Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found Dead

Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found Dead

Bryan Urias, Mayor of Duarte, CA, was found dead in his home this weekend.  Like so many others, he pushed -- and took -- the COVID vaccine.  Days later, the otherwise healthy Mayor, has been found dead.


-3 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadWilliam Bermudez 2021-10-26 19:54
Anyone else think this guy looks like an Hispanic Hal? (No disrespect intended)
+1 # The Mayors dead!Lexie 2021-10-26 13:47
Leading by example I guess ..even the lemmings don't know they are lemmings.
+1 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadRAFO 2021-10-26 12:59
Just a thought…. OBESITY (which this guy obviously suffered from) has been proven to be a co-morbidity to dying from the jab. Don’t exactly know the connection but it’s there nevertheless. So, if you take the jab with the accompanying “boosters”, and are obese… go immediately on a diet.
# "Plausible deniability"Man of the Atom 2021-10-26 23:28
We've heard that one b4, now, haven't we?

In terms of athletes, here is the view from the NBA:

One of those players, a young man, is "done" but at least he is alive - so far.
# This is a response to "Jumping to Conclusions" by Gregg W.Man of the Atom 2021-10-26 23:50
How the h*## did it get up here?

When I was a teenager in Georgia back in the days when you did not have to worry about a "vaccination" giving you myocarditis, I was standing in the bathroom of a thrift shop operated by my mother doing my "business" (AKA offloading liquid waste) when I noticed someone had written something on the CEILING, not the walls as was common in men's bathrooms. I looked up and read it - it simply said "what in Hell are you looking up here for?"
# Correct - that "adipose issue" is NOT "inert storage"Man of the Atom 2021-10-26 23:19
I just learned this from my wife who is taking a CEU course to renew her license in the health care/rehab field. That fatty tissue "is the largest endocrine organ in the body" (more than the adrenal glands, et cetera!) and is the source of the cytokine storm that's associated with this disease.
+2 # No great loss !Gold3084 2021-10-26 02:09
No great loss to society !
+6 # How to know...tslinger 2021-10-25 23:56
When these high profiles- which are increasing it seems- drop and no cause is just know.

It's really not a big conclusion to jump to.

Now just imagine all those who regret getting poked...or those who did and are starting to see the trends kick up- imagine their silent fear increasing...

So many love to spout off how they feel nothing afterward. Temporary confidence- just wait...
+2 # I wishlumpy 2021-10-26 12:14
I'm in a libtard community, and I have not heard any regrets... yet. I don't know if everyone in my neighborhood got the saline shot, or what? Several still proudly display Biden Harris stickers on their vehicles. With no irony.

These people are just too brainwashed to wake up.
+2 # RE: How to know...JFY 2021-10-26 12:02
Those people who have vaxxer's remorse and are finally seeing the writing on the wall, should all speak out with a vengeance.

They should speak out based on the idea that if they were essentially murdered by big pharma and their bought off politicians and doctors, they should use their remaining life to attack and destroy the lies those criminals are spewing so that maybe they can save a few lives by so doing.
+2 # AdmissionKali K 2021-10-26 18:55
But, but, but..... they'd have to admit they were wrong!!!! Remember, " 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.'" And double hard for them to admit it.
+2 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found Deadheuristic12 2021-10-25 22:31
parents are illegals
-1 # parents are illegalsRA Moore FAKE ACCOUNT SCRIPTED SIGN UP 2021-10-26 10:40
What does that statement have to do with his death??? You show you are no different than those who are ramming this shot down the throats of Americans and peoples worldwide.
You should download the song,” National Brotherhood Week” ,as it is an appropriate theme song for your comment and attitude.
+2 # PhotoLostDutchman1 2021-10-25 22:12
More recent photos show him much slimmer and he’s age 40. One article revealed he was openly gay-a rump pumper. You’ll see on page 67 in about 6 weeks the cause of death. Vax and covid won’t fit the narrative-unless they can blame Trump.
-2 # PhotoRA Moore FAKE ACCOUNT SCRIPTED SIGN UP 2021-10-26 16:24
Homosexuality is not a comorbidity for Covid-19.
Perhaps you could dialog legitimately?
+11 # It's Amazing People Just Don't get It!paulattahoe 2021-10-25 20:59
On a local forum here, many people are asking where they can get the booster shot. In Costco, people were standing in line to get the jab. It's incredible how the media can sway people using a false narrative of fear, and they will stand in line to be most likely eradicated.
# RE: It's Amazing People Just Don't get It!JFY 2021-10-26 11:52
Quoting paulattahoe:
...and they will stand in line to be most likely eradicated.

Well it is a widely known truism that you can't fix stupid.

If they fell for it twice before, why wouldn't they fall for it a third time? Or a fourth, etc. if they're still alive?

Those people with their last dying breath will still thank God that they were smart enough to take all those shots so that they could at least survive until that moment...
+12 # Die Offs Accelerating?BanjoDoug 2021-10-25 20:44
I wonder if this is a clear indication of the die-off acceleration. One thing for sure is that the democrats seem to be the more significantly affected.....
+10 # I've been noticing...TheChasifer 2021-10-25 22:45
More Actors, Musicians, Sports Players, Politicians and in general people of interest, are dying off in larger numbers than normal. I tend to see an average of 3 deaths a week in the news these days. These are just the "important" mentionables. The reason Bill Gates has been so giddy lately is because he is alive to watch his dream of depopulation come to fruition. This die-off is going to start affecting everyone in their daily lives very soon. No one will be unaffected. A new and more powerful "strain" will be to blame. I hope more people wake up and see through the bull shit. My dream is to be alive when all these people pay for their crimes against humanity with their lives. Hold the line.
+3 # UK running 15%Pyramid666 2021-10-26 06:55
I've been watching official stats here in the UK for 2 months, we are consistently on 15% excess deaths. I suspect the Govt has found a way to reduce that as well.
At weekend soccer games, the players and audience are collapsing, its quite noticiable really.
+9 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadGunner 2021-10-25 20:31
Another one bites the dust. . .
+2 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadBeetlepumpr 2021-10-26 15:27
+1 # Cover all bases before jumping to conclusions.Paul Lambert 2021-10-25 20:14
I know nothing about this mayor except what I read in this article - and what I see. From what I see this fellow is not slender by any means. I would therefore question the "otherwise healthy" label right from the get go.

This is not to cast doubt on the notion that he died of the so-called vaccine. However, if we jump to label every case of a vaxxed person dying as having died of the vaccine (post hoc ergo propter hoc), and it is later found that he died of a heart attack, for example, the Left will use it to blast our credibility and set back any good we can do in raising awareness.
+2 # RE: Cover all bases before jumping to conclusions.Standing Wave TERMINATED 01-25-2022 2021-10-25 23:39
Exactly. It is of little benefit to be a gold medalist in the conclusion jumping competition.

High profile cases get the attention, but why are so many of the main stream media willing to promote stories suggesting the vaccine might be killing people? An example is Colin Powell. When I performed a search online, I found all of the main stream media (CNN, MSN, etc.) were careful to point out - even highlight - Colin Powell was fully vaccinated. But of course, Powell was in his 80s, had cancer, etc. I think the goal is to create doubt, confusion, and division. Both sides were given something they could cling to and argue about.
+9 # Jumping to conclusionsGregg W 2021-10-25 23:15
Yep. You are correct except…
The ‘beauty’ of this rotten experimental jab is that it can manifest in many different ways. People could die from 20 different causes (at time of death) but they could all be the result of this vax.

I’m sure it was created to have this type of outcome. The sleeping masses will forever believe their vax was safe right up to death.
+5 # For the Most Part the Bases Are Covered!paulattahoe 2021-10-25 22:45
This so-called vaccine was formulated to kill people. When we have thousands of scientists and doctors worldwide losing positions and money coming out and telling the world this so-called vaccine is a bio-weapon simply because they have strong ethical scruples and can't stand by while kids and people are murdered.

Any third grader should understand the motive of the criminal Cabal!
+4 # RE: Cover all bases before jumping to conclusions.Sheepinator 2021-10-25 22:03
Agreed, but the same narrative is used by the left, for unvaccinated people who die of covid. Many are obese and have underlying conditions. If we only counted people who were otherwise healthy with no underlying issues, I bet we wouldn't see very many covid deaths, and this whole plandemic would be over by now. It seems in this day and age, most eveyrone has some 'underlying' issue. (downvote wasn't me)
+4 # Underlying issuesGregg W 2021-10-25 23:24
Yes! Yes we do! How many of those were caused by the same evil trolls who brought out the vax.
Our food is poisoned in multiple ways. Laced with chemicals that tell our brains to eat more. They say, oils, sugar and salt all appeal to pleasure centers in our brains. These are in just about all foods (added to further our pleasure and addiction).
When we develop medical problems from eating these things, they have a pill for that! The pills don’t fix anything but have side effects that
“They have a pill for”!

They make us sick and out comes a ‘vax’ that happens to target people with co-morbidities. This was a long term plan, not something cooked up one summer. Damn these rats.
+11 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadJbRiddle 2021-10-25 20:05
Might be worth while to compile a list of Judges & Politicians who have died in the last year. Like the 3 judges in Ohio. Not unusual for a judge to die but 3 in such a short amount of time, it suspect as fuck.
+1 # Judges who died in 2021TheProphet 2021-10-26 12:03
I did a quick google search of judges who died in 2021. It appears at least 15 died in the last two months. I didn't go back further, as that was enough information to make an informed decision about being a judge in 2021... not a good profession to be in if you took the death-dart.
+3 # Not to mention, they were all fairly younglumpy 2021-10-25 20:46
Current Usa life expectancy is 78 years old. So I'm immediately suspicious of these deaths.
+4 # RE: Mayor of Duarte, CA Took VAX; Found DeadGunner 2021-10-25 20:32
Fuck em' they will NOT be missed. Plus they were DemonRATS.


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