House Bill Creates Behavioral Threat Assessment Police Force

House Bill Creates Behavioral Threat Assessment Police Force

The text of the TAPS Act, “Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019,” gives unlimited and arbitrary authority to 24 bureaucrats. It is written in double-speak with loopholes for the pencil pushers. Bottom line — it’s a behavioral police force that self-empowers to deprive us of our constitutional rights if they don’t like our behavior. It’s bipartisan too!

The bill doesn’t mention guns. It is meant to control people, period. It’s very Orwellian. This gives you an idea of where our politicians want to take us, some with the best of intentions.

It is reminiscent of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. That act was ostensibly meant to control threats in a so-called war with France, but it was actually a means to control political speech. The President could deport anyone he deemed dangerous without affording the person any rights and it made it illegal to “defame the government.” It was a joke and it was abused immediately.

The TAPS act violates our constitutional rights. It gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to appoint 23 unelected pencil pushers to “identify individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior” and to manage those Americans somehow, some way. They would become a policing body ruling the behavior of Americans as judge, jury, and executioner.

The “Joint Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Task Force” would consist of one government employee at a GS-15 level or higher and 23 selectees chosen by the politically-appointed Secretary. The people would not even get to elect any of these people.

Their job would be to select those individuals who show “concerning behaviors” and create an authoritative power on the federal and local level to watch over them and control them.

Who gets to define “concerning behavior?”

And, they don’t need a criminal act to do this. Thought crimes will do. If the person is interested in committing a crime, that’s enough.

The DHS will then be “empowered” to implement these arbitrary rules with no acknowledgment of any of the rights of the people.

It’s a great way to usurp our rights, our entire Bill of Rights.

The bill, in fact, makes no mention of our rights. They will have the power to invade our privacy and get whatever they want to support their concerns without due process or privacy rights.

It completely circumvents the 4th Amendment.

The act does not define the meaning of the word “manage,” but the task force has the power, once authorized, to “take any action which the Task Force is authorized to take by this section.”

The measure, introduced in January, and sent to committee in March, allows the task force to develop its own “guidelines and best practices” to devise a “national standard” of action.

Congress will have no authority over this band of authoritarians and relinquishes its responsibilities. The band of bureaucrats will have to submit an annual report. There is no accountability per se, they just tell Congress how they are doing. It’s a rogue government within a government that polices behavior.

In case you’re wondering who will get on this list — to start — check out the new definition of a domestic terrorist on this link. If you act as a canary in the coal mine, you could be labeled a conspiracy theorist and that gets you on the list. The agencies have been politicized by the left but no one is safe if we lose our constitutional rights. First, they will come for the right, then they will come for everyone.

The Red Flag laws won’t be much different. They take away due process. It’s dangerous. Dana Loesch provided an example on Twitter:

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    transformationtime · 5 months ago
    Thats why we are desperately in need of some natural catataclysms which will emerge and say "Hello everybody, its time to teach you a long forgotten lesson. Sit back and watch."

    Birth and death, creation and destruction, that is what we call CHANGE. And I am sorry to remember the big as well as the small guys on that occasion, even the God-blessed United States of America ARE subject to that universal law.
    If I listen around, compare today to history, read in books of wisdom, look at the way of political, religious, military or CEOs behaviours, as well as to that of us common men I feel, we all have reason to HOPE (not fear) that we are getting closer to a grand finale scenario. Whoever understands how our world, nature, continents, cultures and civilisations were developing, whoever understands what we call TIME has a strong aspect of change within it (that luckily nobody can change) can understand, that our so called world picture now is arriving at a point of dissolution. Things actually have begun to change, and one of the big changes in world to come will be, that the life-cycle of the united states of america, as we know them, will come to an end. There is no way to stop this direction or evolution, like we also can see, that europe is changing into something new. Too late for correction.
    It would be better for ALL of us to accept natural laws and time cycles instead of opposing them. It would be MUCH better to see how to arrive at inner peace now, instead of starting for big wars at this point in time. It is an EXTREMELY bad and recurring habit in our human mind to destroy instead to heal in the moment we have to let go something. This principle of leaving burnt soil. You know what I mean. I am very much disappointed of the aggressive behaviour of many of the so called western nations of this world at this moment in time. And my original sympathy for the western worlds biggest leader has died within the last 6 month I have to admit. That is definitely NOT the way we should behave on this precious planet at such a crucial point in time. Our hearts became dark and hard like iron, we are looking for more and more desastrous weapons and artifical intelligence and still believe, we are a very much "developed" civilisation. Let me clearly say so much: On comparison to other human civilisations existing in our or in others space universes, we are truly UNDERDEVELOPED. With an arrogance like ours now THIS my be the most important thing to keep in mind, daily! Who with a healthy human mind would think permanently of steeling others land, resources, intelligence, polluting environment and planet, and last but not least does not care for human and fauna life? Our civilisation, like others before, in my eyes grew barbaric again. So, we are urgently in need of "teachings".
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Paul Lambert · 5 months ago
      Good point. Wisdom from a source wiser than ourselves is important now more than ever before. Why not start with books like the Book of Wisdom or Ecclesiasticus? We should all absorb some personal wisdom and then project that onto the world around us.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Mike Fisch · 5 months ago
    The legal structures for a police state are being put in place. Anyone who knows history knows what comes next.

    Please note this is done on Trump’s watch. He will sign these into law.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jill Hart · 5 months ago
      Yes he will. He has already said as much. Anyone who still thinks America is the land of the free or the home of the brave needs to seriously think about what those two words mean. One is not free to do what they want or believe what they want or educate their children or refuse enforced medical treatments nor has anyone in the last 100 years fought for the safety of this country. Even the world wars were orchestrated events designed to enrich a select few global players.