Manhattan Bridge Occupied by Palestinian Supporters

Manhattan Bridge Occupied by Palestinian Supporters

Thousands of Pro-Palestine Protestors are Occupying the Manhattan Bridge, bringing Traffic to a halt and forcing shutdown.

1000 or more Pro Palestine protesters and activists are occupying and shutting down the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, bringing traffic to a halt as they are blocking cars and other vehicles from entering or leaving.

Protesters are demanding a permanent end to all US military aid to Israel, chanting "US out of the Middle East! End the war on Gaza."

The New York City Police Department is advising everyone to avoid the area, with mass arrests expected.


Organizers have declared that they won't leave until they secure a permanent ceasefire emphasizing that the police are overwhelmed.

They state that the NYPD hasn't encountered a situation like this in decades, with Protestors pledging to continue to block the Manhattan Bridge.


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