Leftists "Seize" 6 Blocks of Seattle . . . . this is priceless ! ! !

Leftists "Seize" 6 Blocks of Seattle . . . . this is priceless ! ! !

On the Hal Turner Radio Show last  night, it was reported that Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and a variety of society's other misfits, malcontents, losers, and Ne'er-do-wells, "seized" a six square block area of Seattle, repelling police and evicting same from the local police precinct.  These idealistic losers then erected cement barriers across streets to secure the border of what they are calling "Capital Free Hill."


Today, these kids, who actually think THEY know what's best for the REST OF US, quickly found out about reality: 

The homeless people they allowed in to their new homeland . . .  took all their food!

Moreover, these kids, who truly think they're really smart . . .  much smarter than the rest of us . . . .  were asked "Why did you set up borders when just a few weeks ago, you were marching through the streets chanting "No Border, No Wall, No USA at all?"   Why the new border?     DUUUUUUUUUUUUH.  no answer.


So guess what these dumb little freaks, most of whom have never married, or raised children, or paid a mortgage (or even held a job) did next?

They appealed for International Aid!

When asked, to what Treasury Routing Number should the aid be wired . . . . they have none.  When asked to what bank account aid should be sent . . . .  they have none.

aaaaaaaaaaa HA HA HA HA HA HA !  Dimwits; each and every one of them.

So then they decided to appeal to the public . . .  the very public FROM WHOM they just "seized" their new land.   Get a load of this:

(WOW! They went from the 'Communist revolution' stage to the 'help we don't have food stage' in record time!)




Are they asking for SOY????

OMG, turns out these BLM, ANTIFA and the like, are actual Soy Boys! ! ! ! ! 

For those who may be unaware of the meaning of this urban slang, here's help:


 Oh, this is priceless.  These kids are finding out first hand, they don't know shit about anything.

Which is precisely why we don't pay much attention to them, no matter how loud they protest.  


We're not changing America to suit their ideas.

We're not doing away with Capitalism to suit their ideas.

We're not becoming a Communist country, to suit their ideas.


To all those who seek the things mentioned above, here is the answer: 

NO.  You can't have any of that.


Because we said so. 

Now go get a job, go to work, earn money and learn about life.

And while you're doing that, shut the hell up.  Nobody cares what you think.


SUGGESTED ACTION:  People who reside nearby this joke "autonomous area" should bring a charcoal barbecue grill, some burgers, hot dogs, maybe even baby-back ribs, buns, and Coca-Cola, and position the grill JUST OUTSIDE THE PERIMETER of these folks, and start grilling hamburgers.  Hot dogs.  Baby-back ribs.   Make sure you set up in a place which is upwind from them, so the smell of the cooking food wafts down toward the commies.   Let them smell the beef cooking . . . . 

When the burgers are ready, put them on buns and eat them . . . slowly . . . . savoring every bite in front of the commies.

I lay odds more than a couple of them will come and ask for food, to which you respond:  "Sorry, this is CAPITALIST food.  We worked to earn the money to buy this.  It's not for commies who want everything free."

Really rub it in, too.   "Boy oh boy this beef sure tastes good."

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