My Home Town Confirms TWO Coronavirus Cases. My County now has 19

My Home Town Confirms TWO Coronavirus Cases.  My County now has 19

The number of presumptive positive tests for the coronavirus in Hudson County jumped to 19, according statistics released by the state Department of Health Monday afternoon.

State officials did not identify the municipalities where the new cases are residents, but it is known that there are multiple cases in Jersey City, Hoboken, West New York and North Bergen (Hal Turner's home town). Hudson County had 11 cases as of Sunday afternoon. Likewise, the state also saw a sharp increase, from 98 Sunday afternoon to 178 Monday.

Earlier Monday, North Bergen announced its first two cases.

Hoboken, Union City, West New York and Weehawken have imposed 10 p.m. curfews, and Gov. Phil Murphy said today that he is urging people to adhere to an 8 p.m. curfew. Some communities in Hudson County had imposed a take-out-only restriction on restaurants, and Monday Murphy ordered it throughout the state.


I knew it _could_ happen.  Now, it has happened.  The virus has arrived in MY home town.

This is surreal. 

Life goes on, pretty much as usual right now.  There are more and more folks out in public wearing masks and gloves.  

Traffic is much lighter than it used to be.  In fact, I actually noticed a week ago - that it was suddenly much quieter outside.

My area is densely populated and it's usually noisy here.  From local traffic on Paterson Plank Road, and Kennedy Blvd, to heavy traffic on Rt. 495 a half mile to my north, taking people into and out of the Lincoln Tunnel and NYC, to traffic on the Turnpike a half mile or so to my west, to sirens of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, to helicopters overhead shuttling the wealthy to and from New York City, and, of course, the airplanes.  Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia airports are all close.

Yet I walked out into my backyard last week and distinctly noticed. it was . . . quiet.   Very strange.

The only time things are actually quiet here . . .  is very late Christmas Eve.  That's pretty much it.  But now, the quiet is noticeable.

Evening "Rush Hour" here usually started around 3:30 PM and finished around 7:00 PM.   Now, it's more like 5:00-6:30.

I, my wife and son have all been wearing N-95 masks if we went out for the past week or so.  It was weird; with pretty much everyone else staring.  But I just diverted my eyes and went about my business.  As I looked around, I caught folks who had been staring, diverting their view.  Some snickered.   I thought to myself "Yea, go ahead and laugh; but I'm safe and the joke's on you."

People here are (finally) becoming nervous about this disease.  A little late, but better than never.

I'm not certain what the future holds, but I've done everything I can for over 6 weeks to try to wake folks up, get them to prepare, and give them the facts.

I just don't know what else I can do.

If civil unrest starts breaking out, I suspect it will start in the neighborhoods of NYC, Jersey City, Newark, and the like.   I'm watching carefully.  What happens HERE, will be like a Canary in the Coal Mine for the rest of you.

I will report what needs reporting.  If things go wild weasel here, it will be a harbinger of things to come for all of you.



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