I have contacted the "Whistleblower" in the Trump-Ukraine Scandal Story . . .


On my radio show last night, I revealed to my audience that I and other former colleagues in the Intelligence Community (from my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force) have concluded that we know who the "Whistleblower" is in the Trump-Ukraine scandal.

Today, I reached out to the individual in a formal manner, identifying myself as a Talk Radio Host outside New York City and informing him that I am preparing to publish a story which, in sum and substance, reports that HE is the so-called Whistleblower.

I asked if he had any comment to make for inclusion in my story, and left my cellular telephone number on his voice mail seeking a callback.

Now that I've done this, people with a very vested interest in this issue are alerted that I know.   These are DANGEROUS PEOPLE.  They will stop at NOTHING to keep their secrets, and to protect their plans to OUST OUR PRESIDENT. They think NOTHING of killing anyone in their way.

So if you hear that I suddenly disappeared, or got killed in an out of control car wreck, or got "mugged" (like Seth Rich), or committed suicide, know right now it's FALSE.  If I get wiped out, the CIA did it.

I will keep this story updated with any news about this.  Check back.


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