Major Food Service Company CYBER-HACKED; Shut Down

Major Food Service Company  CYBER-HACKED; Shut Down

A woman who is director in food service for hospitals has advised she was just notified that Edward Don has been cyber attacked and not able to take any orders for at least a couple of days.

Edward Don is the largest provider of food service products. Here's what this means:

According to the company's web site Edward Don & Company’s seven distribution centers in Chicago, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and Los Angeles give a nationwide presence that is strategic as well as convenient.

With this company having been cyber-hacked, Hospitals cannot order any food service products along with restaurants or grocery stores.

Hospitals have a 72-hour supply for emergencies to feed patients. In other words they have their menus for the week, once all of that is gone then they have to dig into their emergency supplies which are only for 72 hours.

It means they literally have 10 days to get this resolved.

And that's just hospitals not including grocery stores and restaurants.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.


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