Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!

Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!

At about 6:03 PM Los Angeles time tonight, August 31, television programming was interrupted with what appeared to be an EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM (EAS) message telling people to evacuate the city.   Strangely, it also told them to evacuate large swaths of the Pacific Ocean.

A screen capture of the EAS is shown above.

No explanation from anyone as to why this went out.





+2 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!RAFO 2022-09-01 15:45
This looks like a Cascadian Subduction Zone tsunami alert that was sent out prematurely. Steve Quayle has been warning about this for quite a while. If it ever happens, no one will have time to pack and leave.
+2 # Now would be good.MANYROUNDS 2022-09-01 14:08
To leave now would be wise. How many will kick themselves? Wagons, garden carts, wheelbarrows, shopping carts, bicycles, and skateboards then. It is a long walk. Lot waited too long in his day, barely escaped. Abraham watched from a safe distance; he was wise.
How many warnings? Take heed, hear that small voice? Listen to it.
+5 # Oooops.....Maid4theLamb64 2022-09-01 11:23
Reminds me of the accidental Emergency Alert of an inbound missile they had in Hawaii a few years ago.
Makes you wonder what these people are preparing for?
+6 # █▓▒░ EVACUATION █ EVACUATION ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-09-01 10:12

Looks like a dry run, for clearing the area for
an amphibious landing, of foreign invasion assets. Fewer witnesses help keep it quite.

+6 # Amphibious Landing?sully 2022-09-01 12:02
It's not like the Californians will do anything to fend off the Chinese hoards... They'll probably welcome them with Starbucks... The Chinese will have to get a lil' further east before they get a taste of American bravery....
+1 # system checkBooskybobcat 2022-09-01 09:19
something is incoming
+2 # RESPONSE TIMEOVERCOMER 2022-09-01 08:58
IMO, they are testing the system to check response of population.
+4 # Cry Wolf?acturner067 2022-09-01 08:29
Maybe the dis-informational media are now conditioning the people as to something like the shepherd boy that cried wolf? When the real thing happens the people will not act?
# TornadoPioneer 2022-09-01 21:50
I lived in Joplin Missouri when the E5 tornado went through. Sirens would go off a lot. News stations would make everything into an emergency to get viewers. So when it happened, most ignored it.
+3 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!Robert A 2022-09-01 08:20
Pardon my French but I call Bullshit on that Sherriff posting. Just like the major one in Hawaii some years ago that ballistic missiles inbound. HOURS has gone by, look at the time frame 3+ hours until officials recanted it??
Yes it can get hacked like any system however they know right away it was hacked or real scenario. To leave citizens freaked for 3+hrs yeah ok believe that like flying unicorns!!
-1 # The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Biblical!!Dolph 2022-09-01 19:57
The pre-trib rapture is a Bible based understanding that most Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Bible reading and believing Christians hold to. To refresh your memory allow me to remind you of a few biblical "facts":

1.Scriptures say five times we are not appointed to wrath.

2. The Church is mentioned 19 times in the Book of Revelation C.1-5, but not once during the tribulation, C.6-19.

3. 2Thes.2:3-8 tells us something is restraining the Man of Sin, A/C from revealing himself. This restrainer can only be the Church until it is raptured, 1Thes.4:13-18.

4. Some argue that the present day Church need additional cleansing and purification and that the blood of Jesus isn't sufficient. Who would believe such nonsense?

5. Paul and the early Church were looking for the Blessed Hope, not the A/C or the tribulation.

6. The tribulation is none as Jacob's Trouble and Daniel's 70th Week, both of which deal with the Jews and Israel.

7. Many fail to understand that the Olivet Discourse of Mathew, Mark and Luke speaks to the second advent of Jesus, not the rapture. The Jews knew nothing of the rapture, the crucifixion or the Church to come.

8. Luke wrote: "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man", Luke 21:36.
-5 # Mega Earthquakes and Tsunamirapture777888 2022-09-01 08:13
The Holy Spirit said that there will be a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan in September. Rapture soon
Make sure you're ready to go. Make sure that you're ready.
+4 # Forsaken?Kali K 2022-09-01 11:00
While I'm not going to down vote your comment I am going to give you a piece of advice. When you aren't taken out before the tribulation, don't feel you've been lied to about ALL of it. Keep the faith. Never turn from it. Pre-trib 'rapture' is a false doctrine meant to deceive. What it WILL do is tell who are the wheat and who are the tares.
+1 # Correct!RAJW 2022-09-01 23:12
The dead in Christ will rise at Jesus’ appearing and then those that are alive will be caught up in the air to meet him. There is no pre-trib rapture and Jesus only comes back one more time, not 2
+4 # Rapturerogue_ 2022-09-01 08:46
Is a fairy tale false doctrine invented by John Darby in the 1830's. Read Matthew chapter 24.
-2 # Then further elaborated by Rev. Millerwardoc 2022-09-01 13:18
in Kansas, in the mid 1800s, who preached so called 'rapture' theory to get more paying customers under his revival tent. Look it up. People are so gullible.
-2 # MarkKali K 2022-09-01 10:51
Mark 13 (paying close attention to verse 24)

Matthew 24 (paying close attention to verse 29)

It's a deception put out (false doctrine) so the followers of Christ would lose their compass. When they see/believe/think they were 'left behind,' they would think it ALL a lie. Preachers who preach the rapture lie are the wolves in sheep's clothing and thieves who have come to steal, kill and destroy.

I told my mom (82) to go ahead and believe as she's been taught all her life but REMEMBER what I said if she lives to see the Beast system come to fruition and don't lose her compass.
-2 # I have a brother that is into that .....NHydg 2022-09-01 12:19
I tell my brother to be prepared that he may get left to do some of the Lord's work , that he will be here to do that ............ he just groans cause he thinks I am not informed .....
As the Lord said " My people are lost for their lack of knowledge"
# YepJoyoftheLord 2022-09-01 09:34
Exactly right !!!!
# Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!raeeldri1 2022-09-01 07:58
I have tried to find this on the net and I found nothing!
+3 # FALSE FLAG TV SHOTzoochman 2022-09-01 07:28
Even the Russians know that the West Coast is Sodom and needs to be destroyed.
# NATO is Sodomdaniel_beyond 2022-09-01 10:19
Only Portugal Greece Alaska escapes
# MoronsForrest Mosby 2022-09-01 07:04
Running things out there
+8 # translationA706 2022-09-01 06:14
The more honest version would read:
"We are about to kill half of you for now, RUN!!!"
+10 # Evaluatepco 2022-09-01 05:46
Most interestingly - people saw it and no one evacuated!! When the real warning comes, there won’t be very much time to take action. No wonder they predict so many dead. People on these sights know to .... but they didn’t!
+1 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!almachius 2022-09-01 02:45
It's a Sign!
+3 # HowSrmay72 2022-09-01 07:44
How can you down vote its a sign?
+12 # Ace VenturaOccamsRazor 2022-09-01 02:29
So it was another Hawaii Incoming Missile Mistake. Well, at least the emergency alert system is working for now. Not like those taxpayer funded $250,000 Early Warning Tsunami Buoys that broke their tether and floated down to south America and are still at large.
+2 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!jrd803 2022-09-01 02:28
A news article on the alert...

# yeahjosey wales 2022-09-01 06:19
Yeah it was dated for today Sept 1, 2022 too.
-13 # MaybeAnonymoussoul123 2022-09-01 01:21
A Russian poseidon is about to off the west :)
-2 # At least the coast would be REALLY ToxicNHydg 2022-09-01 12:26
ONE way to keep the Chinks from landing ....hmmmm
+11 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!AmyO 2022-09-01 01:02
Hal, I saw this live on TV and there was audio having to do with the fire in Castaic / Santa Clarita. It was advising to leave those areas. l also noticed it was 3 pages long (note photo shows "1/3") and one page said the alert was from KFI. That is a local talk/news station in LA AM640). I thought it was bizarre that the text did not follow any of the audio warning. My husband saw it in another room and he even commented that the locations were weird. Basically, evacuate the west coast. At first I thought it might be a tsunami warning for an earthquake somewhere since the audio part did not start right away. I tried to find more info on KFI, but I didn't find anything. I almost called the show tonight to advise if this warning, but since I didn't grab a photo of the TV, I couldn't remember all of the locations listed and didn't want to give misinformation.
+1 # No answersActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:48
Found this tweet. Spectrum saying they have no clue, its the FAA, and the lady making a good point that no one is addressing this except the Ventura county sheriff (as of now anyway)

Also guy posted a pick of the big black screen listing everything. So a NEW pic if you're interested.

Something is up. Has to be more to this
# LinkActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:49
-2 # Report moreActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:10
Good comment. Thanks for reporting from the ground. What are your thoughts of the ventura county sheriff saying LA messed up?
-1 # Shot 2 in tweetActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:14
A screen shot of slide 2 is shown in the tweet and shows a different 1/2 and 2/2.

Can you confirm it was 3?

What did the audio message say? And how did it differ from the screen pretty much showing the area from LA to all of NorCal?
# RE: Shot 2 in tweetAmyO 2022-09-01 01:24
I looked at your tweet reference and noticed one person took a screenshot that noted KCBS at the bottom. Their notice was 1 black screen with the full message. So both local news stations put out the same wrong message. Interesting. I wonder if that person was in Ventura county because my notice was the blue screen like Hal shows in LA county on Spectrum cable. It made the weird beep sounds and then an automated voice came on talking about the fire areas and mandatory evacuations. I don't recall a single word about the ocean. It was bizarre.
+1 # ThanksActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:30
Yes, very strange. Thanks for the response, Sheriff just states its a mistake by LA. I guess we are picking at why.

I found a weekly test was due today but would have been done before this happened. And correct me if im wrong but I read CA has levels of codes to tell you what the Alert is like a tsunami, amber alert, or a fire. And that seems to be missing as well.

And hey dont sweet the misinfo concern you had. You are truthful, pass on the intel because this is all very odd
-1 # RE: Shot 2 in tweetAmyO 2022-09-01 01:24
I looked at your tweet reference and noticed one person took a screenshot that noted KCBS at the bottom. Their notice was 1 black screen with the full message. So both local news stations put out the same wrong message. Interesting. I wonder if that person was in Ventura county because my notice was the blue screen like Hal shows in LA county on Spectrum cable. It made the weird beep sounds and then an automated voice came on talking about the fire areas and mandatory evacuations. I don't recall a single word about the ocean. It was bizarre.
-1 # Accident/ false alarmActionFrank 2022-09-01 00:48
Ventura County Sheriff is reporting via Twitter that this broadcast is a FALSE ALARM, and apparently stated the mistake was by Los Angeles.
# 1st clue...J Grayman 2022-09-01 00:43
...that this is most likely BS...

"A civil authority..."

2nd clue: see the bottom: "1/3"
So, pages 2 & 3 of the "table top exercise" aren't included!
+15 # A firefighters perspectiveArrogant_Penguin 2022-09-01 00:39
The most logical conclusion is that either the EAS system was hacked (pretty unlikely) or that the California Office of Emergency Management or some subsidiary 911 emergency telegraphy authority was running a drill to make sure they were ready for such an event and failed configure their consoles to run it as a test and not as an actual notification...

If this was a test that accidentally got sent out, it should be concerning as that means they are making preparations for an "event" which would necessitate the evacuation of the western seaboard and major population centers. This could either be an natural disaster such as a tsunami or a civil disaster such as war. Since tsunami or other natural disaster wasn't mentioned in the EAS, I would suspect that the drill was for a civil action/wartime emergency.

As a firefighter, I've been on the front lines of significant disasters as they occurred and as an officer on my department, I have a special book that contains evacuation alert polygons that are part of a pre-established alert system that can be used for any number of emergencies. We've used these polygons many times and part of the evacuation notice is the type of emergency (fire, flood, hazmat, police action, etc.). The fact that there is no mention of an incident type is an indication to me that they were told to run this drill without knowing what the incident type was and were told not to include an incident type in it.

Given the previous reporting by this site as well as others, in my training and experience, this fits the assessment that WW3 is about to go hot and preparations are being made in accordance with that. Part of which would include strikes along the eastern seaboard, particularly in port facilities and population centers along the pacific coast.

One case example from my first hand experience, my fire district was recently impacted by the two largest wild fires in state history. Seeing what was coming, many pre-plans were put into place. These plans included lines of defense and evacuation plans for a town of 8,000 people. The those pre-plans were drilled and even the evacuation notices were pre-drilled to make sure the EAS system could be activated as fast as possible when the fire impacted. However, because we would be part of that evacuation and defense plan, we were notified in advance to prepare in advance. Then, we were notified 12 hours in advance so we could get some sleep before things went hot.

Given that experience, there are only two possible conclusions I can come to, either this is just a simple OEM drill for and earthquake or tsunami, or the OEM's along the pacific coast have been notified that an "event" is likely that would require a significant evacuation of the pacific coast, port regions, and population centers and that they are to be ready to facilitate those evacuations and notifications via the EAS or IPAWS systems.

Buckle up buttercup, sh!t could be about to get a bit f**ky in the next couple months...
-1 # Not sure.ActionFrank 2022-09-01 01:08
What I found odd while searching twitter for talk of this, people did state a "weekly" test was set for today but was to an hour or so before this happened. Not during, slightly after.

But people talked about this WX66 thing being down for weeks and turns out this is NOAA radio for the EAS to be sent out on that anyone can tune into.

Found the whole thing odd that their device to send put alerts has been down (radio anyway). But CA has their EAS into groups and this screen shot includes pretty much the entire state, maybe not the middle I guess.

The radio types where tweeting strange beeps on the repeaters during the weekly drill so I was left with more questions after all this. Which always means something else is going on.

Google CEO is telling all his employees-to sign up for these new wireless alerts, which the state is pushing hard too. So they def want to keep track of the cattle, because you're prob right, the evil powers that be are getting ready.
-1 # MaybeActionFrank 2022-09-01 00:55
Its possible that what the Ventura county sheriff is reporting is correct. A mistake from Los Angeles. Someone could easily be too high on buttercups to know what they are doing.

Or its real, they did try to warn people because they have a soul and the Sheriff, knowing or unknowing is reporting this to be an accident.
-1 # Hacked?Woulf 2022-09-01 00:19
If it was a "hack" then the "zombie alert" hack in the Midwest was a lot funnier. Come to think of it these days it is also a lot more "realistic".
# Wild land fire related??Jack Finch 2022-09-01 00:15
+2 # Bogusnjc 2022-09-01 00:13
This looks bogus. Nothing anywhere else, and it's POINT Conception, not Port.

"A Civil Authority"

Whoever is peddling this: Try harder.
-1 # First thing like thisOccamsRazor 2022-09-01 02:33
To ever make the 6:00 news. Could be a false flag practice run mistake by an inept.
+6 # The ship...Gulfcaptain 2022-09-01 00:04
The ship of state is going down. The boat is rudderless. It's every man for himself. The captain lied. The passengers are on their own.

"Everybody Knows"
-2 # Not to worryMildB 2022-09-01 00:01
Nobody will take a second though.
-1 # ColorsERing46Z 2022-08-31 23:59
I recall these things being yellow, not black.
+5 # SlideERing46Z 2022-08-31 23:58
Hal, do you have slides 2 and 3?
+1 # WhySpetsnaz7 2022-08-31 23:52
That is a huge area what is going on? Real or fake?
# EASKad2866 2022-08-31 23:50
Read somewhere that EAS system was outdated and could easily be hacked.
+2 # RE: Los Angeles TV Broadcasts EVACUATION Notice!Hope springs 2022-08-31 23:48
It's a mad world alright!


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