement letter (shown below) are very shallow. They got the note out WAY before anyone on their teams knew what is going on. MANY questions with no answers. That is very weird."  Here is the SCHNEIDER Letter to Partners in the USA:

His remark got me thinking: WHY?

Could it __really be__ that they simply cannot get parts via the supply chain, OR . . .  is this wait and hold critical infrastructure so you can step in and replace damaged infrastructure after attacks happen? Is another possibility Critical redesign?  Did they find holes in security and need to redesign . . . . and will stop projects to push an updated design out?

And if they are THAT confident that attacks are going to happen, then one wonders how it is they know?  Did FBI tell them?

Over the past several weeks, media outlets have carried 24 assorted local stories about 24 sites that have been hacked. The ones discussed publicly are Hawaii water systems, Texas power grid, and west coast water systems near ports. All areas that will be critical to weaken for an invasion or conflict. Near borders.

 War Preparation?


Preparations for a world War are clearly taking place in very many countries around the world.

For the first time, US citizens are likely to see the direct consequences of war on our own soil.

If people spent more time following world events and wars without being clouded by their own "normalcy bias," they could piece together what is likely to happen.

In Ukraine, Russia crippled their power grid and attacked their ability to make the tools of war. Most all war materials have to come from outside.

Now imagine Russia striking US infrastructure and OUR ability to make tools of war . . . when our stockpiles have already been depleted by Ukraine.

Oh, and let's not forget that Israel is toast without US arms support.

But, what is most concerning to me is that the US has made no real efforts to truly ramp up production of war materials.  Lots of talk, very little tangible action.

It's like the US is planning on just going straight to nuclear. But Russian Air defense systems are proven best in the world and their likelihood of survival is much higher than the US.

Contacts I have from my years in the Intelligence Community are telling me the US is too corrupted to survive what is coming.

But real companies with very smart people with analysists with real MBA's see what is coming and are preparing.

The Intel guys I've talked to tell me bluntly: "USA has never been weaker than it is right now."

I don't know how it's going to play out exactly but this is the most dangerous time we have been in up to this point in human history.

One would be very wise to put the pieces together and be willing to make the very hard decision on what is required to survive it.

 Because another source (unverified) told me there are currently ~35,000 terrorists in country awaiting a go signal.

Imagine an Oct. 7th style attack all over the US, if all 35,000 operatives struck at once . . . as the much smaller cells did in the 'Day of Wrath" that hit Israel. 

Oh, and don't forget that several months ago, we all found out there is also 60,000 lbs. of ammonium nitrate fertilizer that was taken off a train in Southern California, that has never been accounted for.  Ammonium Nitrate is what Timothy McVeigh used to construct the truck bomb that detonated outside the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  That bomb was reported to be only 4500 pounds.   So the amount of Ammonium Nitrate already missing, could make more than TEN such bombs.

We seem to be sitting ducks.


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