Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The political left-wing appears to many people to be going out of their minds over the leaked, and now verified as real, Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.  Left-wingers are now OPENLY calling for extreme political violence - and they even say "political violence works!"


+1 # So, If A Leftist Is ProtestingForrest Mosby 2022-05-06 14:57
And the SHTF, what fo you think his chances are of walking away intact?

WROL, such a creature is fair game, yes?
# I don't know if this is true but it is kind of interestingMan of the Atom 2022-05-04 17:29
"MY COMMENT: THE SUPREME COURT IS MAKING DESPERATE STABS AT LEGITIMACY AFTER ENABLING AND ABETTING THE THEFT OF THE ELECTION, AND THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE. THIS WAS ALSO DONE TO COVER UP HOW MANY WOMEN WERE RENDERED STERILE BY THE CLOT SHOT, THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT SHOW UP IN THE ABORTION STATS. You can assume the court has nothing good at play here and that they did this to fake legitimacy and do a coverup. They will probably let the states decide also. They probably figure they have the population they want destroyed adequately wiped out by the vax and since virtually all the women who were vaxxed are now sterile, who needs Rowe V Wade?? The mission has been accomplished.
Who needs abortion clinics anymore when the only women who can get pregnant now were smart enough to avoid the vax and would never get an abortion anyway? Canned parenthood is going to belly up so they might as well ban abortion before the abortion stats show how many women were rendered sterile by the vax." - From Jim Stone

My comment: this assumes these experimental vaccines are damaging to reproductive health and some reports are leaking out about this ... as usual "time will tell", assuming we are not "extra crispy" or "glowing in the dark" by then ...
-4 # A female forumnaut is still in shock, asking "why now"Haarnaś 2022-05-04 13:28
There are now six Roman Catholics in the Supreme Court, for those of you who care to count such things.

This means only one thing: there are simple not enough Talmudists in the Court to continue misrepresenting and defending this long-promoted legal mistake. Yes, the whole concept of abortion from conception to the 3rd trimester comes from Moloch-loving and SATANIC Talmud. These is how the world has been designed by the Our Lord. Whenever Catholicism is rolled back, like it was after Vatican II Jews assume ascendency! Tables are reversed on the other hand when the Catholics resume their Lord-given ascendency and Jews shrink into insignificance! I see it as a very positive and hope-inspiring development. Do not believe anything you see about the matter on the networks such as CNN and MSNBC!

Does it answer your question Rivka from Tel Aviv?
-1 # RE: A female forumnaut is still in shock, asking "why now"mjc 2022-05-04 18:28
Quoting Haarnaś:
There are now six Roman Catholics in the Supreme Court, for those of you who care to count such things.

Hand of God......
+3 # A Recent Quote ByForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 13:23
That Tulsi Gabbard human says Brandon is nothing but a front man/face/talking head for King O…I agree w her 100% on this point..That O entity has the charisma/megalomania/ direction of an earlier, similar entity named Adolf…but that Gabbard human is/was/always has been a dim so why, all of a sudden, shes outing the whole farm?Who twisted her panties?
+1 # RE: A Recent Quote ByForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 13:25
+2 # Too planned. Too manipulated.Doug Brown 2022-05-04 12:30
An avalanche of recurrent coincidences.
The American people being played like fiddles.
Why now?
There are no coincidences.
Diversions...abortion protestors light the fire.
Why now all of a sudden?
Mid terms is one. A madman as Pretend President.
We fan the flames for A war in Ukraine
We want RUSSIA to respond militarily against
Food procession plants burning, animals being culled
Vax deaths unreported by staggering
Civil War on the horizon.
And America focuses on superficial
entertainment tidbits.
We are being played like cheap fiddles.
+2 # Agree !oldschool 2022-05-04 13:50
Agree !
# █▓▒░ Leftists Violence Has Already Started ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-05-04 08:26
UPDATE: Violent Pro-Abortion Antifa Rioters
Smash DHS Vehicle, Attack Police in Los Angeles

"LAPD attempted to make an arrest but were
mobbed by rioters..." "There were approximately
250 people involved at the start of the march,
according to Los Angeles Police Department

Once night fell, the situation quickly devolved
to violence.
# Pay attention to Karl Denningerdave0975644 2022-05-04 08:08
Karl Denninger is very much worth listening to on
the abortion issue:
# 2022-05-05 09:48
Very informative re: political strategies….

Having advised on political campaigns, he points out “ ……. as I've often opined in a political context there is one easy way and a thousand hard ways to win an election. The easy way is to engineer some issue that is guaranteed to split the electorate 50/50, or as close to it as you can achieve. You then must win only one vote.”

He also suggests there could be a separate motive for this leak as it’s timing is notably distant from the November elections.

Not a lengthy read but worth the few minutes it takes.
+1 # Everyone Should Make NoteForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 07:22
Of all high ground and access points to it around any areas that may see demonstrations…
# RE: Everyone Should Make NoteForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 09:26
Quoting Forrest Mosby:
Of all high ground and access points to it around any areas that may see demonstrations…

4/5 old boys in the bed of a pick up can stop in a place overlooking a demonstration, pop up w cameras and ea take a quick 30 pictures of the mob as fast as they can trigger their shutters then drive away, stopping at a preplanned secluded spot to stash their cameras in case someone might want to take them, then follow the planned exfil route..They can return days or weeks later get them for reuse…All pictures might not be perfect but out of 300 or so many will do just fine….Im sure there are other/better ways to use high ground overlooking riots-thats just one idea…6 P’s will apply-Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance ….Just soeculation of course…Also,Some cameras work better than others for documenting riots..
# A Little TongueForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 19:02
In Cheek humor about a dark situation
+6 # 49 years,,,,,oldschool 2022-05-04 01:05
This whole thing stinks to High Heaven. Something just doesn't seem right. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Patriots, God fearing people, Plain down to earth hard working Americans, just ordinary folk who believe in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, just ordinary law abiding citizens that don't believe in nor would commit such a violent crime such as murder. Now all of the people listed above (myself included), we have had 49 years to overturn this God forsaken, abomination of a law called Abortion. Why has it not been done, what is wrong with this picture. 63,459,781 Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Since Roe v. Wade in 1973. This I believe is a conservative number, I think it is closer to 100,000,000.
Now why is it right when we are looking at a very possible nuclear exchange of biblical proportion the SCOTUS makes a decision to overturn Roe v Wade. And bang-o blantifa is on the up-rise again threating to burn the joint down. I have uneasy feelings about this, it just ain't right. Are we looking at civil war and martial law, are we looking at an invasion from the north and south, or is it just going to be a plain-ol nuclear wipe out and we can go home to the Father and forget this mess.
Your guess is as good as mine,,,,,,,
+4 # RE: 49 years,,,,,Maid4theLamb64 2022-05-04 07:27
Exactly what I've been thinking/feeling. My husband and I talked about this. And Schumer says it's an abomination??!!!! He doesn't know the meaning of that word. Murdering babies is what's an abomination. God will reckon with these people.
+3 # 2022-05-04 01:25
Exactly right! Why now? Why are Trump’s appointees planning to finally vote conservative? What’s the rest of the story? With these characters they only listen to their favorite station WIIFM…What’s in it for me .

Heads on a swivel. Watch your six.
-5 # RE: 49Haarnaś 2022-05-04 13:13
Exactly right! Why now? Why are Trump’s appointees planning to finally vote conservative? What’s the rest of the story? With these characters they only listen to their favorite station WIIFM…What’s in it for me .

Heads on a swivel. Watch your six.

Who cares "why" rivka. Six Catholics on the Supreme court now and three Jews too many, that is why! Sotomayor is actually a pseudo-Catholic and really a crypto-Jew! That is why!

Rivka, are you are a Jewish Comedienne, like some others on the forum?. Is am still waiting for you favorite quote from Ben Gurion, Golda and Menachem! They must have said something important on women's reproductive rights!
# @Haarda$$ 2022-05-04 14:50
When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…

Not bothering with the quote re:assuming, too prosaic.

Just for the record….
No, I am not Jewish, not a professional comedian, and never went to Harvard.
+6 # Not Personal HourDoug Brown 2022-05-03 22:11
I took my wife to have an abortion in the late 70's.
Her idea. It cost $300.00.
At the clinic the nurse said I wasn't
allowed back to where they did the abortion.
I pushed my way in anyway. I sat holding my wife's hands as the abortion happened. I heard the
Whirring and grinding sounds. So did she.
Very gruesome experience. We divorced shortly
thereafter. My drinking got very bad as a result
In states of delirium tremins I would
hallucinate the sounds of the whirring and grinding.
It affected my sanity.
I thought I was losing my mind

Only telling this because abortion affects men too.
+2 # Good bless youPioneer 2022-05-04 09:31
I cried when reading this. I pray for your healing. You can help others through your experience.
# RE: Not Personal HourMaid4theLamb64 2022-05-04 07:31
God bless you sir, appreciate your honesty and testimony. To be honest I didn't realize men could be with the women in the room back then. I assume they are allowed now, and it is as traumatizing to both the fathers and the mothers, as you and the chaplain have pointed out. So much heartache.
+3 # Very 2022-05-04 01:33
Doug Brown, I appreciate the courage it took to share this very personal story. It seems awkward to vote “like”….that’s not the appropriate comment but I applaud your honesty. As a chaplain, I’ve counseled young women who have regretted their choices. I remember one mentioned the suction machine sounded similar to old style refrigerators. That’s a trigger for her she is trying to overcome. In His Grace and Mercy, one day she will.
-3 # A chaplain?Haarnaś 2022-05-04 13:47
Doug Brown, I appreciate the courage it took to share this very personal story. It seems awkward to vote “like”….that’s not the appropriate comment but I applaud your honesty. As a chaplain, I’ve counseled young women who have regretted their choices. I remember one mentioned the suction machine sounded similar to old style refrigerators. That’s a trigger for her she is trying to overcome. In His Grace and Mercy, one day she will.

Is there really have such an animal in the US? Not the Harvard Divinity School graduate with a Master's Degree that covers all faiths?

OK fellows and galls when you go to the hospital this is what the corporate management has in store for you. They unleash these "chaplains" even on unsuspected Catholics and other Christians who do not know better. Heck, these Master of Divinity form Harvard can even take care of Mohammadans and Jewish spiritual needs!

It is truly an abomination. St. Paul wrote in his epistles that women, because of the original sin which was their fault (Eve) were not even supposed to open their mouth to say "boo" and had to pray in silence. In singing , female voices were supplanted by pre-adolescent boys. Paul McCartney, the famous Bassman of Beatle fame was one such pre-adolescent chorister. Nobody will argue that the friers did not do a pretty good job teaching him how to sing, even though it was a Protestant Engard where he grew up !
# Yes, a chaplain. No, not 2022-05-04 15:06
To clarify, a degree from Harvard is not required to obtain certification as a chaplain. Google it.

Your reference to scriptural admonition regarding women in a pastoral/teaching position is overreaching. A chaplain is not a pastor or a teacher. Google it.

The following statement is used by many agencies explaining a chaplains role….
“chaplains provide spiritual counsel to people of all faiths, or those without faith who would like to speak with someone. Whatever spiritual background you come from, our chaplains are happy to speak with you and help you come to a fuller understanding of your current situation.”

And just for the record…I would have to recuse myself from any request by you for consultation. But I could offer referrals as you are in desperate need of anger management coaching ;-)
+2 # StrangeDoug Brown 2022-05-04 15:42
Strange you mentioned Harvard Divinity,
My former wife who had the abortion
Got an MDiv at Harvard Divinity.
Then a PhD at a Seminary in
Bangor, Maine. She is now a Unitarian
Pastor, and totally unintelligible.
She views my Christianity as low-brow,
pedestrian and beneath
proletarian. Still love her.
# Yeah, My Ex Is AnForrest Mosby 2022-05-04 19:05
Economist…They’re ALL fucking lunatics…shes as crazy as a rat in a drain pipe
+2 # 2022-05-04 16:10
Just to clarify, Haarda$$ conjured up the Harvard connection from his delusional state. I have never attended/ never considered Harvard, no offense to any Crimson grads….it just did not fit my academic needs / financial status at the time. After hs, I was grateful to be awarded a full ride to U of M, GO BLUE !

****wait for it….Haarda$$ will be attacking my alma mater in. 3..2..1..
+2 # █▓▒░ OFF / ON TOPIC ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-05-03 22:09


If you thought Biden's 'disinformation czar' Nina Jankowicz
was a wacko, wait til you see this short video of her singing
'Who Do I F*ck to 'Be Rich, Famous And Powerful?'
This 'Woman' Will Decide What Speech Is Acceptable And What Is Disinformation.

This is a lunatic.
+1 # "Dear Chief Justice Roberts ..."Pierre Derelicto 2022-05-03 22:08
Do it, Hal: tell Roberts it was that turd Sotomayor's clerk.

Put together an article -- linking the connection between him and the author who divulged the leak -- and we'll saturate it across social media.

Anyone waiting on Roberts to stand up and be a conservative hero should dislodge their head from their anus and come up for air. The only way this all comes out is if independent free thinkers make it go viral. Roberts is not even a paper tiger ... more like a jackal.
+1 # Oh mySeeing_Red131 2022-05-03 21:39
Just read that Amazon is planning to reimburse employees up to 4K to travel to another state to have an abortion… immediately canceled prime membership. Continue to pray for protection and to save the unborn. I can’t imagine what this world will look like when my kids are my age. Something that keeps me up nightly..
+1 # Imagine Overturning of Roe versus Wade Happened Trump Was In OfficeFaith11 2022-05-03 21:21
Imagine if Roe vs Wade was overturned while Trump was in office? Oh my every liberal freak would of been flying their freak flag, and all the paid protestors, crisis actors and the entire liberal shebang rioting and carrying on.
+2 # That might have been a good thing.oldschool 2022-05-03 22:28
DC might have been burned down by this time and Russia wouldn't have to do it.
+1 # Pre-leaked to Protestersplasmaglyphs 2022-05-03 21:14

Information provided to Jeffrey Prather on Prather Point,, seems to reveal that protesters knew ahead of time...

Insights, updates on Ukraine, Covid and
Musk - Jeffrey Prather (former military special operations and intelligence)

+3 # RE: Pre-leaked to ProtestersFaith11 2022-05-03 21:39
I just listened to this. Prather state, that California just passed a law where a child can be aborted up to his or her first birthday. Say that isn't true? I can't be no way ! How could anyone ever allow such a thing? If it true I'm grieved and speechless...
+2 # RiotsJnene 2022-05-03 21:11
As far as I’m concerned, this is being done to cause to cause the lunatic left to riot so the elite will have an excuse to bring in marshal law.
+3 # Agree totally with Doug Brownrainman5000 2022-05-03 19:28
As far as I'm concerned...Doug Brown said it all !!! One thing the Lord is doing in our day is we are being shown the demonic activity everywhere, Not to mention corruption on every level. We do not have so much as 1 institution, Federal, State, Local that is not corrupt.And, as my son (of 43 years) recently said...ordinary people have turned VILE.
+4 # To Be Accurate TheForrest Mosby 2022-05-03 19:06
‘Great War Of Northern Aggression’ wasn't a Civil Insurrection [Civil War].,, What these woke,libtard numbnuts are advocating/starting IS/WILL BE a true Civil Insurrection-A War against the civil authorities-…
Im interested to see if the Brandon Administration is willing to deal with it as such in the [Great Ape]Lincoln Way….
+2 # RE: To Be Accurate TheJFY 2022-05-03 19:20
I'm guessing that Lincoln and Sherman will be like children compared to what's coming.

The left has become so outright satanic that it's almost a sure bet that hideous mutilations and subhuman cannibalism will be the order of the day.
# RE: To Be Accurate TheThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-05-03 22:52
The only way to EFFECTIVELY deal with the left will be hot lead. I don’t see any other way.
+3 # It Was LeakedForrest Mosby 2022-05-03 18:58
To cause just that reaction..,It Begins
+15 # The violence doneDoug Brown 2022-05-03 18:35
No anesthesia
No numbing agents
No merciful killing...first
No mercy period
The child is dissected alive
The child's limbs are cut from the body
The child has saline solution to breathe
The worst crucifixion agonies
Jesus style pain
The child is dissected like a lab rat
Or like a biology toad
Cut up.....WHILE ALIVE.
the Pro-Abortion crowd are Demonic
+8 # Start of civil unrest?tamtamtx55 2022-05-03 18:26
Hal,you and I know that if this starts it probably won't stop because people are already at the point of insanity.They will use this to start something bigger. This has to be on purpose to start civil war. To eegnight the powder keg
+5 # Justice Roberts, of Epstein IslandLoki 2022-05-03 17:48
I'll bet it isn't 6-3, but more likely 5-4. Justice Roberts, he of the ilk of blackmailed visitors to Epstein's island.
# RE: Justice Roberts, of Epstein IslandForrest Mosby 2022-05-05 08:14
Quoting Loki:
I'll bet it isn't 6-3, but more likely 5-4. Justice Roberts, he of the ilk of blackmailed visitors to Epstein's island.

Depends if his blackmailers WANT civil war or not…if he votes to overturn, insurrection is the plan….I say he will but thats JMO
# RE: Justice Roberts, of Epstein Islandmjc 2022-05-03 18:33
Quoting Loki:
I'll bet it isn't 6-3, but more likely 5-4. Justice Roberts, he of the ilk of blackmailed visitors to Epstein's island.

CNN&Politico are claiming 5-4 - Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett for the majority.

Take it with a grain of salt.....

"It appears, according to Politico's report, that five justices were willing to vote to overturn Roe. Roberts did not want to completely overturn Roe v. Wade, sources tell CNN. At the same time, he wants to uphold the Mississippi law. That would leave the four justices willing to join an Alito opinion overturning Roe outright to be Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett."
+5 # Margaret SangerLoki 2022-05-03 17:44
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, spoke often to the Ku Klux Klan on her plans to abort as many black babies as possible. The left covers for her all the time, pretending she wasn't an out and out racist. Her wiki pages says she "spoke to the Klan once," haha. Nope, she spoke to them often.
+3 # FF?John Jones 2022-05-03 17:35
Get a lot of leftists "peacefully protesting" in one place, a drug addicted patsy and you have your FF. Gun owners and evil right wingers to blame. The timing and "the leak" are just too perfect.
+7 # "Abortion Nut Cases Who Seek Violence" 2022-05-03 16:48
Just remember "You May Get Pay-Back This Time For Your Destructive Actions" as "Many Sheriffs are Deputizing Citizens to Legally Respond" with "Lethal Force." People are getting tired of your complete lawlessness and escape from justice... Keep pushing and find out "Justice Is Coming For You!"
+4 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingGunner 2022-05-03 16:43
Again we the so called right-wing, conservatives, etc, etc will sit back as we always do and do NOTHING while the left goes about their typical violent b.s. nonsense, rioting, looting, destroying etc, etc. Seriously why are we such genuine Pussies on the "Right?" Please tell me what has being good lil bitches and following the so called law - wtf has that done for us? I will tell you: NOTHING at all period.
+8 # I never expected this Supreme Court thingGregg W 2022-05-03 16:38
To be anything more than symbolic. I’ll bet they never intended to go through with it. They still probably don’t. The word is out; the damage is done- to the minds of crazy leftists. I have ZERO respect for the Supremes. They have let us down too many times.

I’ll bet no law will change. Buildings will burn down and judges will be in their bunkers.

I wonder how Heaven will view a bunch of crazy people burning and killing because they wantbyo murder the innocent. God sees everything.
At some point, I think Russia and possibly China will be the instrument of His Judgment.

Dmitru Duduman even was told that before Russia attacks our government would be busy with some kind of civil war (or similar words).
+1 # Dmitru DudumanPioneer 2022-05-04 09:48
I believe he called it civil unrest.
+6 # This may explain theGregg W 2022-05-03 16:28
Fencing around the Federal Reserve. They knew this was coming. Part of a plan.

One thing to piss off the right. Another to puss off the left.

They’ve wanted us killing each other for years.

Unbelievable that fools would turn to violence to PRESERVE THEIR RIGHT TO KILL BABIES!
+3 # The Supremes and the Cabal.....BanjoDoug 2022-05-03 16:23
Seems we've had sufficient evidence recently that most of the Supremes are controlled or heavily influenced by the Cabal. With this presupposition I am assuming the cabal has okayed the Supremes too decide on the federal statute regarding abortion. And what is their real reason for allowing this to happen. Could it be that they would like to declare M. Law, and an uptick in violence across America over this question might be the excuse that they use.....

Or does the Cabal need a distraction from $10 gas, $20 eggs, &/or WW 3, etc....... OR BOTH....
+8 # Not this timeJoedamiani 2022-05-03 16:17
Bring that violence shit here and this time we won't be sitting back watching,,,these little commi pigs don't know what awaits them this time
+8 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-05-03 16:10
Whoever looks for trouble will find it. Play with fire and you get burned. Play a stupid game and you win a stupid prize.
+10 # █▓▒░ Call for Violence ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-05-03 16:00

The timing is perfect for this supposed court "leak."
The leftist scum reaction was always predicable
and by summer the fervor will reignite the Seattle
CHOP "summer of love" riots to stomp and
smash and bash and crash and slash and
bust and burn.

F... dem lunatic satanic blue haired tranny dyke
baby womb blood sacrificing pieces of sick scum. (Did I say that right?)

+2 # SeattleLoki 2022-05-03 17:49
I hope they burn Seattle to the ground and then starve to death.
+3 # Perfectoldschool 2022-05-03 17:02
Didn't miss a word.
+8 # █▓▒░ Call for Violence + ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-05-03 16:05

I forgot to add by late summer, throw in some
high fuel prices with the increase of food cost and failing availability, and the sh|t storm jumps
by leaps and bounds.
-4 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingEddamnit 2022-05-03 15:53
You were fighting the wrong enemy.
+11 # leftiesbeattle55 2022-05-03 15:52
Hopefully most of the morons go to DC to protest and the first 50MT Russian nuke hits.
+5 # LMFAOJoedamiani 2022-05-03 16:20
LMFAO,,, that would me nice :)
+6 # The Alphabet.Gulfcaptain 2022-05-03 15:29
The Alphabet Intel. agencies use blantifa as a political tool for the left's agenda. No prosecutions for state sponsored terror.
+4 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingJFY 2022-05-03 15:07
The NWO/zionists/globalists sure know how to press the leftard's buttons.

They knew the leftards would chimp out over this.

This is the spark for the powder keg of CW2.

Everyone get ready for what's to come because it is finally here.

All hell will break loose in the U.S. just as the uke war overflows into the rest of Europe and then the occupation government (not in Kiev, in DC) will be able to declare Martial Law and put into effect all the executive orders from years and decades past that eliminate all freedoms and essentially nationalize everything under the sun, under pain of death for anyone who opposes it.

They will also be coming to jab everyone whether one likes it or not. The only other option will be a high-speed injection of lead. They need for everyone to finally have the control grid the injections generate in people's bodies so that they can impose their great reset world empire. Here. Now.
+3 # Well,oldschool 2022-05-03 17:08
I'll go down in a blaze of piercing bullets before I will allow the piercing needles.
+15 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingSMT13 2022-05-03 15:01
As real as this leak and ultimate decision are, I think this is a purposeful distraction to something big "they" don't want you to notice.
You know like the blue dress and the bombing of an aspirin factory.
Keep your eyes open people!
+5 # Bingo!JohnnyinKY 2022-05-03 15:19
Quoting SMT13:
As real as this leak and ultimate decision are, I think this is a purposeful distraction to something big "they" don't want you to notice.
You know like the blue dress and the bombing of an aspirin factory.
Keep your eyes open people!

You hit the nail right on the head and drove it plum through the board.
+5 # Attitude Reflects 2022-05-03 14:57
…and the adage “ you can’t lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself “ brings us to this level of lawlessness in our country today.
And knowing our ability to vote our way out of this fiasco is no longer a viable option will only elevate lawlessness even more.
And, yes, I am aware that complaining w/o a suggested solution equals whining….
+2 # OMG!Dudimus Maximus 2022-05-03 14:50
they better be careful!! if they get there. (United States Supreme Court) and the police let them in like on Jan6, they could get put in Jay-ell!! and stay there for a long time, these pro(abortion)testors better be careful!!! They could get in trouble! & "Burn it down"??? In vietnam, it was bad luck to be tasked with using the flame thrower...
+1 # blantifa scumoldschool 2022-05-03 17:21
don't go to jail. They are employed and protected by the establishment.
+5 # RE: Leftists OPENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion Rulingselah 2022-05-03 14:44
don't be deceived. they'll send it to the states. the states will "vote" on it. abracadabra, it's really easy to steal votes in a state election compared to a federal election. every state will be killing babies, legally!!
+4 # States 2022-05-03 15:05
I believe that is the basis for most of their anger…twenty-six states are ready to ban all abortions as soon as RvW is repealed.
+12 # Trump's FaultMarkMicho 2022-05-03 14:38
Just watched (on Fox) Sen. Schumer says it is all Trumps fault. And then the head of Planned Parenthood saying NOBODY in the USA wants
Roe VS Wade overturned.

It is amazing how out of touch with reality these
talking heads have become. Insanity reigns.
# liarsLoki 2022-05-03 17:53
Schumer and co. know they're lying, this is a play with an intentional agenda and ending. The agenda will push through but not their end game.
+4 # silent screamDudimus Maximus 2022-05-03 15:14
the horror...the horror...

and we are worrying about OUR little future??... a lot of people never got a present, let alone a future. I hope they all get to flock around their parents and those who made it possible to suck, scrape, burn and poison them out of their little womb. and I hope Jesus Christ is there with them,,, hey!!! remember ME?? no , how could you,,, but this Guy you might have heard of... we're with Him! God Damn the Pusher(s) of this holocaust along with the rest of the pharmy liars and all who would harm the innocent. The day is coming....
+2 # Could have been overturnedoldschool 2022-05-03 17:45
This could have been overturned many times sense 1973. It goes to show you that the two party system is really only one. Left wing right wing both wings of the same bird.
+5 # The ones calling for it areDogsncars 2022-05-03 14:34
The ones calling for it are not even Americans or should I say fit the profile. I guess if you get a extra credit point from Satan for killing babies you must fight for that right. I wish the right was that Passionate about our gun rights and our privacy rates and being taxed to oblivion or so I should burn the motherfucker down
-1 # Don’t talk to textDogsncars 2022-05-03 14:37
It was supposed to be “privacy rights, and the right should burn the mother fucking system down
+13 # SCOTUS fraudsJohnnyinKY 2022-05-03 14:32
When I remember how the SCOTUS handled election fraud I find myself not very concerned with what the left does to it. It’s a dead horse.

Besides it doesn’t matter what the scotus does….the law doesn’t apply to democrats. They will continue killing babies regardless
# YesLoki 2022-05-03 17:55
Yes, and the SCOTUS is being used as leverage for internal civil war.
+9 # RE: Leftists PENLY Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion RulingLambs Servant 2022-05-03 14:17
With supply chain shortages, food shortages, inflation, etc and now this, the fuse has been lit for violence over the next few weeks/months.
-5 # They'll be visitedsupporttheblue 2022-05-03 14:15
They are being sought out now.
+2 # Bull !oldschool 2022-05-03 18:01
Blantifa is protected by the establishment. The only ones that will take them down are Red blooded Americans with enough guts to pick up arms and stop them. What America needs is no
less than 150,000,000 Kyle Rittenhouse's and Almighty God as our leader ! Amen !
+9 # RE: They'll be visitedMarkMicho 2022-05-03 14:41
Quoting supporttheblue:
They are being sought out now.

By who ? After the "summer of love" in the streets of Democrat run cities by BLM and one in this communist regime is going to come after them.
+2 # NopeCJ 2022-05-03 16:29
Nope they wont be. And Russia's case about the US will be solidified in the court of world opinion when hey watch this crap fly.


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