Mobile Morgue Trailers Being Deployed Near Major US Cities

Mobile Morgue Trailers Being Deployed Near Major US Cities

In one of the most ominous developments in the U.S. Coronavirus outbreak, Mobile Morgue Trailers are being deployed outside of major US cities.

The photo above - and the enlarged one below -- show several of these trailers stashed on a farm in Joliet, IL, southwest of Chicago.


For those who still erroneously think "This is just the Flu" may we respectfully point out that never before have mobile morgue trailers been deployed for victims of flu;   This outbreak is NOT "just a Flu."

And for those who are just flat out stupid, the reason these morgue trailers are being deployed is because officials believe the number of dead bodies coming from this outbreak will overwhelm local coroner's offices.


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    Stephen Crompton · 2 months ago
    Who remembers the "Obama fema coffins"?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Foreman · 2 months ago
    Long read worth your time as follows: Have We Still Not Learned To Connect the Dots?
    by Stewart Best

    Have We Still Not Learned To Connect the Dots?

    The near total take-down of America under the guise of the Coronavirus pandemic is well underway and hardly anyone seems to be asking some serious questions as to why? Any nation that would stop all business and shutdown the entire economy over a death count far below that of the simple flu is a mystery – that is unless you have another agenda in mind.

    And what agenda might that be? While the Christian right seems to think that Donald J. Trump is a savior of the nation and a Christian, and whose “spiritual counselor” is a total apostate, was it not Israel that asked for a king instead of God to rule over them? And what happened to them for doing that? Have we not done the same thing? And what do you suppose the end result of that choice will be for America, AKA Mighty Babylon The Great.

    One might want to read Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation to see THE CHRISTIANS ARE THE TARGET FOR KILLING. No deep state people are found. NONE, not even mentioned in the Bible, for “evil men wax worse and worse” and who makes war with the saints? It is Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, Jesus and others that say God’s people are rounded up and put in prison camps and antichrist will not let them go. The round-up and the torture and killing of Christians IS MENTIONED. Why do we not believe it? Are we nothing but MILK TOAST BABY CHRISTIANS who choke even on the MILK, let alone the MEAT OF DOCTRINE?

    So why do we need such a LOCKDOWN that our leaders are saying is NOT A LOCKDOWN, nor is it MARTIAL LAW, even though the military has been activated, is now on some streets in America, and yet, we are told NOT TO WORRY, no lockdown, no martial law, NO PROBLEMS, nothing here, move on, please. Reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman and “What? Me Worry? Why are there so many contradictions in all of this? Liars often forget all the lies they tell and invent new ones as they go along.

    Let us not forget the 4th beast of Daniel, that makes war upon the Lord’s people and kills many of them. Let’s not forget the total anti-Christ spirit in America is still alive and well. And let’s not forget how easy it is to fool Christians who are in love with this world and have decided that prophecy is not important. Christians are called “sheep” because sheep are one of the most gullible and stupid of all animals. Always remember that Jesus said the children of Darkness are smarter than the children of light.

    And lets not forget how easy all of this will be to somehow BLAME THE CHRISTIANS for much of this, and how it is the Christians that believe in all of this mambo-jumbo of Bible prophecy and their desire to see the world come to an end. Like everything is Trump's fault can easily be turned into "everything is the Christians fault. How it is going to be done remains to be see, but SOMETHING HAPPENS that makes to world turn in HATRED against the Christians.

    And now we suddenly have “Q” resurfacing, the same “Q” that for years told us about how the DEEP STATE OPERATIVES were all going to be rounded up and sent down to Cuba for “military tribunals” to judge them and then apparently have them done away with. “Next week” we were told for well over 2 and a half years now. Always it was “next week” but it NEVER HAPPENED! And yet now we hear once again the TARGET of all of this is DEEP STATE operatives, and all of these leaders of Deep State, the lawless ones are now suddenly going to be taken down by the Coronavirus and done away with, AND HOW THIS OPERATION MAY TAKE A MONTH OR MORE before its over, and that the so-called “SHELTER IN PLACE” is to “protect us” while this operation is being carried out.

    I would ask if Hillary is in prison? Obama? Any of them? The only ones in prison or indicted were Trump's people, no one else. Why is that? How deep is deep state, and how far down the rabbit hole do we go to pull back the curtain and find the Wizard of Oz? I think his name is Satan, I heard that somewhere, but maybe not.

    What if the LOCKDOWN and GOING DARK in the government taking over all energy and communications is actually to ROUND UP the “enemies of the state, all previously defined as those who love the Bible, prophecy, the constitution, the bill of rights, are against abortion, and who “cling to their Bibles and guns” as antichrist Obama said? There was a book called “The Art of War” written by a Chinese general who said that DIVERSION was the best way to defeat an enemy. What better way to divert the Christians than to claim DEEP STATE IS THE TARGET when in fact, THEY ARE. We all have to wait and see, and we pray that all of this IS NOT NOW, BUT MUCH LATER, DOWN THE ROAD A BIT. But what if it isn’t? I have this awful feeling it IS NOW, not later.

    Why would anyone believe a totally discredited “Q?” Lie to me once, but lie to me 100’s of time and I am still to pay any attention to what is said, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT TOTALLY CONTRADICTS THE BIBLE IN multiple places? And yet, people are falling for it all over again. Why? Most likely FEAR AND DENIAL.

    Is Trump going to lead us into a NEW GOLDEN AGE? Perhaps, but it will not at all be what people think it is, for any golden age is a lie and a delusion, complete with the FALLEN ONES arriving to help mankind out – and of course destroying all those “wicked Christians” who are holding the evolution of humanity back!!

    People should really take a good look at Trump’s suite in TRUMP TOWER and notice how Masonic and occultic it all is. One should take note that he is deeply involved with all the rich and famous and has been for years and years, like George Soros and the Rockerfellers and others. Do you really think they don’t control most of what is going on? If not, Psalm Two is a lie. Deuteronomy 28 and Revelation 18 are lies. Have we forgotten how Trump used the poem about the “silly woman” who took in a snake three times? Or how he told a rally that “they took me in, they took me in?” DO NOT FORGET IT.

    So perhaps we should take a step back and look at the big picture, and for once, maybe we ought to BELIEVE what the Bible teaches us, rather than what we perceive though our eyes and ears. The DEEP STATE is controlled by Satan, you know, that old serpent who deceives the WHOLE EARTH. Remember that is why Jesus Christ told us that the END DAYS within the Matrix Prison would be nothing but lies and deceptions, the apex of the STRONG DELUSION. Satan and God get together to bring about a delusion so powerful that only the truly saved could see through it and not be fooled, just as Jesus exclaimed when He told us that “if it were possible, it would fool even the elect.”

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    What you are hearing, what you are seeing right now is a DELUSION, A LIE AND A DECEPTION by Deep State EXACTLY as Psalm Two says – so why don’t we believe it? We say, “not now, later, this could not be it – it’s down the road.” Well, one of the reasons is that we are not READY for Jesus Christ to return, and we KNOW IT DEEP WITHIN. So, we don’t WANT HIM TO RETURN all the while saying we can’t wait!!

    It's not NOW, the end is yet DOWN THE ROAD A WAYS, it is never NOW, it is always IN THE FUTURE. But OMEGA POINT for the Church has to come, like it not, ready or not. The only question is. WHEN? The clues are all there, the SIGNS are all there, the CONVERGENCE OF SIGNS is now occurring. Perhaps what is coming will be so horrific to Americans that they will WISH FOR DEATH. I think I read that in Revelation somewhere, I wonder if it is true. Do you suppose? NOT NOW, LATER.

    Therefore, because it is YET FUTURE, we can believe that Trump could not possible MISLEAD ANYONE, especially the Christians, for yet in a little while or “soon” antichrist will ascend, but NOT NOW. Is it possible that Trump himself is totally unaware of his real role? OF COURSE. Is it possible that many of our kings and rulers are not AWARE of their role, that they are dupes in a grand plan of Satan’s? OF COURSE.

    It is like SIN, it is not us, it is our neighbor. Lies, deceptions and delusions are always IN THE FUTURE, not NOW. But what if it Is now? What if we truly are at OMEGA POINT for the Church Age and it is about to close? WHAT IF?

    In one breath we say we cannot wait for the Return, but in the next we cannot accept that it might be NOW! And why is it that people cannot accept that our very elite rulers and leaders do not care at all about humanity, but rather, in spite of all their words, they want to exterminate us? Do you suppose the Georgia Guidestones was erected on 3-22-1980 as a joke? The very same number of the satanic Skull & Bones elite?



    That millions of dollars were spent on the Guidestones for the fun of it? And why did they engrave the 6.5 million CULLING OF HUMANITY on solid rock? Why did they mock Jesus Christ by saying it was a “Mr. Christianson” who ordered it and paid for it? And why did they mock the 10 commandments of the Lord with their own horrific ten commandments? Clearly MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE was behind the entire operation and their hatred for God and His anointed is now clearly shown!!

    Why is it that we cannot accept PSALM TWO? Why is it that we simply are always looking for a way around what it says, just as Christians are always looking for a way around the command to pick up THEIR OWN CROSS? Clearly, God gave us Psalm Two, and made NO EXCLUSIONS, but told us point blank that ALL OF THE WORLDS RULERS AND AUTHORITIES were involved with NO EXCEPTIONS? Do we dare claim that God is blind and made a mistake here?

    And Psalm Two also tells us that the “Kings and Rulers” would gather together to bring about their ONE WORLD ORDER. Where do they gather together? THE UNITED NATIONS. The United Nation is a communist, antichrist organization that says it wants to rule the entire world. Inasmuch as it is antichrist, then one might suspect that to do that, the CHRISTIANS would have to be REMOVED. Christianity is standing in the way of the next evolutionary jump! It’s in their occult writings, their statements, and yet we cannot accept that for what it really is. NOT NOW, LATER, IN THE FUTURE, BUT NOT NOW.

    More and more folks are now attempting to say NOT NOW, there is much to be “fulfilled” in prophecy so it cannot be NOW, it is YET FAR IN THE FUTURE. Cosmic sign after cosmic sign goes by and events around the world point much more to the period of “soon” in Psalm 90 is about to close. ARE YOU READY? The answer is NO, the Church is NOT READY, and so it is better to be DOWN THE ROAD A WAYS. Perhaps, but maybe Jesus is AT THE DOOR and the age of Grace is about to close with a BIG BANG.

    Remember, Jesus said that His return was "as a snare" as "lightning", that is, with no warning, sudden and at a time no one expected. WOW! But no, it is DOWN THE ROAD, NOT NOW, IT COULD NOT BE NOW. IMPOSSIBLE. I love this world, please don't come now!

    Much like governments who always “kick the can down the road”, and refuse to face major problems, the Church is “kicking the can down the road for any “rapture event” and mocking those whose who do warn that we are close. That denial is now a constant.

    It is possible it is down the road? Of course, but the SIGNS say AT THE DOOR. I would not want to bet we are looking at many more years. The signs are everywhere.

    So, what is all of this about? What is really going on here? CONNECT THE DOTS. The Coronavirus fits the bill for a perfect storm and and as David Icke says, it checks off everything the elite desire to cull the herd, from high death count to economic collapse and a new MARK SYSTEM. From total control of energy to food, to money, to EVERYTHING. It offers an excuse to take away all freedoms from the American people, cancel the Bill of Rights, and install the “Protocols Of the Elders of Zion” New World Order.

    “We (the elite) will tell the masses that we have to suspend all of their rights because of this EMERGENCY” and we will tell them that as soon as the EMERGENCY is OVER, we will go back to normal and give all their rights back. But, of course, we will be lying to them for we have no plans WHATEVER TO GIVE THEM BACK.” IN PARAPHRASE. It is in IRON MOUNTAIN, it is in SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS, it is in and their population rollback, it is engraved in STONE, it is on the murals at the Denver Airport, it is in the elite writings for years and years – it is what Bill Gates as been saying for years, and what the plans for this go back so far that NO ONE HAS ANY EXCUSE!!

    Have we forgotten Project Megiddo of the FBI, that warned about Christians who believed the Bible and prophecy as being enemies of the state? Have we forgotten all about the “Fusion Centers” set up all over America and their statements against Christians and those who believe in the constitution and bill of rights? Have we forgotten JADE-HELM and the “round-up” of targeted Americans? Have we forgotten all about the UN Agenda 21/30/50? Have we forgotten all about the multitudes of anti-Christian remarks from OBAMA and his minions? Have we forgotten all about FEMA camps and all of those executive orders, or about Project Garden Plot?


    Have we forgotten the Rockefeller plans issued in 2010? Or Bill Gates remarks about a “vaccine” to help cure the problem of over-population? Or the Plan For the New American Century? Have we forgotten about the many books, articles, videos and movies of hatred for Jesus Christ that have been written by the elite over the years? Have we forgotten about movies like “Paul” concerning an “alien” who mocks Christians and Christianity, and many other movies like that? Or about how Christians are “holding back” the Orwellian New World Order and the New Age writings that we must round up and kill all Christians to cleanse the planet and advance to the New Golden Age? How much evidence does one need? The answer is that NO AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE can get through a mind-set that says NOT NOW, LATER, it is DOWN THE ROAD A BIT.

    Have we forgotten what the Book of Revelation says about a LAMB BEAST, posing as Christian, that rises up but speaks as a dragon? That a huge DECEPTION and huge DELUSION comes upon the world and the Church? Have we forgotten what evolution, now in all science and schools, does to the Christian world view and Jesus Christ as Messiah? Have we forgotten all of this? It seems so. Not now, down the road somewhere, perhaps over the rainbow. I feel better, I need my comfort denial, or I won’t sleep well.

    Have any of these powers of the world governments that they granted to themselves in an “emergency” ever be recanted? NO. They are advancing all of this at now breakneck speed, assuming TOTAL POWERS OF TOTAL CONTROL, for they know their time is short. You Christians are in denial, for PHASE ONE of the culling operations as stated by the elite for years is HAPPENING NOW. It does not matter if the “coronavirus” is being blown out of all proportions or not, what matters is GLOBAL GOVERNMENT RESPONSE and it is a GLOBAL LOCKDOWN AND THE REMOVAL OF ALL HUMAN RIGHTS WORLD-WIDE. OPEN YOUR EYES, OPEN YOUR EARS.

    And yet, I am hearing that it is NOT NOW, for it cannot be NOW, it is yet future, as the future always seems to make us feel better, sort of like comfort food. It is no different than the Christians of today saying that “THE SAYINGS OF JESUS CHRIST DO NOT APPLY TO US” but to Israel, and the four gospels belong in the Old Testament and are not for us, they were written for the Jews, and on and on the apostate satanic preachers, teachers, evangelists and “prophetic scholars” go with their lies and deceptions.

    WHAT GOOD IS IT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THE FUTURE if you are not in truth SAVED? Having rejected everything the Bible tells us as to what TRUE SALVATION IS, the apostates continue in their path to utter ruin and hellfire. The modern Christian theology is a pack of lies generated out of the heart of Satan, and as Jesus says to this modern day apostate Church, “they KNOWEST NOT that they are poor, blind, miserable and naked”, that is, TOTALLY UNSAVED and going to eternal ruin. The warning of “wolves” in sheep’s clothing goes unnoticed. Peter’s warning about the modern-day preachers, teachers and evangelists also goes unnoticed!

    Indeed, was it not the non-existent “Protocols Of the Elders Of Sion” that told us they would infiltrate and destroy Christianity from within? They would infiltrate the seminaries, the pulpits and destroy the faith. THEY HAVE. Mission accomplished. The only thing left is to ROUND UP AND EXTERMINATE THE CHRISTIANS, the Constitutionalists, the Bill of Righters, those that love motherhood and apple pie. KILL THEM ALL. Have you forgotten all of this? Are you going to say NOT NOW, LATER, BUT NOT NOW? But what if it IS NOW? What is the Trump warning of a STORM COMING. A storm for whom? Exactly for who does the bell toll? 10 days of darkness, we are told. The government has just taken over all energy systems in America. America is being nationalized, with nary a whimper from anyone. Communists always nationalize, for there is no such thing as PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, exactly was Agenda 21/30/50 tells you.

    And what about Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, or Iron Mountain? Are they just a hoax? Are we to believe they are a hoax because the elite say they are? Since when do governments NOT LIE CONSTANTLY TO THEIR CITIZENS? Usually, whatever they say is a lie or a hoax is actually the truth of the matter. After all, it was the CIA, it is said, the coined the phrase "conspiracy theory" so people would not believe it.

    So, what is next? Will Trump pull a rabbit out of the hat and save America? Will he stop the slide down the rabbit hole of total economic collapse? Will he arrest and detain the DEEP STATE OPERATIVES as “Q” claims, or is this lockdown and activation of the military and FEMA to round up for the Christians? What does the Bible tell us about what happens in America? Who is the TARGET? I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE PSALM TWO. The target is GOD THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT. To deny that is to deny your Lord. Why will you not believe all of what is happening now, A GLOBAL PANDEMIC, called that by a GLOBAL UNITED NATIONS, the FORTH BEAST OF DANIEL, and a total GLOBAL SHUTDOWN OF ALL NATIONS, and YET refuse to believe EVERYTHING PROPHECY HAS TOLD YOU?

    Watch the video “Daniel and The Four Beasts”:

    Post this anywhere you have courage to do so!!

  • This commment is unpublished.
    DD7 · 2 months ago
    Well, field hospitals are being set up in South Florida, I suppose that means the ones they set up in tents. That should say something.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    David Brinkman · 2 months ago
    good info here -->
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jeffrey L Ottle · 2 months ago
      Most interesting indeed. All I can say is something is up and that is clear to me. So, I find this kind of info interesting. Thank you. By the way, one fellow who knows what's up with so many things is indeed David Icke.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jim Kirkpartick · 2 months ago
    Hi all.

    you know, i have been hearing and seeing all the hype about covd-19. i know people all across the country. I have yet to find one person who has this disease. I can find no one who personally knows a family member that has it. then i go back and look at the health powers act. when obummba was prez. he had written into the act "corona virus" as a potential problem and how to deal with it. WOHHHHHHH NOW ! at the time, supposedly, there was no "known" thing such as this "virus" ? whaaa?

    I see a lot of hype about butt wipe. whats with that ? People, here is the problem with that.....they grabbing up butt wipe and no food ? hey, its simple for the idiots to even understand....nothing goin means nothing go out right ?

    Think about this people. stop with grabbing onto the train and riding it until you "know" where its going.

    personally, I think were being lied to from the get go. yep....there is a very strong and virulent strain of pmonia goin round. thats for sure. with the weather anomalies, the flue is a lot worse then usual along with other "upper respiratory" problems. has something been turned loose on the world ? very possible. more then likely. and the next big problem....why will they not treat anyone over 60 ? in my mind.....because those people have been there and done it. they, some, not all, understand a lie when it hits them in the face. they lived to long and remember to much.

    simply put people, despite all that your tryin to do, were screwed and by the very ones "we elected": and put in office. history, just in the last 100 years hows one that if an elected official's lips are moving....there lying.
    best bet....get good with your favorite long gun cause rabbit season is coming fast.

    then ya have the other one.....China. there still doing there thing. threats as fasts as they can pump em out. sorry crew, something is going on here and it isn't kosher.

    just my "for what its worth".
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Jeffrey L Ottle · 2 months ago
      What you are touching on here is larger than the 911 debacle as far as sophisticated well organized deception. Striking isn't it?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert Cyrklis · 2 months ago
    Satan's, gardners are getting ready for Spring.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    James Spruyt · 2 months ago
    The trailers are manufactured nearby in Sycamore, IL. Joliet is were Union Pacific has a massive railroad terminal. Perfect to quickly ship these around the country. Remember, they rent these out. Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    ▄▀ŽoMßÎƎÞLÅÑΣT▀▄ · 2 months ago
    The lettering on these trailers will soon be painted over with the words "SOYLENT GREEN."
    • This commment is unpublished.
      BoldlyReady · 2 months ago
      Good one JB .......ha ha .....wonder how many out there are familiar with that movie ....hmm
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Robert Cyrklis · 2 months ago
      No, they'll say it was just the flu!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Shane Chambers · 2 months ago
    Looks like those pods hold about 24 bodies each.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      ▄▀ŽoMßÎƎÞLÅÑΣT▀▄ · 2 months ago
      The photos on your linked web site show trailers that are smaller than the trailers at the top of this page. The ones on this page will hold many more.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Shane Chambers · 2 months ago
        True, you just got to scroll on those photos, they do show those "hook lift" pods in addition to the bumper pull. Those pods are 24' long. Average body 6'. 24/6 = 3 rows x 4 bodies = 12 bodies per side x 2 sides = 24 bodies.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Gregg Walker · 2 months ago
    We will probably be seeing these from other places. I'd expect California to have them soon.

    I know China went this route, but I still think we are more than a month behind them, probably three. That would mean it spread earlier than we were told. Just my opinion, but so many are still thinking this isn't 'that bad', because we are not as far down the road.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brian Ulrich · 2 months ago
    Hello virus my old friend. You’ve come to torture me again. You came over from the Chinese CCP. You spread all over while Democrats tried to Impeach.
    When Trump stopped flights with China they called him a xenophobic racist. But now that the virus is here all their accusations proved baseless..

    echos the sound of corruption.

    And on the Fiat greenback promises were made. 2-4 trillion maybe more.. we have to keep business’s open they said. We have save America from this dread. But now have you seen all the pork in this bill?their all such Shills...
    echos the sounds of corruption...
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Foreman · 2 months ago
    If True not Good!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Lloyd Barker · 2 months ago
    Oh crap, Hal. I was out last night and saw one on Second Street here in Lakewood, NJ. I've had to do work in units such as these many years ago. When I drove past it, I thought it was a mobile command center of sorts, but no, it was refrigerated so yeah. Ocean County, NJ. Not Joliet. I'm sure there are many more positioned all over the country.