May 18: New Jersey Police DECLINE to Enforce Governor's Shut-Down Order

A police Captain and a Lieutenant from the Bellmawr, New Jersey Police Department UPHELD THEIR OATHS to support the Constitution, and thus DECLINED to "enforce" Governor Phil Murphy's so-called "Order" closing "non-essential" businesses. 

The crowd gathered at a local Gym to protect the owner's right to engage in commerce, CHEERED the police courage.  Video Below:

This was a crucial moment for many New Jerseyans.  The police are finally waking up to the reality that a Governor does not have the legal power to "define" what is an "essential" or a "non-essential" business. Only a Legislature can "define" things in law.

A Governor cannot "impair the obligation of contracts."  Preventing landlords from charging rent or using courts to pursue debts.

A Governor cannot ORDER citizens to stay home without due process of law.

A Governor cannot stop Commerce; people are free to buy, sell, and trade goods and services;  They don't need permission from the governor to do those things.

Thus, there is NO LEGAL BASIS for a Governor to lock-down the citizens of a state (House arrest without due process of law) and in Hal Turner's home state of New Jersey, the police are acting accordingly.

There are limits to what a Governor can do.  Governor Phil Murphy has crossed those lines and gone too far.  His "ORDERS" to shut down citizen activity and business activity carry no legal weight.

Ignore them.

Of course, this is not to say be stupid; protect yourself from the potential disease.  Wear a mask or face covering.  Maybe wear gloves or goggles.  Perhaps keeping a safe distance from others isn't a bad idea.  Freedom is not a suicide pact.  We ARE in a disease outbreak situation.  Exercising our God given freedom is not license to be stupid.