Gov't Claimed Hurricane at Category 4 Despite Winds of 176 MPH; "Don't want Tourists to Leave Florida Early" -- UPDATE 8 AM EDT -- Now Admits "Category 5"

Gov't Claimed Hurricane at Category 4 Despite Winds of 176 MPH; "Don't want Tourists to Leave Florida Early" -- UPDATE 8 AM EDT -- Now Admits "Category 5"

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has released its 11:00 PM Hurricane Update and according to furious staffers inside NHC "The report contains deliberate lies to conceal the severity of Hurricane Dorian."  In short, these NHC staffers claim the government is withholding the truth because "No one wants tourists to flee Florida early, costing millions in lost business."

According to these NHC staffers who have direct access to Hurricane Hunter aircraft flight data, Dropsonde readings have shown winds in excess of 157 Miles per hour since about 10:00 AM local time in Florida on Saturday morning

Despite having these readings, the NHC has failed to upgrade Hurricane Dorian to Category 5 because "business interests with powerful political connections have made clear they do not want Tourists fleeing the state when there is some chance the hurricane might turn."   Those interests are allegedly flexing their political muscle which has resulted in NHC Administration withholding the accurate Category 5 designation.

Staffers within NHC have said the computer models showing the hurricane taking a sharp turn to the north were dependent upon a cold trough that was SUPPOSED to develop over the Great Lakes.  That trough would have affected a ridge of High Pressure over the eastern US, causing it to move out to sea, thus clearing the way for Hurricane Dorian to take it's natural route to the north.  Trouble is, they say, the Trough NEVER DEVELOPED.   

The ridge of high pressure is situated north of hurricane Dorian and is preventing it from turning northward.  The ridge can be seen on the graphic below; it is the brown line to the north of the Hurricane AND THE RIDGE IS HIGHLIGHTED:


The high pressure ridge IS NOT MOVING. 

Thus, even at this late hour, Hurricane Dorian remains on a westward track toward the Bahamas and Florida, and at this hour, Hurricane Hunter Dropsonde readings show the storm has "sustained winds of 176 Miles per hour, with higher gusts."


Orlando Airport had earlier announced it would be closing on Monday.   That decision was suddenly changed, and now the airport says it will NOT close on Monday.



Evacuation Orders are being rescinded in several areas along Florida's east coast.

According to the staffers spoken to, these decisions are "all being driven by politics and money."  One staffer stated "This is criminal negligence. A lot of people are likely to be killed by this storm because of these decisions."

We thought the public should know.



Overnight, the Weather Channel declared the storm to be Category 5 as have other non-governmental outlets.

As of 8:00 AM EDT this morning, the National Hurricane Center is admitting "Mximum Sustained Winds of 160 MPH and gusts to 185 MPH.    

THe Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale declares that any hurricane with sustained winds "above 156 MPH" is a Category 5 hurricane.  Here is the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale:

Now, after this story was published about nine hours ago, the NHC is admitting sustained winds of 160 MPH and also admitting "Category 5:"


Sat-Photo This Morning:


 Momentary Radar

 Florida Radar Picks-up "Eye"

Infra-Red Satellite




None of us wanted this to be true.  None of us wanted this hurricane to become what it has, and none of us wants it to hit Florida.  

Perhaps the high pressure ridge presently blocking Hurricane Dorian's natural move toward the north, will move and allow the hurricane to travel north toward the narrower part of our planet.  Perhaps this will take place before the storm hits Florida.  We all HOPE the storm turns and moves away.

But prudence dictates that the general public be told the facts; not "protected from truth."  When truth is publicly distributed, responsible people are fully informed and can make informed decisions about whether to stay or to go.  As such, this web site will continue to publish the facts.

For the record, we urge persons in southeast Florida to evacuate the coast.  We urge all persons in Florida, southeast Georgia, eastern South Carolina and southern North Carolina to have preparations for a massive, destructive, Hurricane.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Golf Romeo Romeo · 5 months ago
    They have been chemtrail and chembombing over Kentucky for the last two days. Still at it this morning. Steering the weather.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Guy Aul · 5 months ago
    Isn't this just typical of gooferment's collusion with "business interests". Is this not a fascist regime? Is this not attempted murder at this point? Think of this: look at the boost in revenue from the potential destruction of homes, buildings, etc. Think of the profits that could evolve. Even with the possible deaths, we have profits for the "death industry". All so very convenient. Works out great for "them".

    These mindless comatose worms in gooferment are not "AUTHORITIES" unless we all roll over and follow their laws. Laws are only meant for you and I. "They" are essentially exempt from their so-called laws. If "they" don't abide by the rule of law, maybe we, in mass, should do the same? People need to do something that will get their attention and accomplish something of consequence. Doing nothing means nothing gets done. Why people continue to go to work is incredible. If everyone did it, don't you think it would put an end to this tyranny? What if everyone just stop getting drivers' licenses or the hundreds of other licences. "THEY" DON'T HAVE THE RESOURCES TO HANDLE THESE "EVENTS" I'VE SUGGESTED. Remember this, we have what we have because the collective has allowed it. History has shown this with respect to all rogue gooferments. Too many yellow bellies??? Far too many. DON'T ALLOW IT! It's that simple and the means to that end is readily and easily accomplished by what I just suggested. Their power over you is a myth and I have debunked it. If you wish to take a wait and see attitude, you will suffer the consequences severely. You own them and you can have them scurrying for cover. They are weak and they are the scum of the earth.

    Here's an additional thought to ponder. As you know, or should know, often the scum in Dump City (D.C.) and local gooferments will construct laws or "rulings" that protect criminals. For example, this article by Hal is showing that the gooferment scum is telling people not to leave. So what happens when people are then needlessly killed? Did not the gooferment slime say it is OK to stay? So, let's say people are killed by "obeying" the scum. Are not these scumbags responsible for the potential deaths? They sure are! So, if they are responsible, are they not murderers? Should they not be prosecuted for these crimes? Same concept would apply to those who ban people from carrying guns for protection. If they prevent you from protection of your life and family, and someone dies because of same, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE AND SHALL BE HELD LIABLE AND PROSECUTED ACCORDINGLY. Same principle would apply to judges who release criminals (illegals or similar) and then commit some other atrocity. This is simple logic. We know this kind of thing happens. It WILL keep happening, too, unless the masses get their act together, show some "gonads" for once and do something like what I suggested earlier. Just do it...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 5 months ago
    Just another blatant example of when you live in a world where evil is now totally out of control, never trust anyone in any position of authority or their media propagandists. In my own opinion, I'd say a more likely scenario, is that this is a deliberately created storm to cause a mass casualty event as a distraction to all the inconvenient truths leaking out of Washington DC right now. Of course, if you want to kill the maximum number of people possible, you can't tell them the truth and have them evacuate from the kill zone.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Doug Brown · 5 months ago
    To me my $20.00 monthly is worth it. Hal always comes through.
    Thanks Hal.
    My envelope is in the mail in the morning.