Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****

Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****

Hedge fund manager and macro economic expert Hugh Hendry issued a major warning on the US banking system and the US economy; telling people to ". . .panic."

In a new interview on Bloomberg Markets, Hendry says mass panic and capital flight away from the US banking sector is entirely justified.

 Hendry says a further decline in the M2 money supply, which in part tracks money in liquid checking accounts, could convince the US government to step in and prevent citizens from taking their capital out of the banking system.

“Sometimes it’s kind of relevant to panic. I would recommend you panic… You’ve seen the biggest waterfall decline in M2 right now. M2 is deposits, not loans. That’s the deposits fleeing the system and going into money market funds.

That could reach a crescendo where the Treasury and the Fed may have to come in and actually restrict your right as a US citizen to pull money out of the US banking sector.”

Hendry says capital flight from US banks is not solely about fears on whether the FDIC will insure deposits above $250,000, and a blanket guarantee on deposits would not solve the problem.

“There is capital flight, deposit flight from the banking sector seeking yield. I fear that, I don’t say this lightly, but in 1934 the Federal Reserve Act confiscated gold from US citizens.

We’re at the point where the Fed and Treasury officials I’m sure are having to consider a gate a lock on US bank deposits.”

When it comes to where Americans can place their capital amid the uncertainty, Hendry says his go-to is US Treasuries and potentially Bitcoin.

“It’s time to own the most reviled security in the universe, the ultra long Treasuries. I know you all think we’ve got an inflation problem. It was a supply shock, and a supply shock needs the manifestation of more and more bank printing of loans to propel it into the future. We’re getting the opposite. The ultra longs are trading two to three standard deviations below the ETF…

I’ve not got the bug, but Bitcoin is something I could conceive as an asset class that could trade three or four times higher in the next five years. There is no other asset class that I could make that determination.”


-1 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****jrd803 2023-05-13 05:12
Good presentation on the linked video. Thanks!

It would not be too surprising if some sort of restrictions of closing large accounts and short selling banking stocks or indexes were to appear.
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+3 # RE: █▓▒░ CBDC ░▒▓█Gunner 2023-05-13 05:57
It is simple at this point: WE either FIGHT & RESIST or our a$$e$ are DEAD. Simple actually.
-1 # mi6 and Serco is keeping thisCasimirP 2023-05-12 21:56
off the market
-2 # North Bergen PoliticiansCasimirP 2023-05-12 21:42
like Cycloptic louie freeh are crooks---
-1 # █▓▒░ So... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-13 08:20

...what is it we are supposed to do with you...
baby sit you or something?
-3 # Politicians Are CrooksCasimirP 2023-05-12 21:17
Here is the cell phones for illegals.
-2 # taking the FifthCasimirP 2023-05-12 19:03
+2 # Going crazy on your border folks..Lexie 2023-05-12 18:58
I feel so sorry for the children and babies caught up in this. I think this will be the crime of the century. The average illegal at your border is a criminal with intent. God help you America. have released documents pertaining to Pfizer that the EU tried to destroy. Info on bad batches discovered but not investigated. Babies affected in-vitro, no immunity and suffering neumonias following birth, evidence reported in Australia.
# RE: Going crazy on your border folks..Gunner 2023-05-13 05:59
NO crime is larger than the PLANDEMIC known as CV-19, hands down; the border is pretty bad for sure though.
+2 # Trying to force into CBDC?Boywonder 2023-05-12 17:01
Maybe he is trying to accelerate the decline and force everyone into the Central Bank Digital Currency that they wanted between May-July? I moved my assets out to Bitcoin and metals.
+6 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****selah 2023-05-12 15:42
guessing elon musk just killed twitter. the new ceo is active wef. pro vax and all the bad stuff. yikes. not good. I don’t have any social media accounts so whoopdi do but I was hoping musk was better than that. we shall see.
-1 # █▓▒░ “RIP Twitter” Elon Musk Appoints WEF Executive Chair as New CEO ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-12 18:46

"“Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter.
She will be starting in ~6 weeks!” Elon Musk said without revealing her name."

“My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing
product, software & sysops.” he added."

-1 # Yupgjones7777 2023-05-12 18:26
It's all down hill from here
+2 # Musk is a puppetunixguru24 2023-05-12 16:32
One of Klaus’ ‘Young Global Leaders’. Enough said.
-4 # █▓▒░ “Oh no...” ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-12 19:54

Enough said
Oh great "guru," surly there is more to say. We beg of thee, please
forbid your ominous ego from consuming us. All heil "guru."

+2 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****JFY 2023-05-12 14:39
Just by looking at him you can tell he's a devious scoundrel. I wouldn't trust him any further than I can throw him.
# re: hedge fund managercodeblue 2023-05-12 20:53
He's a short seller with an agenda
# Evidence of success?Galwaypoet 2023-05-12 17:14
Beard a couple days scruffy. Hair in a homeless style. Clothes from Salvation Army. Eccentric to say the least. Reminds me of some pics I've seen of Hunter Biden. LOL
# RE: Evidence of success?JFY 2023-05-12 19:12
Quoting Galwaypoet:
Reminds me of some pics I've seen of Hunter Biden. LOL

Well there you go; it's the devious scoundrel look.
+8 # It doesn't matterWandrin1 2023-05-12 10:57
If this guys analysis is valid or not. He got a forum on Bloomberg to start a bank panic. If that is the Deep State / WEF agenda, you'll see this story spread, other outlets will repeat it and other analysts will parrot it. Whether the facts are there or not is irrelevant; any lie is useful if repeated enough.
+7 # Off Topic2FatBears 2023-05-12 10:05
Everyone might want to look at this From Greg Mannarenio site. IF we all thought the little banks were in trouble the derivatives on the books make them all look really really bad! The big banks even worse!
+9 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****RAFO 2023-05-12 09:57
To quote, “It’s time to own the most reviled security in the universe, the ultra long Treasuries.”

Is this guy NUTS? Why on Earth would I want to buy worthless pieces of paper from a bankrupt government?? Put your excess money in tangible items… and not just precious metals. Things that you can hold in your hot little hands… not toilet paper like government securities!
+2 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****JohnGalt1911A1 2023-05-12 12:18
Quoting RAFO:
To quote, “It’s time to own the most reviled security in the universe, the ultra long Treasuries.”

Is this guy NUTS? Why on Earth would I want to buy worthless pieces of paper from a bankrupt government?? Put your excess money in tangible items… and not just precious metals. Things that you can hold in your hot little hands… not toilet paper like government securities!

Sounds like he’s shilling for people to buy Treasury bonds to prop them up for a while longer. Another reason to stay away from them.
Guy’s a useful idiot.
+6 # Twice a day.Stefanjunior 2023-05-12 09:43
As the old saying goes "even a broken watch is right twice a day." Every year someone is predicting WW3, Return of Jesus, financial collapse, and all kinds of doom and gloom B.S. Clearly the western financial system has been in trouble for decades, nothing new. We all heard the calls to make some preparations for harder times, many of us did. Live your life and enjoy the good moments and finer things that life has to offer, most likely they will not last. Do not give much emotional energy to this. Have a wonderful day and do something you been putting off.
+1 # RE: Twice a day.Galwaypoet 2023-05-12 17:32
Right. Good advice. Russian red lines have been crossed so many times that there are footprints all over them and Russia did nothing in return like they threatened. WW3? Don't think so. I feel like times will just continue in a crappy, miserable manner just like they always have, and we'll allow ourselves to die of a thousand self-inflicted cuts. Meanwhile, enjoy the little things in life if possible.
+5 # RE: Twice a day.Notthemama 2023-05-12 11:36
Do you remember Enron was the wildest investment opportunity till it wasn't?
Do you remember Crummer telling everyone to buy Lehman stock when he knew he was being paid to support a dying bank?
I remember 2000 where I couldn't even buy a job.
The one and only time I needed to apply for unemployment, I was denied.
2008 was a tough year businesses were canceling orders like it was the hip thing to do. It was very lean.
This year is shaping up worse than 2008. Prepare accordingly.
My advice, don't expect that it is going to all fall down. However you can mitigate your own personal hazards by cutting back on the extraneous. Do you really need coffee store coffee and treats? Do you really need to buy toys that you only use once or twice a year. Do you really need that 2 weeks on a tropical beach vacation? Is your car paid for? If so maybe repairs vs upgrade is in order. Pay down credit card debt and stop buying stuff with it. Deactivate your online shopping accounts.
If it all falls apart, it won't matter. However if it gets really really tight, you may be able to hold your shit together longer than the next guy.
+3 # Living like thiscosentyx1 2023-05-12 13:20
My entire adult life
+3 # Great postunixguru24 2023-05-12 13:00
One of the things I learned early on in the financial 'advising' business - the people who 'get it' have already done all of those things. The rest? They'll drown in the cognitive dissonance. They've gotten so used to mama government coming to the rescue that they literally cannot do things for themselves, first among these is thinking. They have no opinion until they watch the 'news' and are told what to think. It's called programming for a reason.
+1 # RE: Great postStefanjunior 2023-05-12 13:47
I agree that those who get it done some preparations and those who have not well they don't get it. My biggest worry was being around bunch of surprised armed people who never knew hardship. I learned how to make bread, how to sail, purchased a sailboat moved to paradise and when we hit the economic wall...if paradise becomes dangerous then I can anchor out or leave for greener long as wind is still free. Till then I am taking classes, learning a third language, and enjoying life....
+1 # Interesting!Gulfcaptain 2023-05-12 14:50
Great thread post. Years ago I did many things like you did. I bought a 40' sail boat, purchased property in Tonga, purchased supplies to live away from the US etc. I have since met a woman and settled down in Texas, sold the boat and purchased remote bug out property in Oklahoma. (New plan)

One thing I have noticed. I am usually EARLY in my plans. Meanwhile, the wheels of this world keep turning and I get older. Life just goes on but with lower quality. A little less each year. I now plan for my family and don't expect to live long enough to fully need the equipment and provisions I have saved up. Rome was not built in a day and it didn't fall in a day.

So, you do the best you can. The sailboat way is good but limited in many ways, storage being one. But having options in location choice is a plus. If and when things go real bad, it's the finances and the ability to transfer those finances that may be a huge hurtle to overcome outside the US for a US citizen traveling abroad. We might not be a welcome guest in many places and the dollar may not be welcome either.
+2 # Very well saidSpetsnaz7 2023-05-12 10:19
Good post
+1 # Cluelessm*3Tx4y8 2023-05-12 09:19
This person does not know what they are talking about. To be defaulted on U.S. Treasuries? To be declared illegal crypto-currencies? No PM's?

Do yourselves a favor and listen to more credible experts such as Martin Armstrong.
+2 # He was doing so wellunixguru24 2023-05-12 09:12
Until he recommended the treasuries. Who in their right mind would loan this government a freakin' dime? This whole interview reeks. Seems the PTB are trying to start a run so they can dump FedNow on us all.
+7 # The Establishment mouthpiece Blommberg...MissinD60s 2023-05-12 08:53
Announces that people should panic. Oh, but don't buy PMs. No, WE'RE doing that. You peons should panic, n lock up your fiat in 10yr bonds that will soon be nothing but toilet paper. Or, buy Bitcoin digital fiat whose transfers went from $2 to $30, n Binance had to freeze transfers twice due to a backlog of 400,000...

The DS wants a financial panic to add to the cacophony of their border collapse/Rex 84 scenario.
# So, what are we to do?Kevin 2023-05-12 08:36
After we panic, what are we supposed to do?

There's no hidin' place down here
You know, there's no hidin' place down here
I went to the rock to hide my face
But the rock cried out, no, no hiding place down here

I wanna tell you that there's no hiding place down here
Don't you know there's no hiding place down here?
Yeah, I went to the rock to hide my face
But the rock cried out, no, no hiding place down here

And when the sinners gonna be runnin'
At the knowledge of their fate
They're gonna run to the rocks and the mountains
But their prayers will be too late

You know, they never thought about Jesus
Not knowing the end was now here
But they'll be runnin' tryin' to find a hidin' place
When it comes their time to die

I said now, no hidin' place
When the water start boilin', no hidin' place
World catch on fire, no hidin' place
Down here, no hidin' place
Yeah, I went to the rock to hide my face
But the rock cried out no, no, no, no hidin' place down here

Don't you know when the world catch on fire
There'll be no hidin' place?
The water start boilin' there'll be no hidin' place
Oh, when the thunder start rollin', there'll be no hidin' place
Sinners start runnin' there'll be no hidin' place

Can't you see the gambler runnin' sayin', "Lord, save my soul!"
And the liar runnin', sayin' "Jesus, save my soul!"
You know, there's no hidin' place down here
There's no hidin' place down here
Yeah, I went to the rock to hide my face
He cried out, no, no, no, no hidin' place down here
+4 # "After we panic, what are we supposed to do?"MissinD60s 2023-05-12 08:54
Kill the DS demons. It's inevitable.
+6 # Depression...Gulfcaptain 2023-05-12 08:35
Back in the 1930's we had what was called a "depression" but what was that? Overall it was caused by a lack of circulated money. How? By banks not lending money and banks calling in their loans and steeling real assets and buying up distressed assets for pennies on the dollar. Inflate, break and consolidate.

Most don't know that under our current monetary system (fractional reserve system) it is illegal for a bank to lend money. It can only issue credit. At the time of a bank loan, money is created out of thin air and your promise to pay it back (usually with interest). Without loans, the money supply in circulation contracts.

During the depression, few banks were lending so money was not being created. "Hey buddy, you got a nickel to spare?" Nope.

How about today? Well, we see the "everything bubble" blow out to historic proportions so we can check that off. Now we are at the "break" stage where banks are upside down and mostly insolvent. So what can we expect next? Credit contraction. A tightening of credit, loan defaults, banks not lending, banks calling in the notes, foreclosures, distressed assets being scooped up pennies on the dollar and bank consolidations.

It's already started. You see a "fractional reserve debt credit system" has a mathematical shelf life. At the time of the loan, the interest money is never generated into existence like the principal. So the money supply is always short the interest. On top of that, the interest is often "compounded" and amplified over time. So where does the interest money come from?

After a while, the interest amount owed becomes greater than the money supply. Game over. When this happens on a national level, you lose your country to your creditors. The "new world order" is an asset consolidation on a world wide scale. The "great reset" is the foreclosure.

Get it now?
+4 # Sky is falling?acturner067 2023-05-12 08:35
Lookout folks time to run around like a chicken that lost its head? Fill the air with fear and run to fro for tomorrow it may not come. The Goberment wants us to be afraid so they can protect us thus control us do not fall for their tricks.
+3 # Don't be Deceivedplasmaglyphs 2023-05-12 07:35

Anything connected with the establishment is a potenial tool of their own brand of mis-information to trigger panic..
Walk by Faith and you won't be moved in fear..

33 Reasons To Stop Watching The "NEWS"! t=22min

Castrated America ,,, the goal of Globalism,,, Power-Pyramid of Black(Dark) Nobility t=47

A great conspiracy, against the populace, to control the world,,, while concealing mankinds actual history,, but hijacking the clues left via ancient symbols..

+6 # Hendry doesn't understand what M2 is ...DataDigger 2023-05-12 07:20
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
M2 definition includes money market funds. When deposits are moved from a bank to a money market fund M2 doesn't change because M2 includes both of those.

As for the gov't blocking bank withdrawals, this is more nonsense. The gov't is the beneficiary of the money moving from the banks to Treasuries. When deposits are moved from a bank into US Treasuries, the gov't is getting a loan.

Add to that the Fed knows the way to quiet a bank panic is to feed the run. They let people withdraw money, they increase lending to troubled banks so the banks can meet withdrawal demands, then when the people see that no one was refused a withdrawal they deposit in the bank again. This is why the Fed recently created a new lending program for banks that does exactly that. The Fed has shown by their actions how they will deal with this problem.

Finally, that this guy is recommending we panic is proof that he's at best ignorant or reckless and at worst a shill for Davos. Either way not a guy you should take financial advice from.
# BravoSBGlett77 2023-05-12 08:14
Good additions, DD.

And remember when the Fed stopped reporting M3 in the early 2000s ? That was because it was surging and being too revealing of policy foolishness. Now we are getting that M3 component coming out of the woodwork to combat scarcity and hence cause inflation. That can has reached the end of the road and the Fed can't kick it any farther, hidden or not.
+2 # We need to put money into its proper placeSBGlett77 2023-05-12 06:52
I agree with Hendry that the M2 supply is going down to the abyss lately. I'm not sure whether that is going to be inflationary ( if the Fed tries to print it away ) or deflationary ( because of widespread loan defaults due to crashing velocity of money which isn't there ). But I must say, people pulling out their money simply to put it into money market accounts reveals a basic misunderstanding most people have about money; money in this nation prior to about 1880 was originally a tool primarily to save value for later investment in productive capital, with a skim for living expenses. That's why there was no inflation at all prior to then ( Lincoln's illegal defaulted "greenbacks" during the 1860's war notwithstanding ).

The near-total financialization of the world economy has caused people to lose the plot almost completely. This includes Hendry, who only can see what other financial depository he might put his money into. He seems to be totally unable to think of life as consisting of any real, actual, productive work. Most of us have lost all ability to see the uses for money beyond "yield", whether in this financial instrument, or that.

Hendry is right to advise us to "panic" - the panic necessary is to withdraw from the banks alright, but find uses for the remaining purchasing power of the money in something productive. Yes, there is risk in investing in someone's productive ( meaning of actual use to mankind in living ) enterprise, but do we not think there is risk in investing in the long Treasuries when the Printing Press Fed and Treasury go mad to try to simulate and stimulate value by endless credit emission, taking all Dollars to Zero, including USTs and Money Markets ? Or when the government which obviously has power to prohibit bank withdrawals can also decree the Internet shut down or all data be wiped due to the need for an "emergency" reset ?

Claims and promises are the only substance that the current financialized economy is right now. Hendry can only see transferring make-believe "assets" into other claims and promises. He has been successful only because playing the paper game against other people works for a long time, until it doesn't. When the whole Jenga tower of promises and claims on paper ( or kilobytes ) collapses, the thing that the government will find most inconvenient to confiscate or suppress is a base of real assets that both organically grow the real economy ( which is relatively unaffected by currency nonsense ), and may be defended physically.
+8 # This guy looks like he wassupporttheblue 2023-05-12 05:59
Dragged out of a dumpster for the interview.
# RE: This guy looks like he wasJFY 2023-05-12 15:15
That's probably where he belongs. He looks about as trustworthy as a swamp alligator.
-2 # Panic is bad adviceMaryelizabethanne 2023-05-12 05:29
Panic is what causes total banking collapse. Just get what you need. think. Wwjd? What would Jesus do?
+3 # RE: Panic is bad adviceKevin 2023-05-12 08:38
I prefer to think about what Jesus has done!
+5 # One thing I know,mdicken1 2023-05-12 07:09
is Jesus would have nothing to do with our filthy "money".
-3 # Panic is bad adviceMaryelizabethanne 2023-05-12 05:29
Panic is what causes total banking collapse. Just get what you need. think. Wwjd? What would Jesus do?
+4 # HUGHNZ KIWI 2023-05-12 03:52
CONVENIENTLY does not point out the huge amounts of gold purchasased not only by CHINA AND THE BRICS , but also the WESTERN CENTRAL BANKS , he feels long treasuries could x3 BUT IGNORES THAT GOLD COULD IN THE SAME ENVIROMENT X8
+3 # "I Keep Hearing That Old Rock'n Roll Tune" 2023-05-12 01:32
+3 # zero asset valueNZ KIWI 2023-05-12 02:55
+1 # RE: zero asset valuearcace 2023-05-12 03:50
Blockchain tokens do fine as a currency, but the question is if they can be money.
The big benefit is that you can prove that a given amount of crypto is actually valid and there. This is difficult with current currencies and money. It can be difficult to determine if a physical dollar is real or counterfeit or whether the funds in your bank account are actually there. Even with physical gold or silver you have the issue with determining if it is real or fake, and if it is real, has it been diluted?
+4 # FDR and Gold ConfiscationTeknikid 2023-05-12 00:34
He's not quite right on that 1934 thing with the Federal Reserve Act. It was in March of 1933 that the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act was amended to include US citizens as the enemy of the federal government. FDR used his executive power to force the people to surrender their gold in exchange for paper, then he raised the price of gold, screwing everyone.
+3 # Sigmund Freud Once Said,Kill Roy 2023-05-12 00:18
"Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar." Could be this guy is being genuine and is doing the right thing by warning folks who are still asleep. Chances are he's just speaking some truth, IMHO.
+2 # Or -mdicken1 2023-05-12 07:13
he's short the banks for his hedge fund. (they are all such an honorable bunch)
+5 # Tuesday Morningell 2023-05-11 23:43
Just got an email that the discount store Tuesday Morning is done. How many is that in the last few months?

Our economy is crashing and most people have no clue.
+5 # He's a hedge fund 2023-05-11 23:41
So he probably has his fund heavily into shorting bank stocks, or heavily into Puts. He is betting that bank stock will fall and wants to encourage that to happen.
+10 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****bogwon 2023-05-11 23:30
This fellow sounds to me like a shill for the TPTB. Over the past month or so the daily smashes in the gold market seem to to be having less effect on the price. For what its worth if todays smash dosent get follow through to drive the price well below the $2000 mark then it tells me that they are getting close to losing control of the price cap hence the need to bring out the traffic cops to steer the people in a different direction. My guess is we will know by the end of the month.Disclaimer I dont know what im talking about.
+5 # Debt market is the key...WilliamtheResolute 2023-05-11 23:22
Watch the 10 year Treasury...when if starts spiking higher on a given day in a rapid manner it's time to pull the pin. The FED will probably shut the banks down on a Friday night and reopen with CBCD as soon as they are done stealing the money they need...think bail ins. I suggest buying
+12 # HOW ABOUT SILVER?!Plowboy 2023-05-11 22:48
The refuge for your wealth is precious metals, PARTICULARLY AG!! (Psalm 12:6)
+12 # Nothing will be viable...Jim77 2023-05-11 23:27
That verse refers to the LORD's voice, not the physical metal. This verse does though: Ezekiel 7:19
They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing. Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it. For it was the stumbling block of their iniquity.

In the tribulation period they're not going to let you slip through the 'net' and survive on any metal or crypto awaiting a great new day.

It might provide some additional comforts during the trials that are coming, or maybe to help feed others, but it won't let you escape this Rev 13:16-17 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

#1 Investment Tip - lay up your treasures in heaven and work to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ for the day of trial. Your reward will be safely waiting for you.

Rev 3: 21 The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne - Jesus Christ
+4 # █▓▒░ Nothing will be viable... WRONG ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-12 08:40

Nothing will be viable...

You use the qualifier “nothing” which is totally exclusive and a
false assumption in your reasoning and the scriptures do not
support your statement.

Nor do the scriptures state that “all” people participate in the
beast system”
Rev 13:8  “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (Beast),
whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb...”
...everyone worships the beast except the saints during the tribulation.

Those whom cast their gold and silver into the streets are the ones
who have accepted the mark.

There has always existed a parallel economic system to any, and all,
that have existed throughput history. Gold and Silver was set up by
God to be “His” money and He makes a way for His.

Those whom identify with your position are usually the ones making
excuses as to why they failed to prepare with such. Failing to prepare
is preparing to fail.

Please stop misleading others.
+1 # I'll clarify...Jim77 2023-05-12 13:45
Nothing will be viable Merriam Webster: Viable: a: capable of living.

You will not be 'capable of living' with gold/silver/crypto outside of the CBDC. Need gas - CBDC, need to get a Driver License - CBDC, need to pay property taxes - CBDC, your phone bill, utilities, kids clothes, school lunches, the list goes on??? What then...?

Sure you can trade a Silver Eagle with your neighbor for a chicken, what's he going to do with it??? Do you not think they will confiscate as they did before, or at the very least make it illegal? And there will be plenty of those "woke" crew to turn you in for a couple of CBDC reward.

You assume a parallel economy and as I said before - as it states in Rev 13:16-17 you will not. After they take your house for delinquent taxes and they have checkpoints everywhere during you know what, what then?

Survive in the woods while autonomous drones with IR sensors circle around in perpetuity powered off of 5G with yours being one of the faces in the database as a dissenter? Every AI drone, robot, android, dog, cat, bird whatever will hunt you. 5G will give them full spectrum dominance.

That isn't living to me, I would class it as survival until they catch up with you. Satan's goal is to KILL you - not let you get by on some parallel system and he's got plenty of helpers.

But, yes, some will survive the mark of the beast to the return of Christ as it states in Daniel, probably not many though.

And where does it state in Scripture that only the people that have taken the mark will throw their gold and silver into the streets? - I don't recall reading that before.

You seem to imply that I'm aloof and not prepared for anything, I can assure just the opposite, but the point of my post was to quit worrying about what's happening here and focus on strengthening your faith in Christ to survive the day of trouble. Those weak in faith will go for the beast system, even those professing to know Christ. This will be the fear over faith crowd.

Those who do refuse? The answer is clear - Rev 6: 9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne.

Good luck to you brother, I appreciate your zeal and don't at all disagree conceptually, but as they's easier said than done...

I'm for the outcome where I have absolute certainty in that outcome and that is through my Lord and my God - Jesus Christ. - God Bless!
# █▓▒░ Nothing will be viable... WRONG ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-12 16:54

Thank you for confirming that Rev 6: 9 has nothing to do
with gold and silver.

All you are doing is jumping through hoops to support your failed logic.

As those with the mark will be experiencing heavy handed
restrictions on what they can and cannot purchase, I'm
sure that many of them will become engaged with gold/silver
transactions to their advantage.

Your problem is that you have everything wound
up too tight.

Their silver and gold are not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord.
...Deliver them from "what?" Starvation? Car payments? Electric bill?

The casting of gold into the street are the elite and wealthy as
they realize they trusted in their "excessive" wealth instead of God.
This does not mean the average person should avoid any effort to
acquire gold and silver for future transactions.
# I must be missing something...???Jim77 2023-05-12 22:49
Where is this alternate economy going to operate? Behind a dumpster outside of Wal-Mart? Staple some signs to telephone poles?

This is thee end game. Matthew 24 is in play, it's's an excerpt;
21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. 22 And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

I'm not sure what you think the world will look like as this prophecy continues to be fulfilled. Perhaps check out the Grey State trailer on bitchute for what it will likely look like, in the day of trouble.

We are close to witnessing 1/4th of the earth die when the horse of your namesake rides; almost 1.2bn people die and that's just the start. What then? Total and complete chaos...

Drones, robots, droids are never going to allow you operate a parallel economy. What would you even communicate with? You will need CBDC to establish any kind of communication, they will have no trouble locating walkie talkies, CB's, ham radios...

And...the wealthy will never cast their gold and silver into the streets. They worship it, why would they cast it out?

I have no problem with acquiring metals, but it's a way around their crypto - do you really think they will allow it?

Again, my point is to increase your faith in Jesus Christ and not trust in the material, Proverbs 14:12 there is a way that seems right to a man, its end is the way to death.

If you think that's failed logic, so be it, but in the day of trouble you will need a friend and His Name is Jesus Christ!
+3 # And you have this onemizzy777 2023-05-12 05:18
Isa 2:19
And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.

Isa 2:20
In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and to the bats;
+3 # Fears lingeredplasmaglyphs 2023-05-12 08:13

Is the public being manipulated to walk in fear rather than in faith??

Concealed from our knowledge by establishment education is the FACT that ancient legends ARE history,,, they are crytic clues of actual events that the people endured during time of great celestial chaos,,, and the people had to hide from the destruction brought upon this planet by the movement of neighboring celestial bodies,, s/a Venus,, the Goddess with long flowing hair, the fiery goddess,, the terrible goddess,, The Comet Venus,, who's tail would sweep across this planet bringing destruction..

We need to sort through the legends & scriptures to be sure we are not being manipulated by the fears of recurring events,,, which were the principle focus of the worlds people during the Ages of Chaos..

Out of the trauma of those times grew the societies & religions that would rebuild,, but some people, who exploited the fear, took people captive in cult-like rituals to appease the gods of destruction..

Jesus came to set the captives free,,,then mankind recaptured them by adopting the symbols and tradition of the former times..

The Saturnian death Cult has risen to power and is holding people in the bondage of fear of things past which won't happen again...
the Saturnian Power Cult? aka Saturnian Death Cult,, says these authors: draws together links to clues revealed by the Thunderbolts Project,,, (an non-religious project)

# █▓▒░ THE DESTROYER RETURNS ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-05-12 18:13

The Destructive Astronomical Events Of The Ancient World Return,
To Become The “Signs In The Heavens” That Are Fast Approaching.

You are correct about the planet Venus and the Comet Plasma
Discharge Model, as such was pioneered from the work of
Prof. James McCanney, MS in classical Physics. I have studied
his work for over two decades.

The ancient people were terrified of Venus as it made 3 passes
close to earth, over a 600 year period, while settling into it's current
position around the sun.

Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S.

“Planet X Update 2020- The Real History of Planet X” eBook – front & rear covers & Table of Contents

Surviving Planet-X Passage by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S. 
A 60 page pamphlet … a guide to expected “Earth Changes” and how to survive them is based on historical records of past events... a section on myths and misinformation being propagated on the internet today, a 12 month time scenario for the time prior to the passage of a Planet-X type of object including “action at a distance” effects.
+6 # Andmizzy777 2023-05-12 05:23
I'm sure there is plenty in the bunkers where these guys will be hiding. Thinking they will be safe from all the mess they made on earth.
But they will never be safe from the Lord..down there or among the stars.
+7 # But for nowmizzy777 2023-05-12 05:36
The silver and gold can be made into
Colloidal Silver and Colloidal gold for health problems. Can,t do that with paper money.
+6 # WOW, killary did itthunderclap 2023-05-11 22:33
After listening to your show. I had to dig and I got it. Here it is:

December 2005: The Chinese Defense Minister, Chi Haotiaon delivers a speech to the Chinese military leaders outlining the inevitable “expansion” of China into Canada, the U.S., and Australia — He justifies this because of Chinese racial “superiority” and thus “emminent domain”. To accomplish this, American would first have to be “Cleansed” by means of a powerful “biological weapon” — causing 150 -200 MILLION AMERICAN DEATHS!!! The plan would be enacted AFTER the symbolic OLYMPIC GAMES beginning at the sacred day of 8-08-08 are concluded. China begins buying oil and gas futures, spiking the worldwide prices to historic levels.
+10 # 3 B'sLoki 2023-05-11 22:27
My "go to" is beans, bullion, and bullets. Hendry is right about much, but long term treasuries is not it. Why bother with them when they're denominated in dollars? THAT is the issue, the dollar. Bitcoin might rise for a bit but the Fed will ban it when they roll out their CBDC's. Go straight to beans, bullion and bullets, and save the time.
+3 # RE: 3 B'sKevin 2023-05-12 08:43
If you already have it, you won't need to buy it. No worries about supply chains or inflation.
+15 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****PrivateJohn3:16 2023-05-11 22:15
They'll tap into safety deposit boxes. Dollars will be absolutely worthless. Bitcoin will crash to nothing, because there can only be one, and it's not Bitcoin. If you can't hold it, you don't own it. Gold, silver, and other precious metals. Any precious metal certificates are worth the paper and ink they're printed on, so get it now, if you can. Dollars will still be used within the US, even when it's worthless in the rest of the world, but only for a short time. Think of more practical investments that are necessary for daily living, because you'll never take a loss on those items. You will use/consume those items, if nothing else. Remember, in beginning of the great depression, there was no social security, food stamps, and other social help programs. That generation knew how to survive, because there was no safety net. Those social programs were created in response to the great depression. The next crash will be America's last, and it will be infinitely worse than the previous one. My grandfather buried his savings in a coffee can in his back yard, because he never trusted banks. He knew.
+3 # RE: Hedge Fund Manager Says Gov't May Restrict Bank Withdrawals - Tells public to *****Panic*****Gunner 2023-05-11 22:11
Going to be a whole lot of screwing going on for sure!
+19 # He's not too bright.Chappyusa1 2023-05-11 22:02
Take it out of bank, buy food, ammo, a plan or 2, few dollars, tools, etc. anything that physical.

What comes out of the ground is real value.
+5 # Trutheckbach 2023-05-11 22:51
Quoting Chappyusa1:
Take it out of bank, buy food, ammo, a plan or 2, few dollars, tools, etc. anything that physical.

What comes out of the ground is real value.

Truth shall spring out of the earth.
Psalm 85:11
+18 # LunaticAdster 2023-05-11 21:50
This guy must be a paid stooge. His "go to" is US Treasuries ?? Good grief
+14 # Soooo....dave0975644 2023-05-11 21:49
Mr. Hedge Fund says get your money OUT of
your bank deposit acct. and INTO a money
market fund...
And where does that money market fund put
your money - INTO US TREASURIES of
various maturities...
And what did Hal just say about US Treasuries -
nobody will buy them because the US is
bankrupt and everybody sees that...
pardon me while my head explodes...
+2 # loved it!Hope springs 2023-05-11 23:01
"Pardon me, while my head explodes"...absolutely loved it!

Stay sober Dave, ur doing good!
+11 # Soooo....dave0975644 2023-05-11 21:54
aaaannnddd... what happens when you want
to take some money OUT of your money market
fund and get some cash in your hand???
doesn't it have to go back through your bank
account which has been locked down???

I am no longer smart enough to figure out the
most basic financial transactions...
+6 # Silver EaglesLoki 2023-05-11 22:28
Save yourself the time and buy silver eagles. Try Schiffgold or others. Beans, bullion, and bullets.
+4 # Sure -mdicken1 2023-05-11 23:11
silver Eagles are great, but the time is coming when you will need smaller increments than 1 full ounce as in the Eagle because of rise in silver price. That's where pre-1965 US dimes, quarters, half dollars, Peace Dollars, and Morgan dollars shine. These are 90% silver. Good luck finding any these days and if you do, the premium is crazy. Everybody needs to memorize this: $1 face value uncirculated (4 quarters, 10 dimes, 2 halves, etc) equals 0.715 ounces pure silver (slightly less, ie, 0.70 ounces circulated (worn down). Forget troy weight. just trade in $ face value.


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