Meet Probable Hurricane "Humberto" - Bigger and Stronger than "Dorian" - Landfall Florida

Meet Probable Hurricane "Humberto" - Bigger and Stronger than "Dorian" - Landfall Florida

People in the Bahamas - and this time Florida - are likely to get blasted by yet another Hurricane; this one to be named "Humberto."  According to computer models from the National Hurricane Center, Humberto will be bigger and stronger than Dorian, and will make landfall in Florida.

Here's the computer model:

To give you perspective on how this differentiates from Dorian, take a look at the size of the two storms and the Barometric Pressure listed at the center of each:





As you can plainly see, Dorian had a much smaller storm field (green) and higher (weaker) Barometric pressure of 944mb compared to Humberto which has a MUCH larger storm field (green) and LOWER (stronger) barometric pressure of 937mb.

As always, I remind readers this is a computer MODEL based on known weather history and projected weather patterns.  The storm course could change.

I provide this news so that folk in potentially-affected areas can either make preparations or decide to evacuate.

Spread the word: It looks as though Florida's luck has run out with Hurricanes.  Humberto appears to be headed for direct and brutal landfall in Florida.


Hurricane Death Toll in Bahamas Expected to be "Over 3,000 on Abaco alone"



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    Donald Foreman · 6 months ago
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    shaun bourke · 6 months ago
    A developing high pressure ridge will likely block any upcoming hurricanes..........
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    Nancy Hicks · 6 months ago
    Tropical tidbits website and look under forecast models/ GFS. Now showing storm veering away; however this am the storm was a direct hit. It will change off and on. Another website uses this exclusively to warn days ahead of a potential storm forming. By watching this during hurricane season, you can also access Canadian and European models that are quoted by weather services days ahead.
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    Chip Evans · 6 months ago
    Does anyone know when and where in FL projected landfall Expected? I’m in greater Orlando area and I want to be out in front of this one well in advance. Orlando Sentinel talked about the storm this am but nothing about it coming our way and when!