Hate to say "I told You So" - Biden Says Armageddon Approaches over Russia-Ukraine

Hate to say "I told You So"  - Biden Says Armageddon Approaches over Russia-Ukraine

For months I have been warning that US activities against Russia in Ukraine, could lead to nuclear war.  Over, and over, and over again I warned.  Few Listened, because, you know, they think they're so smart even though they're not.  Now, Joe Biden is saying it too . . .  maybe they'll listen now?

For months, this web site and my radio show have been warning very explicitly that the actions being taken by the US and our NATO vassals, is leading to actual nuclear war with Russia, over the situation in Ukraine.

For providing these warnings, I have been ridiculed as "Chicken Little, the sky is falling," or "The Boy who cried Wolf."  For literally months, stories on this web site outlining actual events, warned that real nuclear war was coming.  Those stories were smeared as "Fear porn" or "Click Bait."

Well tonight, October 6, 2022, take a look at the headlines:

Drudge Report:

FOX News:


CBS News:


United Press International (UPI):


Associated Press (AP):


BBC London:


London Daily Mail:


Sydney Morning Herald - Australia:



For you nay-sayers out there, is it starting to sink-in yet?  Are you starting to grasp the reality yet?

I was right and all the nay-sayers . . . the effete snobs who told me "nothing will happen" and who lambasted me as being a "fear-monger" . . . were ALL wrong.

Moreover, I was right and all those so-called "experts" -- people like General Hodges and General Patraeus, or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley - were all wrong too.

Russia is posturing, some of them said.   Russia is bluffing, others said.  OOOOPS.  Got those things wrong.

Now, for months, I've published suggestions of what do do, how to plan, what to stock-up on.  And I __could__ give all that advice again.   But I'm not going to.

Because I don't have the desire to throw away more time, and because most of the nay-sayers, aren't worth saving.

As most folks already know, the largest cities are the largest nuke targets.  Thankfully, most of the population in the large cities are Democrats, so it won't be much loss if they get nuked.

Most of them were Biden voters anyway, which necessarily means they're rotten people, terminally stupid, and even worse at citizenship. 

There's a reason the mascot of the Democrat Party is the Jackass . . . because you've gotta be a genuine Jackass to vote for most of them!   I don't want them around anymore.

It's almost poetic justice that the guy they helped cheat his way into the White House, is now the one getting them killed.



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