Medical Experts in Shanghai Confirm: VIRUS TRANSMITTED BY AIR - "Hundreds of Meters"

Medical Experts in Shanghai Confirm: VIRUS TRANSMITTED BY AIR - "Hundreds of Meters"

Deadly coronavirus is transmissible via AIR and an infected person "hundreds of meters" away can INFECT YOU!

Such are the findings of medical experts in Shanghai, China, who are battling the often-deadly disease.

Medical experts in Shanghai  now confirm the coronavirus’s main transmission route is through aerosol transmission and contacts. Direct transmission of the virus means that when a infected patient sneezes, coughs or exhales droplets while talking, someone who directly inhales the air that the infected patient exhales would be infected.

Aerosol transmission happens when the droplets exhaled by the infected patient mixes with the air and become aerosol and when someone inhales that, they become infected. "The transmission range can be HUNDREDS OF METERS or even longer, which increases the risk of contactless transmission."

Transmission through contact means when droplets from infected patients stay on the surface of something, and when someone touches the contaminated surface and touches their mouth, nose, or eyes, they become infected.

Filter Masks such as National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) N-95 (HERE) and N-100 (HERE) or P-100 (HERE), can filter out those droplets to protect a person from inhaling them.

Coronavirus can also spread via EYES.   If a person walks through the air where an infected person has sneezed or coughed, the tiny virus particles can linger in the air and get onto your eye as you walk.  You can't even feel it.   

The virus can then get blinked into your tear duct and infect you.  So person seeking protection should also wear splash-proof eye protection (HERE) such as swimmer goggles.

These masks and goggles are selling-out fast, worldwide.  If you do not have any for yourself or family, you should take action NOW before they're gone.

Nitrile gloves (HERE) will also protect your hands from any virus that may be on a surface, like a store cashier counter, or door handle.

Here is the info directly from Shanghai:

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