The United States Senate has issued Subpoenas in the Russia-Collusion, FISA-abuse scandals that tore our nation apart for two and half years.  The Senate Subpoenaed ALL of the major perpetrators:

The following persons have been Subpoenaed:

James Baker

John Brennan

James Clapper

James Comey

Loretta Lynch

Andrew McCabe

James McDonogh

Bruce Ohr

Nellie Ohr

Lisa Page

John Podesta

Samantha Power

Susan Rice

Rod Rosenstein

Peter Strzok

Christopher Wray

Sally Yates


In Fact, fifty-three (53) Subpoenas have been issued by the Senate.  This entire debacle over deliberately fraudulent "Russia Collusion" and the systematic and deliberate abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is now coming to its conclusion.

The Senate already knows the facts.  They just want to get these people under Oath and out in public so the American people can see what these DEMOCRATS actually did, and how the mealy-mouth wimp Republican, FBI Director Christopher Wray, has basically done nothing about it.

Their entire charade will be right in front of the American people to see; just a few months before election time.

When the American people see how utterly sinister, how entirely corrupt, how devoid of integrity these players are, the Democrats will be lucky to hold onto ANY seats, never mind get control.

Hold-on to your seats, folks.  The next few months are going to be the equivalent of political dynamite, blowing up right in the faces of the Democrat Party.  What the American people are going to see is a level of political warfare never encountered in any of our lifetimes.  Full scale equivalent of nuclear (political) war.  

Be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand as you watch.

Incidentally, if it sometimes occurs to any of you that it seems the entire Democrat Party is just one, big, ongoing criminal enterprise . . . you're not alone.  Many, many, Americans have come to that same opinion.

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