Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVID

A hospital nurse in Idaho says the almost ALL of the patients coming into hospitals with serious illnesses are fully vaccinated and are now suffering from a wide range of heart related troubles.  They are treated for COVID and it is the TREATMENT that kills them.


# vax deathtrustintheLord 2021-12-05 16:33
I am glad that I have learned that the depopulation shot is the problem, and now we need a solution which is to get the AG to stop it.
+1 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDswsam5241 2021-12-02 18:38
Hal - there is a lot more going on regarding the hospitals use of remdesivir. The hospital here in Colorado killed my dad in August using it. They called it emergency use authorization and assumed implied consent. I've ready many accounts of the same thing happening to others. If you come across some group or whatever that is trying to fight this please publish it. In the mean time tell everyone to stay out of the emergency rooms!! Thanks.
# If you think you have Covid, do not go to the death-trap called hospital! nowadaysHaarnaś 2021-12-02 14:56
You may live through the experience, but you will end-up in a poor house. Folks not aware of this truism, come home and find out that the rapid Covid -19 test alone had cost them $4000.00. Try to get the test at your local pharmacy if you can.
+2 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-12-01 21:54
Tons of flashing lights outside in the dark, neighbor's wife, 40, unresponsive, CPR for 10 minutes, Covid got her.

Never met her, they smoke pot, so, yeah. Overweight.

And here i thought we were safe from all that 9..10,000 feet up here in the mountains...

House was quarantined; dunno if she was vaxxed
+1 # SO THEY ARE SETTING US UP FOR A FALLPalehorse 2021-12-01 10:56

Just look at how they are fabricating their false flag.

This is not going to be good’: Moderna CEO on what
scientists are telling him about the omicron coronavirus variant
Published: Nov. 30, 2021

(Great Doom is forecast at this very early stage of the
“New” Game, (go figure.))

“...all the scientists I’ve talked to . . . are like, ‘This is not going to be good’.”
(Notice the
detail rich” comment concerning the issue)

“...another scare into financial markets...”
(To help mask the real cause of market “bankster” induced failures.)
(The Coronavirus may have caused the Titanic to sink also.)

“... vaccine makers have offered timelines of two to six weeks
for assessing its ( omicrons) vaccine evading capabilities...”
(Imagine that, oniy 2-6 weeks to see if vaccine fails... kind of a
short period of time I would think)


“ the meantime, travel shutdowns and behavior modification
are a risk as we await anecdotal and statistical evidence of the
spread of the virus and its virulence...” “...we await anecdotal
and statistical evidence of the spread of the virus and its virulence...”

(And for the the encore)

“Moderna had previously announced that data on the
ability of its vaccine to neutralize the omicron variant
would be expected within weeks as it works to rapidly
advance a booster candidate specifically against the variant.”

Product sales from its coronavirus vaccine accounted for
$4.81 billion of Moderna’s $4.97 billion in revenue in the third quarter.”

(No time needed for development (years). Instant vaccine... just add water and heat!)
(It doesn't get any better than that now does it!)

(Are they setting the stage for a poor
performance report on the "new" (untested)
omicron "jab" so you can be "locked down?)
(This smells bad)
# can't make this stuff up..unrealselah 2021-12-01 13:22
+4 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDGunner 2021-12-01 08:05
Well NO real surprise - you all that took this fucking clot-shot have "got-got" and now will have to pay the price.
+8 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDTexasWolf 2021-11-30 23:06
The dam is breaking. Keep fighting!!!
+6 # An Impolite Message To Those Who Got The Covid "Vaccine"Palehorse 2021-11-30 23:05

The diagnostic tests being introduced in December
to replace the phony PCR test are all “Emergency
Use Authorization” gimmicks, as meaningless as
the PCR test.

Millions are now obedient disciples of the new
State Religion, Branch Covidian.

"...does wreck your immune system, damages your organs,
causes blood clots and internal inflammation, and renders
you more susceptible to many diseases, including cancer.

Because you took the “vaccine”, your body is manufacturing
millions or billions of spike proteins. The spike protein
is toxic, pathogenic (disease-causing), and coagulatory
(it causes blood clots). These synthetic spike proteins
made by your cells are supposedly identical to the spike
protein in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as determined by computer
modeling of genetic fragments supplied to the U.S. from Chinese
laboratories controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

That’s what your body is producing by the millions or billions,
confusing the hell out of your immune system, weakening its
ability to make essential helper T cells and CD8 cells which
ward off other viruses and diseases.

The lipid hydrogel that coats the fragile mRNA strands in the
Pfizer and Moderna shots contains nanoparticles that cross the
blood-brain barrier, causing paralysis, uncontrollable
convulsions, neurodegenerative diseases, permanent vision loss,
spinal damage, and more. Hundreds of thousands of people have
suffered these “side effects”—or dropped dead—within hours or
days after getting the jab.

+4 # Thankspmoore67 2021-12-01 07:01
I followed that lewrockwell link, I'm printing it out and sharing.
+8 # My Wife is a Nurse and Agrees!paulattahoe 2021-11-30 23:00
The vax is killing people and the hospitals in certain states will not give ivermectin. The ventilator treatments are NOT working. The average American does not have clue!

I know doctors and surgeons that agree with us but they are forcefully silenced. The commie media could fix this but the dirty bastards won't tell the truth.
+2 # Covid-19=DIVOC-1+9=20 ?acturner067 2021-11-30 19:04
The significance of the name DIVOC… Possession of a malicious soul and is of Hebrew beginning. Divoc implies in Latin… separate, divide/disturb. partition. tearaway/open/separated, destroy/in two.

American authors Michael Hoffman and his mentor James Shelby Downard were the first to
speak about “The Alchemical Processing of Humanity through Public Psychodrama”.

According to the two researchers of the occult, the primary objective of medieval alchemists
and of secret societies’ initiates that continue in their tradition was not the transmutation of
metal, but the "Transformation of Mankind". The pursuit of gold was just a cover for a vast social program which included the abolition of monarchy, the annihilation of the church and the reconstruction of the world according not to natural law but to the will of man.

That such an interpretation is correct is sustained by Manly P. Hall, freemason and occultist. To read more,link below....
+2 # RE: Covid-19=DIVOC-1+9=20 ?TexasWolf 2021-11-30 23:08
Interesting. DIVOC= Dybbuk

Also see "Dybbuk Box" for more info.
+3 # JUDGEMENT DAYDean Easterling 2021-11-30 18:13
+1 # RE: JUDGEMENT DAYJFY 2021-11-30 19:07
Could you explain please?
# To the religiously inclined, that seems to be what is happening right nowMan of the Atom 2021-12-01 05:10
Judgment day? Is it closer than some skeptics think?

I have always read some mystical literature including the Bible (especially but not only Genesis) and Buddhist texts with great curiosity to see if there are any "true" secrets that might conform to the latest theories in physics - anything there I could consider "reasonable". I recall a prophecy of the Hopi Indians - at some future time there will be a "purification" on the Earth - something to do with the appearance of a blue star Kachina. Some say that is Sirius which is a double star (at least two, maybe three).

In "The Sirius Mystery", the author Robert K. G. Temple, a member of the British Royal Society (Newton was in it) talks about the knowledge of the Dogon tribe in Africa which they gave to visiting French anthropologists many years ago. The knew of Sirius B (the dark companion) before it was discovered by astronomers, knew it had a 49 year orbital period, and that it was very dense (a white dwarf star). They said they knew this b/c some creatures from a planet in the Sirius system came and told them about this! (The author says the original contact was in Sumeria in 4500 BC.) The author reported that a Western Intelligence service (the Clowns in America? MI6?) tried to discredit his book! Why??

The author says Sirius has been important in Western secret cults for many years - maybe b/c it is the brightest star in Northern skies? Some mystics claim a "cosmic link" exists between Earth and Sirius. Robert Anton Wilson discussed all this in his "crazy" book "Cosmic Trigger: the Final Secret of the Illuminati". An even crazier one act play from the 1920s is mentioned there, "There is No More Firmament" by Antonin Artaud, as Sirius plays a major role in it - the play concludes by saying there is hardly any separation between the two (Earth and Sirius)! This is beginning to sound like the Gnostic "Gospel of Thomas": "when you make the two one ... then you shall enter the Kingdom."

Anyway, remember that matter is mostly empty space and the "particles" (strings) that compose matter seem to be aware of the experimental setup in which they are in and behave accordingly - meaning they are aware of us? In theory, all those strings (which compose everything) could be interacting with each other - as is implied in Buddhist thought. Unbelievable but maybe "true". "Subtle is the Lord." It has been said Sirius is "too hot" to support a planet with "life" and that planets have never been seen in double start systems - that 2nd objection has now been disproved by observational evidence of another star so if the first objection is overthrown I will not be surprised - just recently there was some scientific support for life on Venus as hot as it is! Incredible!

Be safe!
+7 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-11-30 17:47
It's anything but covid killing these people in the hospitals. With the stories I'm hearing these days about medical personnel and hospitals I'm not going to a doctor for anything. I don't think there's any doctors left who follow science instead of the CDC/Big Pharma narrative and agenda.
+4 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDacschilling 2021-11-30 17:32
It's weird that people are only dying in the hospital from COVID not in their homes or on the street.
+3 # RE: Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVIDJFY 2021-11-30 19:06
It's really not weird at all. When the people start feeling ill, they rush to the hospital and that's where they're taken care of. Uh, I mean they're given treatment... 8/

And there might be some that do die on the street or while driving their car, but I don't think anyone has bothered to check with their local coroner to see if business is up lately. And being city or county employees it's not like they will have a tendency to squeal or anything. They know on which side their bread is buttered.
+2 # "The operation was successful but the patient died."Man of the Atom 2021-12-01 05:14
"To save the village, we had to destroy it."


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