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FREE -- Residents of the big island of Hawaii was knocked out of bed this morning as a Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake shook the entire big island.  It took place at a shallow depth of 6.7km near . . . the Volcano which erupted for weeks last year.

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The earthquake took place in an area of the island near the Hilina Slump - an unstable land mass shaken loose by previous earthquakes.   If this slab of land finishes its slide into the ocean, a Mega-Tsunami would be generated, slamming the Hawaiian Islands with 300 meter waves (900 Feet) then heading out into the Pacific toward the US West Coast.  Byt the time the Tsunami reached the US West Coast, it would likely come ashore as thirty meter wavesw (90 feet) doing massive damage to western coastal cities of North America.

As shown in the scientific video below, these things HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE.  They can happen again:

The Hilina Slump, on the south flank of the Kilauea Volcano on the southeast coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, is the most notable of several landslides that ring each of the Hawaiian Islands. These landslides are the means by which material deposited at a volcano's vents are transferred downward and seaward, eventually spilling onto the seabed to broaden the island.

Kilauea's entire south flank, extending out to Cape Kumukahi, is currently sliding seaward, with some parts of the central portion (over looking the Hilina slump) moving as much as 10 centimeters (4 inches) per year, pushed by the forceful injection of magma and pulled by gravity.


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    richard pryor · 1 years ago
    That would kill a lot of hateful racist Hawaiian locals and the tidal wave might take out lots of Cali liberals. Maybe not that bad of a day afterall.