List of Videos EXPOSING COVID Vax; See some of these BEFORE you Take any shot!

List of videos exposing covid / vaccine


# Another one!Man of the Atom 2021-03-11 15:52

Pardon me if you find this comment "sexist", but what a terrible waste of good womanhood, and what a loss for her young daughter. May "God in Heaven" (or the superstrings everywhere) bring this medical reign of terror to an end!

PS: after a single death and another ill person too, my wife tells me the country of Denmark has stopped administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine - and that is not even one of those messenger RNA types (Pfizer, Moderna) of which we read so much!
# Here are some more details of the above postMan of the Atom 2021-03-11 20:40

"Say her name": Kassidi Kurill.

It's not just Denmark - 10 EU nations are taking the same action.
+2 # Tenpenny is cool.Doug Brown 2021-03-11 11:20
Sherri Tenpenny looks like my ex.
That being said, here are a few
physicians and scientists not
on Hal's list.
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. Deloris Kahill
Dr. Simone Gold
Dr. Jane M. Orient
Dr. Don J. Tynes
All great.
But the best apologist,
in my opinion, by far,
DR.LEE MERRITT, she has more
degrees than I have spices
in my kitchen cabinet.
Merritt knocks it out of the park.
She draws a convincing thread,
from the Devos Group's
initiation of the Great Reset,
to its horrific
the bioweapon covid-19,
followed by manditory
to the accomplishment
of the stated goal of
90% worldwide population.
Stating a goal of a
90% population elimination
makes them
the most vile monsters that
have ever lived.
# RE: Tenpenny is cool.larryg 2021-03-15 22:58
Quoting Doug Brown:


How about a link or two, please ?
# This one does not look like an exMan of the Atom 2021-03-11 16:00
She is much too easy on the eyes - she is a lady physician (Christian) who has been warning about the messenger RNA vaccines for some time now - Dr. Carrie Madej:
+1 # Well done again!Charles 2021-03-11 10:47
Thank you, Hal. This is helpful. Personally, I've seen almost all of these and many other such, but some of my friends haven't and are succumbing to the constant Take It pressure.
+2 # A "Bravo" postingEssRyeOhBeeAh 2021-03-11 10:36
A really great post, Hal.
+2 # LAST MAN STANDING?Rick Geise 2021-03-11 09:48
So if all of the conservatives are successful in resisting the vaccine and ALL of the "others" who mindlessly accept the jab are culled... then we, by doing nothing else, inherit the earth by default???
# I think it's called "culling the herd"Man of the Atom 2021-03-11 20:50
Seriously. For years I have read about the New World Order Elite planning to eliminate the "useless eaters" (retired or disabled people who contribute little economically while consuming social welfare benefits like SSA retirement and disability and SSI payments, and maybe a good portion of the "developing world" which produces "too many" unproductive migrants - the "gimmigrants") but never took it seriously - well, maybe I will have to rethink that issue. I hate to get political about this, but conservatives engage in more critical thinking than liberals so there is a possibility that the Dims will loose their fraud stronghold on voting as the number of their voters drop.
+2 # Death.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-03-11 03:21
Mass DEATH via the "shot in the arm"
+1 # new statisticMein.Dingus 2021-03-11 15:45
For fitness , it's REPETITIONS of REPS , for Eugenicists like Nipples Cuomo . it's 'Shotz'n Arms'
-7 # VaccineBruce058 2021-03-11 00:15
Anybody dumb enough to take this "vaccine", I hope they they die. That includes my 4 relative's that took this poison.
# RE: VaccinePaul Lambert 2021-03-11 06:26
You prefer an I-told-you-so over the lives of your relatives?
+5 # Are you drunk?Ramjet 2021-03-11 00:31
Quoting Bruce058:
Anybody dumb enough to take this "vaccine", I hope they they die. That includes my 4 relative's that took this poison.

Quoting Bruce058:
Anybody dumb enough to take this "vaccine", I hope they they die. That includes my 4 relative's that took this poison.

or just a hateful person?
+5 # RE: Are you drunk?mrfixit 2021-03-11 06:39
Actually, the way that this thing appears to BE or to be runner up for the mark of the beast; it will be the crispr gene editing that will not let you die. Either way, not taking a chance playing with fire on any pharmakia 666. But I do in a way get what he is saying also.... Most, and especially the libtards that are always for the leftist idiots, well... THEY will get what they deserve.
+1 # RE: Are you drunk?Harnaś 2021-03-11 09:12
; it will be the crispr gene editing that will not let you die.

There is no question that this is the problem. According to another Juif, "Dr". T. Zaks the CEO of Moderna (see his 2017 lecture), mRNA vaccines that change your DNA are already in the pipeline and are being administered EXPERIMENTALLY to "PREVENT CANCER". No question that the CoviD-19 also changes your DNA , ALTHOUGH NOBODY ALKS ABOUT IT. I DO NOT KNOW IF MY OFFICE MANAGER KNOWS WHAT DNA OR mRNA IS, BUT SHE TOOK THE VACCINE ALONG WITH 1/2 OF THE PERSONEL AND THE PROPRIATORS.


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