Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the United States, has found that all four FISA warrants applied-for and used against the Trump Presidential Campaign were illegal. They were based on false information supplied to the FISA court.

A report documenting this is expected to be released shortly.



Now our country gets to see if the USA is __actually__ a "Banana Republic" or a nation of laws. 

If the people involved in applying for these warrants through deception and falsehoods are not criminally prosecuted, then we have become a Banana Republic and the country needs correction via methods OTHER THAN law.

If they are prosecuted, the nation has hope to recover from the filth that has so befouled our land and its systems of government.

Watch carefully to see  which result comes forth.

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    Paul Lambert · 3 months ago
    It may be coincidence, but "fisa" is the Swedish word for "fart".
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    Guy Aul · 3 months ago
    With regard to Hal's recent article "House Bill Creates Behavioural Threat Assessment Police Force", I believe there are legal work workarounds for this which I won't get into here. This has been put to the test by me and others successfully. Do the research. Learn the law, legal and lawful. Will President Trump sign said bill?

    I have pretty much lost all faith in President Trump. After nearly 3 years, we get about 50 miles of wall out of around 2100 miles. He has repeatedly said the economy is doing great. That is pure BS and he's got to know this. Just pay attention to the interest rates. Note that the short term rates are higher than long term rates. The yield curve is inverted. Not good. Why did the Feral Reserve recently lower rates? Because things are not good and they still need to extract every last penny from us. Control, my friends, control. Unemployment, done the way it used to be calculated, is around 21%. Is that good? Give me a break.

    Go to and read Dan's book "Spygate" and you'll read all the facts about FISA, etc. How long has this been going on? What's the results. I see nothing so far.

    What has he done about the social media discrimination? Nothing!!! There are laws already on the "books" addressing this issue, not to mention the Constitution. It's his job to make sure that the laws are enforced. He can use an executive order to make sure these laws are enforced. Again, he has done nothing definitive. I doubt anything of consequence will prevail. Keep in mind that this social media discrimination will affect the future elections. You can bet on it.

    Let's face it, assuming President Trump is for "real", he's still under the control of the dark side, deep state, whatever you want to call it. If he goes too far, he knows they will "get him and/or his family". That's reality. He's in a boxing ring with one hand tied behind his back while there is thousands more in the same ring against him. What chance does he have? These criminals have money (printed and otherwise) which President Trump can't compete with.
    These criminals, even if convicted, will get pardoned down the road. It's almost inevitable. He may be the President, but he better realize he can't run it like a business. It's not the same.

    His so-called "advisors" are worthless. Why he listens to them is unbelievable in my eyes. Wake up President Trump. So far you've been "had". Furthermore, he can't do all this himself. He needs the help of the masses. Such things as stopping going to work, or not getting drivers' licences would show some sort of unity. But that likely won't happen. People are too busy buying crap from China, trapped in debt because they want to appear rich. Ego trips and other meaningless pursuits. They couldn't be bothered while the country sinks further into a useless POS. Reality is that nothing, and I mean nothing, stays on top forever. It all comes to an end and that's what it looks like from where I sit. They are winning at this point.

    Tyranny exists because good people do nothing.
    Gooferment is good at printing money, lying, changing identities.
    The only time politicians open their mouths is when they eat and lie.

    What has been done about election fraud? In summary, nothing of consequence. What about lobbying? Is that not bribery? This country, like it or not, is fascist. It's run by the money interests. It has nothing to do with us little people. We are just cattle, rounded up and exploited.

    As a final word, don't depend on Dump City (D.C.) and President Trump to be your saviour. It won't happen. Unity of the masses will accomplish much more than Dump City ever will. History has shown this before. Nothing new.

    Some good reading:
    The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli (written around 1500)
    Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
    The Creature from Jekyll Island by J. Edward Griffin
    The Report from Iron Mountain

    A study of the history of the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and JP Morgan banking families is a must. The books above and a study of these families will lay it all out for anyone who takes the time. Turn off the damn TV, dump all social media, and get the likes of CNN, etc., out of mind forever. And last but not least, get rid of those cell phones and smartASS phones. 5G will "get you".
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    Grim · 3 months ago
    The overwhelming evidence of treason, pedophilia, murder and any other high crime you can think of, is everywhere and mostly now out in the open. The problem is, we have no functional justice system at any level in this country, because the traitors and criminals own it. Nothing will happen, unless the people rise up, tear down the entire government to it's foundations and rebuild it from scratch. This process will likely never happen, given that about a third of the citizens of this country are so stupid and brainwashed, they'll actually fight to protect the monsters that are attempting to enslave and/or destroy us all.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Paul Lambert · 3 months ago
      You might be right, Grim, but I don't think it will be due to brainwashing. I think that the people who support the corruption themselves gain from it, or at least perceive that they gain from it. How many policies are there in place that are supposedly there to help the black community, but actually harms them in the long term? Plenty. However, if you want to tear down that structure and in the process end up dismantling welfare, for instance, in the immediate term, plenty of people will revolt at the fear of losing monetary benefits from the state. And that is just one example.

      Generally, even the vilest and most corrupt powers on earth have a lot of support. It is not brainwashing; it's just short-sighted self-interest. That it comes as the expense of justice and other people - they just don't care.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Grim · 3 months ago
        Criminals in power promising *free stuff* create people who will give away their votes/freedom to obtain what they haven't earned. This in turn, creates people with a with a sense of entitlement. A sense of entitlement creates people who are lazy. People who are lazy become unappreciative. Unappreciative people end up apathetic. Apathy then leads to rise of tyranny. Finally, tyranny leads to enslavement, horror, mass death and eventual destruction of the civilization.
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    Doug Brown · 3 months ago
    Nothing will stop the hostility and ill feeling of the left toward those supporters of President Trump and the America we know once existed.
    Prosecuting the FISA abuse criminals will only feed their anger.
    When left-wing political commentators call for the extermination of their political opponents, the political dialog in this country has unmistakably reached another level.

    The Cambodian left, i.e.; the Khmer Rouge, under Pol Pot, voiced very similar vocal indignation against their political opponents, and given the opportunity, very bad things happened-it was called genocide.
    Who can not imagine a repeat performance perpetrated by the Democratic left, ANTIFA, and Media, against their opposition, given a permissive political climate? They are calling for it now but nobody is listening.