In 2015, New York Times Calls Ukraine's "AZOV Regiment" Openly Nazi; Today NYT Calls Same Regiment "Far Right"

In the year 2015, the New York Times, reporting on the troubles in Ukraine that overthrew Democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovich, reported the following about Ukraine's AZOV Regiment, which was one of the groups who overthrew Yanukovich:

You caught that, right?   They said the AZOV group was "openly Neo-Nazi" and used the "Wolf's Hook" a symbol of the Nazi SS.

Then three years ago in 2019, the same New York Times, reporting on the mass-shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, talked about the shooter and reported:

Again, in totally unrelated news, in a different global edition of the same New York Times, they referred to the AZOV Battalion in Ukraine as "neo-Nazi."


Now, fast-forward to this year, 2022.

The same New York Times, reporting on the same AZOV group, now describes them as "far right."  Here, look at the story from yesterday, Friday March 18, 2022:

Incidentally, yesterday's story was written by the same NYT writer: Anton Troian.

So, how does that work?  How does America's (formerly) premier newspaper, report about "openly Neo-Nazi" groups helping overthrow the democratically elected President in 2015, and then years later, report on that same group as "far-right?"

Nazi's were never far-right; they were always far left.   It was Nazis who were vegetarians, telling people not to eat meat.  It was the Nazis who were anti-tobacco, telling people they can't smoke.   Just like today's lefties!   But I digress . . .

How can it be that a still prestigious newspaper albeit now underserving of such prestige, can convert what they reported as "openly Neo-Nazi" to now being "far right?"   I'll tell you:   Deliberate deception.

I think the New York Times accidentally exposed itself as a full-blown propaganda rag with this not-so-subtle manipulation of facts.

You see, in 2015, the New York Times was still reporting some actual "news."  That seems to be gone.  In it's place is propaganda, and the zeitgeist for today is that all of the sick, deviant, vile, crimes committed by Ukraine, get swept under the rug because the zeitgeist is now against RUSSIA.  

Their formula is simple: Ukraine=Good; Russia=Bad.

The fact that the New York Times is willing to sweep under the rug, the factual reality that the Ukrainian government has, in its paid, military ranks, and in its political apparatus, actual NAZIS, just can't be allowed known to the public.   If the public found out that Ukraine's government openly embraces NAZI's it might cause the public to realize that what Russia is doing in Ukraine, is a necessary thing.   The powers-that-be just can't have people thinking THAT!

So here we see the New York Times itself, participating in open deception of its readers by calling NAZI's "far right."  This wasn't s slip of the lip.  It wasn't  a Freudian slip, it was intentional deception.

This is one more reason that the general public cannot trust what the so-called "main stream media" puts out.   They manipulate and deceive.




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